Biogeochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage (Editors: Liliana Lefticariu, Irene Sánchez-Andrea)
Biotechnologies and Mining (Editor: W. Scott Dunbar)
Flotation in Mineral Processing (Editor: Kostas Matis)
Geochemistry and Corrosion of Uranium-based Waste Materials (Editor: Thomas Scott)
High Pressure Minerals (Editor: Stefano Caporali)
Marine Minerals: From Genesis to Resources (Editor: Andrea Koschinsky-Fritsche)
Mineral Deposit Genesis and Exploration (Editor: Maria Economou-Eliopoulos)
Mineral Surface Science and Nanogeoscience (Editor: Athanasios Godelitsas)
New inside in Stability, Structure and Properties of Porous Materials (Editors: Annalisa Martucci, Giuseppe Cruciani)