Acid Mine Drainage Recovery (Editor: Sara Couperthwaite)
Application of Electron Microprobe Methods in Trace Element Analysis and Geochronology (Editor: Michael J. Jercinovic)
Applications of LA-ICP-MS Imaging in the Geosciences (Editors: David Chew, Joseph Petrus, Bence Paul)
Authigenic Clay Minerals: Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Applications (Editor: Manuel Pozo Rodríguez)
Carbon Capture and Storage via Mineral Carbonation (Editor: Juerg M. Matter)
Computational Geochemistry (Editor: Kideok Kwon)
Critical Minerals: Methodologies and Case Studies (Editors: Ben McLellan, Shinsuke Murakami, Jamie Speirs)
Environmental Mineralogy (Editor: Tsutomu Sato)
Flotation Chemistry (Editors: Yuehua Hu, Zhiyong Gao)
Fundamentals and Frontiers in Mineralogy (Editor: Paul Sylvester)
Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Hydrothermal Metallic Mineral Deposits (Editor: Theodore Bornhorst)
Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Rare-Earth Elements (REE) in Earth-Surface Environments (Editor: Andrew Rate)
Geological Modelling (Editor: José António de Almeida)
Geology and Mineralogy of Zn-Pb Nonsulfide Deposits (Editor: Maria Boni)
Geometallurgy (Editors: Simon Dominy, Louisa O’Connor, Anita Parbhakar-Fox)
Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry of Precious Metals (Editors: Frank Reith, Jeremiah Shuster)
Geopolymers (Editor: Thomas N. Kerestedjian)
Heap Leaching: The State-of-the-Art (Editors: Petrus van Staden, Jochen Petersen)
Heavy Minerals (Editor: Sergio Andò)
High Pressure Minerals (Editor: Stefano Caporali)
Hydrous Minerals in Subduction Zones: the Earth’s Deep-Water Cycle (Editor: Mark D. Welch)
Mineral Resources and the Environment (Editor: Michael Stamatakis)
Mineralogical Applications for Cultural Heritage (Editor: Marco Benvenuti)
Mineralogy of Quartz and Silica Minerals (Editor: Jens Götze)
Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry of Crustal Rocks (Editors: Callum Hetherington, Matthew Izawa)
Mining and Mineral Exploration Geophysics (Editors: Jonathan Chambers, Sebastian Uhlemann)
Molecular Simulation of Mineral-Solution Interfaces (Editor: Andrey Kalinichev)
Petrology, Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Mantle as Tools to Read Messages from the Earth’s Interior (Editor: Shoji Arai)
Process Mineralogy of Critical Metals (Editor: Pura Alfonso Abella)
Rare-Earth Carbonates (Editor: Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco)
Se-Bearing Minerals: Structure, Composition, and Origin (Editor: Hans-Jürgen Förster)
Selected Papers from the 2nd International Conference on Mining in Europe (Editor: Bernd Lottermoser)
Selected Papers from the 6th International Symposium on Mining and Environmental Protection (Editor: Ivica Ristović)
Serpentine Group Minerals (Editors: Agnès Elmaleh, Anne-Line Auzende)
Sustainable Mineral Processing Technologies (Editor: Nawshad Haque)
Toxic Mineral Matter in Coal and Coal Combustion Products (Editors: Shifeng Dai, Xibo Wang, Lei Zhao)