Antiprotozoal Marine Natural Products (Editor: Deniz Tasdemir)
Bioactive Compounds from Marine Fungi (Editor: Johannes F. Imhoff)
Compounds from Cyanobacteria (Editor: Michele Prinsep)
Green Chemistry Approach to Marine Products (Editor: Takao Ojima)
Marine Bioactive Natural Product Studies—An Australasian Perspective (Editor: Sylvia Urban)
Marine Carotenoids and Oxidative Stress (Editor: Graziano Riccioni)
Marine Functional Food (Editor: Colin Barrow)
Marine Glycoconjugates (Editor: Antonio Trincone)
Marine Lipids (Editor: Gilles Barnathan)
Marine Lipopolysaccharides (Editor: Antonio Molinaro)
Marine Peptides and Their Mimetics (Editors: Peter Duggan, Kellie L. Tuck)
Marine Polysaccharides (Editor: Paola Laurienzo)
Marine Secondary Metabolites (Editor: Valeria Costantino)
Metabolites in Diatoms (Editor: Véronique Martin-Jézéquel)
New Approaches for Activating Silent Biogenetic Gene Clusters in Marine Microorganisms (Editors: Peter Proksch, Hendrik Niemann)
Okadaic Acid and Dinophysis Toxins (Editors: Angela Capper, William D Warren)
Selected Papers from the 1st Congress of Marine Fungal Natural Products Consortium (Editors: Olivier Grovel, Samuel Bertrand)