Section: Biomaterials

Advances and Applications of Nano-antimicrobial Treatments (Editors: Mauro Pollini, Alessandro Sannino, Federica Paladini)
Advances in Functionalization of Lignocellulosic Materials (Editors: Jalel Labidi, Susana Fernandes)
Anti-Infective Materials in Medicine and Technology (Editor: Carla Renata Arciola)
Cellular Materials: Design and Optimisation (Editors: Xiaodong Huang, Jianhu Shen)
Metallic Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration (Editor: Yin Xiao)

Section: Materials for Energy Applications

Development and Characterisation of Encapsulated PCM: Nano-, Micro-, and Macro-Encapsulation (Editors: Luisa F. Cabeza, A. Inés Fernández)
Electroactive Polymers (Editor: Jennifer Irvin)
Electrode Materials (Editors: Federico Bella, Claudio Gerbaldi)
Solid-State Laser Materials (Editor: Stefano Taccheo)
Transparent Conducting Oxide Nanoparticles

Section: Structure Analysis and Characterization

Image Analysis and Processing for Cement-based Materials (Editor: Hong Wong)
Photovoltaic Materials and Electronic Devices (Editor: Joshua Pearce)
Surface Forces and Thin Liquid Films (Editor: Jordi Faraudo)

Section: Porous Materials

Metal Foams: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications (Editors: Sven De Schampheleire, Dirk Lehmhus, Matej Vesenjak, Thomas Fiedler)
Porous Carbonaceous Materials from Biomass (Editors: Alina M. Balu, Sudipta De, Rafael Luque)
Porous Monolithic Materials for Applications in Separation Science (Editors: Dermot Brabazon, Mercedes Vázquez)

Section: Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Atomic Layer Deposition of Functional Materials (Editor: Peter J. King)
Optimisation and Scale-Up of Supercritical Fluid Extraction Processes (Editor: Carlos Manuel Silva)
Spark-Plasma Sintering and Related Field-Assisted Powder Consolidation Technologies (Editor: Eugene A. Olevsky)

Not assigned to a section

Acoustic Waves in Advanced Materials (Editor: Alkiviadis Paipetis)
Advancement of Photocatalytic Materials 2016 (Editor: Klara Hernadi)
Advances in Geopolymers and Alkali-Activated Materials (Editor: Claudio Ferone)
Advances in Renewable Energy Conversion Materials (Editor: Deepak Pant)
Advances in Research on Elastomers (Editor: Dariusz M. Bieliński)
Bio- and Natural-Fiber Composites (Editor: Kim Pickering)
Bioactive Glasses (Editor: Gigliola Lusvardi)
Biodegradable and Bio-Based Polymers (Editors: Marek Kowalczuk, Guozhan Jiang)
Biofilm and Materials Science (Editor: Hideyuki Kanematsu)
Bioinspired and Biomimetic Materials (Editor: Frank Müller)
Electrospun Materials (Editors: Nicole Zander, Hong Dong)
Failure Analysis in Materials (Editors: Robert Lancaster, Mark Whittaker)
Forming of Light Weight Materials (Editors: Nooman Ben Khalifa, Erman Tekkaya)
Materials and Nanomaterials for Environmental and Bio-Medical Applications (Editors: Carlos Lodeiro, Jose Luis Capelo, Elisabete Oliveira, Hugo Santos)
Materials for Display Applications (Editor: Jang-Kun Song)
Materials in Motorsport (Editors: Gareth Neighbour, Neil Fellows)
Microwave Materials Processing (Editor: Dinesh Agrawal)
Nanocatalysts: Preparation and applications in Catalysis (Editors: Eduardo García-Suárez, Anders Riisager)
Nanoparticle Synthesis and Applications in Catalysis (Editors: Nikolaos Dimitratos, Alberto Villa)
Nuclear Materials 2015 (Editors: Jie Lian, Di Yun)
Photopolymers for Holographic Applications (Editor: Manuel Sánchez)
Polymer Blends and Compatibilization (Editor: Volker Altstädt)
Polymer Composites from Renewable Resources (Editor: Vijay Kumar Thakur)
Regenerative Materials (Editors: C. Tanase, Michael Nerlich, Arne Berner)
Selected Papers from ICBEI2015 (Editors: Wen-Hsiang Hsieh, Yi-Chang Wu)
Selected papers from ISN2A2016 (Editors: Carlos Lodeiro, Jose Luis Capelo, Javier Fernandez)
Self-Cleaning and Antimicrobial Surfaces (Editor: Fernão Magalhães)
Superhydrophobicity of Materials (Editor: Chang-Hwan Choi)
Surface Modification Methods to Improve Fatigue, Fretting Fatigue, and Fretting Wear Behavior of Materials (Editor: Reza H Oskouei)
The properties and applications of nanodiamonds (Editor: Karin Larsson)
Utilisation of By-Product Materials in Concrete (Editor: Prabir Sarker)