Adhesion, Friction and Lubrication of Viscoelastic Materials (Editors: Giuseppe Carbone, Francesco Bottiglione)
Advanced Lubrication for Energy Efficiency (Editors: Jun Qu, Hamed Ghaednia)
Advances in Polymer Tribology (Editors: Li Chang, Janet Wong, Hung-Jue Sue)
Automotive Tribology (Editor: Adolfo Senatore)
Dynamic Morphology of Tribological Interfaces in Theory, Simulation and Experiment (Editors: Michael Müller, Georg-Peter Ostermeyer)
Fluid-Film Lubrication (Editor: Romeo Glovnea)
Friction Mechanisms (Editor: Martin Müser)
Gear Tribology (Editor: Lars-Göran Westerberg)
Green Nanotribology (Editor: Ille C. Gebeshuber)
Ionic Liquids: Friction and Lubrication Mechanisms (Editor: Rosa Maria Espinosa-Marzal)
Microscale Materials Tribology (Editors: Christian Greiner, Steffen Brinkmann)
Multiphysics and Multiscale Models of Tribology (Editor: Andreas Almqvist)
Self-lubricating Materials (Editors: Emad Omrani, Pradeep Rohatgi)
Tribocorrosion of Surface Engineered Materials (Editors: Yong Sun , Xiulin Ji)
Tribological Challenges in Extreme Environments (Editors: Luis Norberto López de Lacalle, Octavio Pereira Neto, Antonio J. Sánchez Egea)
Tribology for Mechanical Engineering--2018 (Editor: Maksim Prozhega)
Tribology of High-Performance Polymer Composites in Extreme Conditions (Editor: Nazanin Emami)