Section: Health Services and Health Economics Research

Economic Evaluation of Environmental Policies and Interventions (Editors: Laura Bojke , Gerry Richardson)
Global Health Policy in an Era When Borders are No Longer Boundaries (Editor: Stephen H. Linder)
Insurance and Health (Editor: Luke Connelly)
Quality of Patient-Centered Care (Editor: Flora Tzelepis)

Section: Global Health

eHealth: The Impact of Technology on Healthcare (Editor: Tim Shaw)
Global Panorama of National Experiences in Public Health Actions to Ban Asbestos (Editors: Ken Takahashi, Jukka Takala, Annette M. David)
Health Literacy in Context—Settings, Media, and Populations (Editors: Don Nutbeam, Diane Levin-Zamir, Gill Rowlands )
Indigenous Health and Wellbeing (Editors: Sandra Thompson, Charmaine Green, Rosalie Thackrah)
Interventions and Approaches to Optimize Immunization Coverage Across the Lifespan (Editor: Paula M. Frew)
New Concepts in Women’s Bone Health (Editor: Jerilynn C. Prior)
Social Determinants of Health Inequities and Prevention (Editor: Lisa Wood)
Teenage Reproductive Health: Pregnancy, Contraception, Unsafe Abortion, Fertility (Editor: Jon Øyvind Odland)

Section: Environmental Health

A Policy Focused Approach to Public Health and Air, Water and/or Soil Pollution (Editor: Jason Levy)
Achieving Environmental Health Equity: Great Expectations (Editor: Timothy E. Ford)
Dietary Exposures (Editors: Anne Lise Brantsæter, Eleni Papadopoulou)
Drinking Water Quality and Human Health (Editors: Patrick Levallois, Cristina Villanueva Belmonte)
Emergence of Tick-Borne Diseases Resulting from Human Landscape Change (Editors: Douglas E. Norris, Giovanna Carpi)
Environmental Determinants of Infectious Disease Transmission (Editor: Kow-Tong Chen)
Environmental Health Indicators for Policy Support (Editors: David Briggs, Barry Borman)
Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Exposure and Effects (Editors: Matteo Vitali, Carmela Protano)
Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors in Pregnancy and Early Childhood (Editors: How-Ran Chao, Shu-Li Wang)
Health Effects of Household Air Pollution in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Editors: Kevin Mortimer, Alison Lee)
Key Issues in Current Health Research: Ageing–Health–Equity (Editors: Ingrid Darmann-Finck, Heinz Rothgang, Hajo Zeeb)
Natural Environment and Health: The Effect of Socio-Cultural Context on Health Effects of Natural Environments (Editors: Christopher J. Gidlow, Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen)
Noise-Related Annoyance (Editor: Rainer Guski)
Obesity and Urban Environments (Editor: Peter Congdon)
Preventing Lead Exposure and Its Consequences in Vulnerable Populations: The Unfinished Agenda (Editors: Katarzyna Kordas, Julia Ravenscroft)
Public Health and Disasters (Editor: David Eisenman, M.D., M.S.H.S.)
Public Health Preparedness for and Response to Nuclear Disasters (Editors: Michio Murakami, Shuhei Nomura)
Selected Paper from the 14th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research (Editor: Paul Tchounwou)

Section: Environmental Engineering and Public Health

Decision Models in Green Growth and Sustainable Development (Editors: Kedong Yin, Zaiwu Gong, Yuhong Wang, Kevin W. Li)
Environmental Cadmium Exposure and Public Health (Editor: Yasushi Suwazono)
Environmental Risk Assessment (Editor: Willie J. G. M. Peijnenburg)
Green Environment, Green Operations and Sustainability (Editors: Sang-Bing Tsai, Jian Yu, Zhen He, Lei Xu)
Indoor Environmental Quality (Editors: Ling Tim Wong, Kwok Wai Mui)
Microbiological Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment (Editors: Abasiofiok Mark Ibekwe, Shelton E. Murinda)
Natural Hazards and Public Health: A Systems Approach (Editor: Jason Levy)

Section: Occupational Safety and Health

Work Stress and the Development of Chronic Diseases (Editors: Johannes Siegrist, Jian Li)
Workplace Health Promotion 2018 (Editor: Nicola Magnavita)

