Coastal Groundwater Dynamics and Its Derived Chemical Fluxes (Editor: Henry Bokuniewicz)
Coastal Morphodynamics (Editor: Gerben Ruessink)
Emerging Biomolecular Technologies in Marine Science (Editor: Antonio Trincone)
Marine Microbial Communities: Biodiversity, Composition and Function (Editors: Jose Victor Lopez, Hidetoshi Urakawa)
Marine Oil Spills (Editor: Merv Fingas)
Natural Aerosols and Climate Feedbacks over Coral Reefs (Editor: Graham Jones)
Ocean Acidification and Marine Biodiversity (Editors: Pauline Ross, Laura Parker)
Research Tools and Methods for Marine Species Acquisition and Identification (Editor: Angelika Brandt)
Selected Papers from the ASRANet International Conference on Offshore Renewable Energy (Editor: Bjoern Elsaesser)
Settlement & Metamorphosis of Marine Invertebrate Larvae (Editor: Daniel Rittschof)
Trace Metal Contamination in Estuarine and Coastal Environments (Editor: Olivier Radakovitch)
Underwater Acoustics and the Ocean Environment (Editor: Jens Hovem)