Section: Biomaterials

Advances in Bendable and Soft Material Film (Editors: Fu Ko, Jian-Guo Zheng, Chih-Feng Wang)
Bioceramics 2016 (Editor: Enrico Bernardo)
Degradable Biomaterials Based on Magnesium Alloys (Editors: Regine Willumeit-Römer, Wolf-Dieter Mueller)
Smart Biomaterials and Biointerfaces (Editors: Jie Zheng, Yuping Bao, John Zhanhu Guo)
Smart Hydrogels for (Bio)printing Applications (Editors: Peter Dubruel, Sandra Van Vlierberghe)

Section: Structure Analysis and Characterization

Computational Multiscale Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science (Editor: Martin O. Steinhauser)
Green Nanotechnology (Editors: Mady Elbahri, Shain Homaeigohar, Mehdi Hedayati)

Section: Manufacturing Processes and Systems

3D Printing for Biomedical Engineering (Editors: Chee Kai Chua, Wai Yeong, Jia An)
Ultrafast Laser-Based Manufacturing (Editor: Martin Byung-Guk Jun)

Not assigned to a section

Acoustic Waves in Advanced Materials (Editor: Alkiviadis Paipetis)
Advanced in Structural Health Monitoring for Aerospace Structures (Editors: Ferri Aliabadi, Zahra Khodaei)
Advances in Biointerfaces (Editor: Qun Ren)
Advances in Molecular Magnets (Editor: Wolfgang Linert)
Advances in Physical and Wet-Chemical Methods for Inorganic Nanoparticles Synthesis (Editors: Andrea P. Reverberi, Marco Salerno)
Advances in Research on Elastomers (Editor: Dariusz M. Bieliński)
Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage (Editor: Martin Wilkening)
Biological and Synthetic Organic–Inorganic Composite Materials (Editor: Fabio Nudelman)
Biomaterials and Tissue Biomechanics (Editor: Amir A. Zadpoor)
Calcium Phosphate in Biomedical Applications (Editor: Patrice Laquerriere)
Fracture and Fatigue Mechanics of Materials (Editor: Yoshiharu Mutoh)
Functional Organic Dyes and Pigments (Editors: Callum McHugh, Jesus Calvo-Castro)
Inorganic Clathrate Materials (Editors: Matt Beekman, Yuri Grin)
Machining of Composites and Multi-Stacks of Aerospace Materials (Editor: Redouane Zitoune)
Materials for Hard and Soft Tissue Engineering: Novel Approaches (Editors: Alina Holban, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu)
Materials for Photolithography and 3D Printing (Editors: Roberta Bongiovanni, Alessandra Vitale)
Materials Grown by Metal-Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (Editor: Xiaohong Tang)
Materials in Motorsport (Editors: Gareth Neighbour, Neil Fellows)
Materials' 2016 (Montreal, Canada: June 20 - 24, 2016) - Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications (Editors: Yehia M. Haddad, Liangchi Zhang, David P. Thambiratnam)
Metals for Additive Manufacturing (Editor: Guillermo Requena)
Microbial Fuel Cells (Editor: Hong Liu)
Microwave Absorbing and Energy Storage Materials (Editor: Yuhang Ren)
Modelling and Characterization of Defects in Metals (Editor: Zengtao Chen)
Multiscale Methods and Application to Computational Materials Design (Editors: Timon Rabczuk, Pattabhi Budarapu)
Nanostructured Polymeric Materials: Fabrication, Self-Assembly, Properties and Applications (Editor: Massimo Lazzari)
Noble Metal Nanoparticles (Editor: Ilaria Fratoddi)
Nonlinear Optical Material (Editor: Alessandro Salandrino)
Numerical Analysis of Concrete using Discrete Elements (Editor: Erik Schlangen)
Numerical Analysis of Tribology Behavior of Materials (Editor: Magd Abdel Wahab)
Physical Metallurgy of High Performance Alloys (Editor: Shankar M.L. Sastry)
Pickering Emulsion and Derived Materials (Editors: To Ngai, Syuji Fujii)
Polymer Blends and Compatibilization (Editor: Volker Altstädt)
Porous Materials for Water Technology (Editors: George Zhao, Hongliang Li, Peizhi Guo)
Recent Advances in Materials for Solid Oxide Cells (Editor: Norbert H. Menzler)
Renwable Solar Energy: Developments and Future Prespectives - Selected papers from INCORE2016 Confernce-Zewail City Egypt (Editors: Mady Elbahri, Salah Obayya, Daniel Ayuk Mbi Egbe)
Selected Material Related Papers from ICI2016 (Editors: Te-Hua Fang, Chien-Hung Liu, Ming-Tsang Lee, Tao-Hsing Chen)
Selected Papers from “HAMBURG'2016 AES-ATEMA 31st Int. Conference” (Editor: Yehia M. Haddad)
Selected Papers from ICASI 2016 (Editors: Shoou-Jinn Chang, Teen-Hang Meen, Stephen D. Prior, Artde Donald Lam)
Selected Papers from ICBEI2015 (Editors: Wen-Hsiang Hsieh, Yi-Chang Wu)
Selected Papers from IS3C2016 (Editors: Hsiung-Cheng Lin, Her-Terng Yau, Yue-Jing He)
Selected Papers from SSTT2016 (Editors: Robert Lancaster, Karel Matocha, Shou Binan)
Self-Healing Concrete (Editor: Nele De Belie)
Silicon Nanophotonics (Editors: Seppo Honkanen, Matthieu Roussey, Antti Säynätjoki)
Synthesis in Molecular Imprinting of Polymers (Editor: Andrew J Hall)
Thin-Film Deposition, Characterization and Advanced Surface Engineering (Editors: Jiyoung Kim, Lanxia Cheng)
Two-Photon Absorption Materials (Editor: Qing-Hua Xu)