Section: Information Theory and Methodology

Computational Intelligence Technique in Medical Image Analysis (Editors: Yudong Zhang, Liangxiu Han)

Section: Information Processes

Secure Data Storage and Sharing Techniques in Cloud Computing (Editors: Man Au, Jinguang Han, Joseph Liu, Ali El Kaafarani)

Section: Information Applications

Applications in Information Technology (Editors: Vitaly Klyuev, Alexander Vazhenin, Evgeny Pyshkin)
Augmented Reality (Editor: Cristian Luciano)
Data Science and Optimization (Editor: Ronald Hochreiter)
Digital Citizenship and Participation (Editor: Muneo Kaigo)
Sensor Networks for Emergent Technologies (Editors: Nafaa Jabeur, Nabil Sahli)
Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business (Editors: Steven Furnell, Sokratis Katsikas, Costas Lambrinoudakis)

Not assigned to a section

Online Social Networks and Implications (Editors: Ana da Silva, Pedro O.S Vaz de Melo)
Selected Papers from the 2016 International Conference on Information and Social Science (Editor: Shigeki Yokoi)
Selected Papers from the Workshop on Advances in Semantic Information Retrieval (ASIR’16) (Editors: Vitaly Klyuev, Maxim Mozgovoy)
Selected Papers from the Workshop on Geospatial Big Data–Trends, Applications, and Challenges (GBD-TAC) (Editors: Tarek Sboui, Joel Grira)
Selected Papers from the Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Applications in Healthcare (ISA’Health 2016) (Editors: José Manuel Ferreira Machado, António Carlos Silva Abelha, Manuel Filipe Vieira Torres dos Santos, Carlos Filipe da Silva Portela)
Symmetry and Information (Editors: Pedro Marijuán, Abir (Andrei) Igamberdiev, Lin Bi)