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Anti-Photoagaing and Photo-Protective Compounds from Marine Organisms (Editors: Kyung-Hoon Shin, Se-Kwon Kim)
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Development and Application of Herbal Medicine from Marine Origin (Editors: Tsong-Long Hwang, Ping-Jyun Sung, Chih-Chuang Liaw)
Drug Biotransformation by Marine Aminals (Editor: Margaret O. James)
Exploitation of Marine Toxins Antidote (Editors: Maria Tomas, Lucia Blasco)
Fish Gelatins: Their Production, Functional Properties, and Nutraceutical Applications (Editor: Chun-Yung Huang)
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Halogenated Metabolites (Editors: Soizic Prado, Catherine Roullier)
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Indispensable Power to Marine Drugs: Female Scientists' Achievements (Editors: Véronique Martin-Jézéquel, Justine Dumay)
Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Marine Secondary Metabolites (Editor: Fernando Reyes)
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Marine Antimicrobial Agents (Editor: Miguel Mitchell)
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Marine Bioactive Natural Product Studies in Europe (Editor: Päivi Tammela)
Marine Biodegradable Polymers (Editor: Hitoshi Sashiwa)
Marine Biomimetics (Editor: Marcin Wysokowski)
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Marine Compounds Used in Biosorption (Editors: Armando C. Duarte, Teresa Rocha-Santos)
Marine Drugs and Nanomedicine (Editor: Natasa Skalko-Basnet)
Marine Drugs in the Management of Metabolic Diseases (Editor: Graciliana Lopes)
Marine Drugs Interact with Functional Proteins (Editor: Masaki Kita)
Marine Enzymes: Sources, Biochemistry and Bioprocesses for Marine Biotechnology (Editor: Antonio Trincone)
Marine Glycobiology, Glycomics and Lectins (Editor: Yasuhiro Ozeki)
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Marine Ice-binding Proteins and Their Mimetics: Structure, Function, and Application (Editors: Hak Jun Kim, Jun Lee)
Marine Immunomodulators (Editor: Alba Silipo)
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Marine Lipids with Biological Interest (Editors: Gilles Barnathan, Gaetane Wielgosz-Collin, Aurelie Couzinet-Mossion)
Marine Macrolides: Structure, Biosynthetic Aspects and Potential as a New Drugs (Editor: Jaime Rodríguez)
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Marine Natural Product Studies in Australia (Editor: Hafiz Suleria)
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Marine Natural Products and Their Translational Applications in Medicine (Editors: Ipek Kurtboke, Sergey Zotchev)
Marine Natural Products Discovery: In Honor of Late Prof. Tatsuo Higa (Editor: Junichi Tanaka)
Marine Natural Products for Cardiovascular Disease (Editors: Lindsay Brown, Sunil K Panchal)
Marine Natural Products from Symbiotic Ecosystems (Editor: Ipek Kurtboke)
Marine Organisms for Bone Regeneration (Editors: Susan A Clarke, Fraser Buchanan)
Marine Origin Agents for Therapy of Neglected Diseases (Editor: Luísa Custódio)
Marine polyphenols: Structure, Biology and Potential Clinical Applications (Editor: Emilio Jirillo)
Marine Resource and Cosmetics (Editor: Carla Villa)
Marine Small-Molecule Bioactive Agents and Therapeutic Targets (Editor: Enrique Barrajón-Catalán)
Marine-derived Bioactive Peptides and Lipids Applied in Non-communicable Diseases (Editor: Constantina Nasopoulou)
Marine-Derived Polyketides with Antibiotic Activity (Editor: Till F. Schäberle)
Mechanism of Action of Marine and Freshwater Toxins (Editor: Aurelia Tubaro)
Microbial Gene Clusters of Marine Origin (Editors: Jose Salas, Carlos Olano)
Middle-Eastern Marine Natural Products (Editors: Mohamed-Elamir F. Hegazy, Paul W. Pare)
Natural Products from Marine Actinomycetes (Editors: Dong-Chan Oh, Sang-Jip Nam)
New Frontiers in Marine-Derived Kinase Modulators (Editor: Khalid El Sayed)
New Strategies to Counteract Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms (Editors: Patrizia Diana, Stella Maria Cascioferro)
Pre-Clinical Marine Drug Discovery (Editors: Jun Lu, Yu Zhao)
Production of Bioactive Metabolites in Microbial Biofilms in the Marine Environment (Editor: Anahit Penesyan)
Progress on Marine Natural Products as Lead Compounds (Editors: Ana Lourenço, Patrícia Máximo )
Quorum Quenching Agents: Exploring Quorum Sensing Interfering Strategies in Marine Bacteria for the Development of Novel Therapeutics (Editor: Valeria Costantino)
Seaweeds and Their Biological Actions (Editors: Herminia Domínguez, Stefan Kraan)
Secondary Metabolites from Marine Molluscs: Chemistry, Biosynthesis, Synthesis and Bioactivity (Editor: Adele Cutignano)
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Selected Papers from the 3rd Sino-Italian Symposium on Bioactive Natural Products & 1st International Forum for Drug Discovery Chemistry (Editors: Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati, Huiming Ge)
Steroids from Marine Sources (Editor: Marie-Lise Bourguet-Kondracki)
Strategies for Enhancing the Metabolome of Marine-Derived Fungi (Editors: Peter Proksch, Georgios Daletos)
Synthesis of Marine-Derived Compounds (Editor: Lyndon West)
Synthesis, Properties, Biological Activity, and Medicinal Chemistry of Marine Nucleosides (Editor: Marino Resendiz)
Synthetic and Biosynthetic Approaches to Marine Natural Products (Editor: Asunción Barbero)
Terpenoids from Marine Organisms (Editors: Efstathia Ioannou, Vassilios Roussis)
The Pharmacological Potential of Marine-Derived Peptides and Proteins (Editors: Rim Nasri, Mourad Jridi)
The Sources and Production of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Editors: Sami J Taipale, Elina Peltomaa)