Section: Organic Synthesis

Asymmetric Synthesis 2016 (Editor: Rafael Chinchilla)
Celebrating Two Centuries of Research in Selenium Chemistry: State of the Art and New Prospectives (Editors: Claudio Santi, Luana Bagnoli)
Covalent Organic Frameworks and Related Porous Organic Materials (Editors: Felipe Gándara, Praveen Thallapally)
Diamondoids and Their Derivatives (Editors: Andrey Fokin, Nicholas Melosh)
Fluorine Chemistry 2016 (Editor: Bela Torok)
Foldamers: Synthesis and Applications (Editor: Mario Orena)
Green Organic Synthesis with Zeolites (Editors: Maurizio Selva, Alvise Perosa)
Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry (Editors: Wesley Moran, Arantxa Rodríguez)
Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding 2017 (Editor: Steve Scheiner)
Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents for Synthesis, Materials and Energy (Editor: Hua Zhao)
Isocyanide (Editor: Laurence Marks)
Metal Nanocatalysts in Green Synthesis and Energy Applications (Editors: Nicola Cioffi, Antonio Monopoli, Massimo Innocenti)
Organic Electrochemistry (Editor: Albert J. Fry)
Reactions of Hydrocarbons and other C‒H Compounds (Editor: Georgiy B. Shul'pin)
Recent Advances in CuAAC Click Chemistry (Editor: James D. Crowley)
Recent Advances in Organophosphorus Chemistry (Editor: György Keglevich)
Tri- and Di-Fluoromethylation and Tri- and Di-Fluoromethylchalcogenation Reactions (Editor: Thierry Billard)
Women in Organic Chemistry (Editor: Margaret Brimble CNZM, FRSNZ)

Section: Natural Products

Artemisinin: Against Malaria, Cancer and Viruses (Editor: Svetlana Tsogoeva)
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors from Natural Products (Editor: Jean-Yves Winum)
Catechins and Human Health: Current State of the Science (Editor: Joshua Lambert)
Diterpene and Its Significance in Natural Medicine (Editors: Quan-Bin Han, Jian-Xin Pu)
Diversity of Alkaloids (Editor: Michael Wink)
Effects of Natural Products in the Context of Cardiometabolic Disease (Editors: Atanas G. Atanasov, Karel Šmejkal, Elke Heiss)
Expanding the Potential of Metabolomics for Under Investigated Organisms and in Drug Discovery (Editors: Mohamed Farag, Andrea Porzel)
Flavonoids: From Structure to Health Issues (Editors: Arturo San Feliciano, Celestino Santos-Buelga)
Genomics-based Discovery of Microbial Natural Products (Editor: Sergey Zotchev)
Improvements for Resveratrol Efficacy (Editors: Norbert Latruffe, Ole Vang, Dominique Vervandier-Fasseur)
Lichens: Chemistry, Ecological and Biological Activities (Editors: Sophie Tomasi, Joel Boustie)
Natural Polysaccharides
Natural Product Inspired Scaffolds Designs (Editor: Kamal Kumar)
Natural Product: A Continuing Source of Novel Drug Leads (Editor: David J. Newman)
Natural Products and Chronic Diseases (Editors: Dong-Kug Choi, Palanivel Ganesan)
Natural Products in Anti-Obesity Therapy (Editors: Min-Hsiung Pan, Filomena Conforti)
Natural Products Research in Australia and New Zealand (Editor: Michele Prinsep)
Polyketides (Editor: Kira Weissman)
Polyphenols and Antioxidants–The Chemistry of Tea (Editor: Declan Naughton)
Polyphenols and Cardiovascular Disease (Editor: Rosa Lamuela-Raventós)
Selected papers from 2nd International Symposium on Phytochemicals in Medicine and Food (2-ISPMF, Fuzhou, 2017) (Editors: Pinarosa Avato, Baodong Zheng, Jianbo Xiao)
Silymarin (Editors: Tung-Hu Tsai, Youngjin Jeon)
Structure-Activity Relationship of Natural Products (Editor: Jean-Marc Sabatier)
Structure, Chemical Analysis, Biosynthesis, Metabolism, Molecular Engineering and Biological Functions of Phytoalexins (Editor: Philippe Jeandet)
The Chemistry of Alliums (Editors: Alan Slusarenko, Martin Gruhlke)

