ABC Transporter-Mediated Drug Disposition (Editor: Qingcheng Mao)
Bone Targeted Drug Delivery (Editors: Danielle S. W. Benoit, Yuchen Wang)
Chitosan Biomedical Applications: Opportunities and Challenges (Editors: Carla M. Caramella, Silvia Rossi, Giuseppina Sandri)
Cyclodextrins in Drug Formulation and Delivery (Editors: Francesca Maestrelli, Marzia Cirri)
Dissolution Enhancement of Poorly Soluble Drugs (Editors: Ecevit Bilgili, Rajesh N. Dave)
Electrospun and Electrosprayed Fibres for Drug Delivery (Editors: Ian S. Blagbrough, Gareth R. Williams)
Functional Nanohybrids for Drug Delivery (Editors: Shang-Hsiu Hu, Chien-Wen Chang)
Iontophoresis for Drug Delivery and Non-Invasive Sampling Applications (Editors: M. Begoña Delgado-Charro, Virginia Merino Sanjuán)
Lipid-Based Dosage Form (Editors: Paul W S Heng, Yishen Zhu)
Nanotechnology Advances in Cancer Treatment (Editors: Dimitrios Lamprou, Dennis Douroumis)
Nose to Brain Delivery (Editors: Paolo Giunchedi, Elisabetta Gavini, Maria Cristina Bonferoni)
Pharmaceutical Applications of Hot-melt Extrusion (Editor: Mohammed Maniruzzaman)
Preclinical Pharmacokinetics and Bioanalysis (Editors: Lingzhi Wang, Xiaoqiang Xiang, Paul Chi Lui Ho)
Protein Therapeutics (Editors: Mire Zloh, Steve Brocchini)
Smart Hydrogels for Drug Delivery (Editors: Pietro Matricardi, Chiara Di Meo)