Section: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics

Abiotic Stress and Gene Networks in Plants (Editors: Ann Cuypers, Tony Remans)
Apoptotic Chondrocytes and Osteoarthritis (Editors: Charles J. Malemud, Ali Mobasheri)
Cell-Penetrating Peptides (Editors: Jagdish Singh, Buddhadev Layek)
Fish Molecular Biology (Editors: Jun Li, Li Lin)
Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry in Molecular Sciences (Editor: Laszlo Prokai)
Functions of Transfer RNAs (Editors: Michael Ibba, Constantinos Stathopoulos)
Genome Editing (Editor: Izuho Hatada)
Glycosylation and Glycoproteins (Editors: Patricia Berninsone, Joe Tiralongo)
Low Molecular Weight DNA and RNA Binding Agents (Editor: Eric C. Long)
Membrane Protein Based Biosensors (Editor: Bernhard Schuster)
Metabolomics in the Plant Sciences (Editor: Ute Roessner)
Microbial Genomics and Metabolomics (Editor: Patrick C.Y. Woo)
Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Ageing and Diseases (Editors: Lars Olson, Jaime M. Ross, Giuseppe Coppotelli)
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Pain (Editor: Irmgard Tegeder)
Molecular Biocatalysis (Editors: Vladimír Křen, Daniela Monti)
Molecular Machinery of Cell Growth Regulation (Editor: Alan Leonard)
Molecular Research in Plant Secondary Metabolism 2015 (Editor: Marcello Iriti)
Molecular Research of Epidermal Stem Cells 2015 (Editor: Miroslav Blumenberg)
Neurological Injuries’ Monitoring, Tracking and Treatment (Editor: Xiaofeng Jia)
Pharmacogenetics and Personalized Medicine (Editors: Sabrina Angelini, Gloria Ravegnini)
Plant Microbe Interaction (Editor: Jan Schirawski)
Plant Proteomic Research (Editors: Setsuko Komatsu, Zahed Hossain)
Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology for Disease Modeling, Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine (Editor: Wenbin Deng)
Pre-mRNA Splicing 2015 (Editor: Akila Mayeda)
Protein Engineering (Editor: Qiang "Shawn" Chen)
Protein Folding 2015 (Editor: Salvador Ventura)
RNA Interference (Editor: Michael Ladomery)
Stem Cell Activation in Adult Organism (Editor: Wilhelm Bloch)

Section: Molecular Pathology

Advances in Multiple Sclerosis (Editors: Christoph Kleinschnitz, Sven Meuth)
Atherosclerosis and Vascular Imaging (Editor: Michael Henein)
Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration (Editor: Kurt A. Jellinger)
Molecular and Cellular Basis of Regeneration and Tissue Repair (Editor: Francesc Cebrià)
Neuroprotective Strategies 2015 (Editor: Katalin Prokai-Tatrai)
Oxidative Stress in Cardiovascular Disease 2015 (Editors: Francis Miller Jr., Gabor Csanyi, Grant Drummond)
Prediction, Diagnostics and Prevention of Pregnancy Complications (Editor: Philip Newton Baker)
The Immune System and Inflammation in Cerebral Ischemia (Editors: Chris Sobey, Hyun Ah Kim)
The Pathophysiology of Neuropsychiatric Disorders and New Therapeutic Targets (Editor: Kenji Hashimoto)

Section: Molecular Toxicology

Antioxidant 2.0——Redox Modulation by Food and Drugs (Editor: Guido Haenen)
Drug, Herb, and Dietary Supplement Hepatotoxicity (Editors: Rolf Teschke, Raúl J. Andrade)
Modulators of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress (Editor: Masato Matsuoka)
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Chemical-Induced Toxicity and Carcinogenesis (Editor: Paul Tchounwou)
The Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicant/Toxin-Induced Diseases and Their Chemoprevention (Editor: Baohong Zhang)

Section: Molecular Diagnostics

Advances in Photodynamic Therapy (Editors: Michael R. Hamblin, Ying-ying Huang)
Improvement of Cardiac Function in Heart Failure (Editors: H.W.M. Niessen, Paul A.J. Krijnen)
Mechanism of Action and Applications of Cytokines in Immunotherapy (Editor: Kamal D. Moudgil)
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms in the Pathogenesis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Editors: Chak-Sing Lau, Vera Sau-Fong Chan)
Molecular Classification of Human Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment (Editor: William Cho)
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Research 2016 (Editors: Amedeo Lonardo, Giovanni Targher)
Single Cell Analysis in Biotechnology and Systems Biology (Editors: Fan-Gang Tseng, Tuhin Santra)
Viral Hepatitis Research (Editor: Tatsuo Kanda)

Section: Molecular Recognition

Antimicrobial RNases in Host Defense (Editor: Ester Boix)
Supramolecular Interactions (Editors: John Hardy, Max von Delius)

Section: Material Sciences and Nanotechnology

Antimicrobial Polymers 2015 (Editors: Antonella Piozzi, Iolanda Francolini)
Artificial Organs (Editors: Alexander M. Seifalian, Aaron Tan, Yasmin Farhatnia)
Biofuel (Editor: ChulHee Kang)
Chitins 2015 (Editors: Hitoshi Sashiwa, Shinsuke Ifuku)

Section: Physical Chemistry, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) 2015 (Editor: Herbert Schneckenburger)
In-Silico Prediction and Characterization of Intrinsic Disorder in Proteins (Editors: Lukasz Kurgan, Vladimir N. Uversky)
Solution Chemical Kinetics (Editor: Malcolm D´Souza)

Section: Bioactives and Nutraceuticals

Bioactive Phytochemicals and Functional Food Ingredients in Fruits and Vegetables (Editor: Maurizio Battino)
Bioactivity of Marine Natural Products (Editors: Vassilios Roussis, Efstathia Ioannou)
Gene-Nutrient Interactions (Editor: Lu Qi)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Health and Diseases (Editor: Cenk Suphioglu)
Phenolics and Polyphenolics 2015 (Editors: Paula Andrade, Patrícia Valentão)
Tocopherols and Tocotrienols: Metabolism and Properties (Editors: Maria Laura Colombo, Laura Di Renzo, Rafat A. Siddiqui)

Section: Green Chemistry

Microalgal Biotechnology (Editors: Christopher Q. Lan, Yanqun Li)

Section: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (Editors: Yuping Bao, Anna Cristina S. Samia)
Effects of Herbicides and Heavy Metals to the Structure and Function of Plant Cells (Editor: Eleftherios P. Eleftheriou)
Magnetic Nanoparticles 2015 (Editor: O. Thompson Mefford)
Metal Metabolism in Animals (Editor: Reinhard Dallinger)
Metalloproteins (Editor: Masatoshi Maki)
Regulation of Plant Mineral Nutrition: Transport, Sensing and Signalling (Editors: Hatem Rouached, Lam-Son Phan Tran)

Not assigned to a section