Section: Physical Chemistry, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Computational, Structural and Spectroscopic Studies of Enzyme Mechanisms, Inhibition and Dynamics (Collection Editor: Christo Christov)

Section: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics

Advances in Proteomic Research (Collection Editor: David Sheehan)
G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling and Regulation (Collection Editor: Kathleen Van Craenenbroeck)
Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation by Ribonucleoprotein Complexes (Collection Editor: Kotb Abdelmohsen)
Proteins and Protein-Ligand Interactions (Collection Editors: Christo Christov, Tatyana Karabencheva-Christova)
Regulation by Non-Coding RNAs (Collection Editor: Martin Pichler)

Section: Molecular Pathology

Molecular Mechanisms of Human Liver Diseases (Collection Editor: Johannes Haybaeck)
Programmed Cell Death and Apoptosis (Collection Editor: Anthony LemariƩ)

Section: Molecular Toxicology

Molecular Research in Neurotoxicology (Collection Editor: G. Jean Harry)
Radiation Toxicity in Cells (Collection Editor: Terrence Piva)

Section: Molecular Diagnostics

Human Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Disease Diagnostics (Collection Editor: Emil Alexov)

Not assigned to a section

Feature Annual Reviews in Molecular Sciences (Collection Editors: Martyn Rittman, Rui Liu)