Advance of Polymers Applied to Biomedical Applications: Biointerface (Editor: Raechelle D'Sa)
Advance of Polymers Applied to Biomedical Applications: Cell Scaffolds (Editors: Insung Choi, João F. Mano)
Bio-inspired and Bio-based Polymers (Editor: Helmut Schlaad)
Biodegradable Polymers (Editors: Naozumi Teramoto, Takashi Tsujimoto)
Cellulose Nanomaterials (Editors: Wolfgang Gindl-Altmutter, Stefan Veigel)
Conductive Polymers 2017 (Editors: Changsik Song, Hyeonseok Yoon)
Electroactive Polymers and Gels (Editor: Jodie Lutkenhaus)
From Amphiphilic to Polyphilic Polymers (Editor: Jörg Kressler)
Functionally Responsive Polymeric Materials (Editors: Jinlian Hu, Rui Xiao, Chih-Feng Huang)
Knotted and Catenated Polymers (Editors: Andrzej Stasiak, Dusan Racko)
Metal Complexes-Mediated Catalysis in Polymerization (Editor: Marinos Pitsikalis)
Photo-Responsive Polymers (Editors: John Sheridan, Yanlei Yu)
Polymer Blends 2017 (Editor: Shiao-Wei Kuo)
Polymeric Soft Actuators (Editor: Leonid Ionov)
Polymers and Nanogels for Gene Therapy (Editor: Ravin Narain)
Polymers for Chemosensing (Editor: Po-Chih Yang)
Tailored Polymer Synthesis by Advanced Polymerization Techniques (Editor: Zhibin Ye)
Three-Dimensional Structures: Fabrication and Application (Editor: Georg von Freymann)
Wearable Sensor (Editors: Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, Syed Anas Imtiaz)