Advances in MMICs (Guest Editor: Geok Ng)
Biomedical Microdevices (Guest Editor: Bonnie Gray)
Biomimetic Systems (Guest Editor: Gijs Krijnen)
Micro/Nano Fabrication (Guest Editor: Cheng Luo)
Microactuators (Guest Editor: Ulrike Wallrabe)
Micromixer & Micromixing (Guest Editor: Yong Kweon Suh)
Mind-Controlled Robotics (Guest Editor: Dean Aslam)
Next Generation MEMS-Based Navigation—Systems and Applications (Guest Editors: Naser El-Sheimy, Aboelmagd Noureldin)
Power MEMS (Guest Editor: Paul Ronney)
Sensors and Systems for Medical Applications and Personal Health Monitoring (Guest Editors: Kazunori Hoshino, Emmanuel Quevy)