Section: Medicinal Chemistry

Can Membrane Transporters Contribute to Drug Discovery? (Editor: Maria Emília de Sousa)
Cancer Chemoprevention (Editor: Santosh Katiyar)
Cardiotonic Steroids (Editor: Robert Kiss)
Chemistry and Pharmacology of Modulators of Oxidative Stress (Editors: Luciano Saso, László Dux, Grzegorz Wegrzyn, Tamás Csont)
COST CM1307: Targeted Chemotherapy towards Diseases Caused by Endoparasites—Proceedings in Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry (Editor: Thomas J. Schmidt)
Cyclodextrin Chemistry (Editor: Bernard Martel)
Looking Forward to the Future of Heparin: New Sources, Developments and Applications (Editors: Giangiacomo Torri, Jawed Fareed)
Metal Based Drugs: Opportunities and Challenges (Editors: Patrick Gamez, Ana B. Caballero)
Molecules Mediating Allergic and Autoimmune Inflammation: Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Christopher W. K. Lam’s Research Achievements on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday (Editor: Chun Wong)
Multicomponent Reaction-Based Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules (Editors: Diego Muñoz-Torrero, Rodolfo Lavilla, Christopher Hulme)
Photoresponsive Drugs (Editor: Wiktor Szymański)
Stimuli-Responsive Biomaterials in Biomedical Applications (Editor: Chih-Chang Chu, Rebecca Q. Morgan endowed chair Professor)
Transdermal Delivery Systems: Current Landscape and Trends (Editor: Yogeshvar Kalia)

Section: Molecular Diversity

Antibacterial Materials and Coatings (Editors: Krasimir Vasilev, Alex Cavallaro, Peter Zilmc)
Chromatographic Separation of Enantiomers: Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Stig Allenmark on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday (Editor: Yoshio Okamoto)
Enzyme Immobilization 2016 (Editor: Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente)
G-protein Coupled Receptor Structure and Function (Editor: Yung Hou Wong)
Gold Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications (Editor: Kadir Aslan)
Nanobiostructures: Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Serban Solacolu (1905-1980) - Founder of the Romanian School of Oxide Materials Science and Engineering (Editors: Ecaterina Andronescu, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu)
Organic Memory Devices (Editor: Jianyong Ouyang)
Single-Molecule Magnetism and Related Phenomena (Editors: Theocharis C. Stamatatos, Christos Lampropoulos)
Sulfur Atom: Element for Adaptation to an Oxidative Environment 2016 (Editors: Noriyuki Nagahara, Maria Wrobel)

Section: Metabolites

Metabolites of Terrestrial and Marine Origin on the Age-Related Disorders (Editor: Maria Miguel)

Section: Theoretical Chemistry

Biomolecular Simulations (Editor: Roberta Galeazzi)
Density Functional Theory and Reactivity Indices: Applications in Organic Chemical Reactivity (Editors: Luis Domingo, FRSC, Alessandro Ponti)

Section: Green Chemistry

Chemicals from Biomass (Editors: James H. Clark, Thomas J. Farmer)
Green Biorefinery (Editor: Rafał Bogel-Łukasik)
Solar Photocatalysis (Editor: Michael Leung)
Sonochemistry and Green Chemistry Applications (Editor: Gregory Chatel)
Sub- and Supercritical Fluids and Green Chemistry (Editor: Yu Yang)

Section: Photochemistry

Advances in Organic Nanophotonics (Editors: Youngkyoo Kim, Hwajeong Kim)
Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells (Editor: Chen-Yu Yeh)
Experimental and Computational Photochemistry of Bioorganic Molecules (Editor: Carlos Crespo-Hernández)
Organic Light Emitting Diodes (Editor: Jwo-Huei Jou)
Perovskite Solar Cells (Editor: Pablo Docampo)
Photodynamic Therapy (Editor: Norbert Lange)
Photon-involving Purification of Water and Air (Editor: Pierre Pichat)
Photoresponsive Polymers (Editors: Haifeng Yu, Arri Priimägi, Xiaogong Wang)

Section: Bioorganic Chemistry

Ribosome-Inactivating Proteins--Commemorative Issue in Honor of Professor Fiorenzo Stirpe (Editor: Els Van Damme)
Ribozymes and RNA Catalysis (Editor: Sabine Müller)
Sulfonamides (Editor: Claudiu T. Supuran)

Section: Organometallic Chemistry

Metal Carbene Complex (Editor: James W. Herndon)
Nano-sized Metal Fluorides: Novel Approaches to Lewis Acid Catalysts (Editor: Erhard Kemnitz)
Transition Metal Catalysis 2016 (Editor: Ramesh Giri)

Not assigned to a section

Recent Developments in Using Biocatalysts and Whole Cells for Organic Synthesis (Editor: Steven Bull)
Selected Papers from the 8th Central European Conference ‘Chemistry towards Biology’ (CTB-2016) (Editors: Josef Jampilek, Atanas G. Atanasov)