Section: Health Behavior, Chronic Disease and Health Promotion

Advances in Suicide Research (Editors: Kairi Kõlves , Merike Sisask )
Cancer and Nutrition (Editor: Lital Keinan Boker)
Child Sexual Abuse: Environmental Issues in Disclosure, Effects and Responses (Editor: Ramona Alaggia)
Eating and Exercise in Children and Adolescents (Editors: Emma Haycraft, Claire Farrow)
Health Promotion Interventions for People with Disabilities (Editors: Brooks C. Wingo, James H. Rimmer)
Interventions for Healthy Aging (Editors: Matthew Lee Smith, Marcia G. Ory)
Maternal and Child Health (Editor: Yap-Seng Chong)
Musculoskeletal Disorders (Editor: Grace Szeto)
Obesity Prevention in Children and Adolescents (Editor: Daheia J. Barr-Anderson)
Paediatric Exercise Science and Health (Editor: Gareth Stratton)
Social and Environmental Influences on Physical Activity Behaviours (Editor: James Dollman)
Suicide Risk and Mental Disorders (Editor: Louise Brådvik)
Sustainable Transportation and Health (Editors: Norbert Mundorf, Colleen Redding)
The Health Needs of Vulnerable Children: Challenges and Solutions (Editor: Eunice Rodriguez)
The Impacts of Physical Activity on Chronic Disease Prevention and Population Health (Editor: Li Ming Wen)

Not assigned to a section

Ageing Well: The Role of Age-Friendly Environments (Editor: Jean Woo)
Air Quality and Health (Editors: Giorgio Buonanno, Otto Hänninen)
Ambient Air Pollution and Health Vulnerability (Editor: Stuart Batterman)
Antimicrobials and Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment (Editors: Cecilia Lundborg, Ashok J. Tamhankar)
Arsenic Contamination, Bioavailability and Public Health (Editors: Ravi Naidu, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Ayanka Wijayawardena)
Building Related Illnesses (Editor: Derek Clements-Croome)
Chronic Diseases and Multimorbidity in Primary Care (Editor: Harry H.X. Wang)
Climate Change and Health: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (Editor: Jason Levy)
Community Health Intervention to Reduce Chronic Disease (Editor: Sarah F. Griffin)
Cyber Pathology: Cyber Victimization and Cyber Bullying (Editor: Changiz Mohiyeddini)
Development and Evaluation of New Tobacco Control Interventions (Editors: Gera E. Nagelhout, Lucy Popova, Mirte Kuipers)
Economic Causes and Impacts of Diabetes and Diabetes-Related Conditions (Editors: Dennis Petrie, Thomas Lung)
Electromagnetic Fields and Health—Effects on the Nervous System (Editors: Mats-Olof Mattsson, Myrtill Simkó)
Electronic Cigarette Use and Public Health (Editors: Konstantinos Farsalinos, Walton Sumner)
Emerging Infectious Diseases and Environmental Threats (Editor: Jason Levy)
Environmental Carcinogens (Editors: Annamaria Colao, Prisco Piscitelli)
Environmental Chemical Mixture at Low Concentration and Children’s Health (Editors: Hyunok Choi, Birgit Henn)
Environmental Hygiene (Editor: Ka Man Lai)
Environmental Issues Related to Global Health and Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases (Editors: Youfa Wang, Weidong Qu)
Epidemiology and Determinants of Dental Caries in Children (Editors: Loc Do, Jane Scott)
Global Children’s Environmental Health (Editors: Catherine Karr, William Daniell)
Global Epidemics of Zika? Implications for Public Health (Editor: Richard Paul)
Health and Health Care for Homeless People in Various Contexts (Editors: Stéphanie Vandentorren, Pierre Chauvin)
Health Systems and Services (Editors: Eilish McAuliffe, Aoife DeBrun, Graham Martin)
Healthcare Quality and Patient Satisfaction (Editor: Mosad Zineldin)
Healthy Workplaces, Employment and Chronic Conditions in Europe: Answering the Hidden Emergency with Innovative Strategies (Editors: Matilde Leonardi, Carla Sabariego, Anastasia Vlachou)
Human Health, Risk Analysis and Environmental Hazards (Editor: Jason Levy)
IJERPH: 15th Anniversary (Editor: Paul Tchounwou)
Internet and Mobile Phone Addiction: Health and Educational Effects (Editor: Olatz Lopez-Fernandez)
Invitations in Biostatistical Methods and Data for Public Health Research (Editors: Gulzar Shah, Hani Michel Samawi)
Lung Diseases Associated with Environmental Pollutants (Editors: Gabriele Grunig, Judy Zelikoff)
Malaria Epidemiology and Control: Current Situation and Perspectives (Editor: Christos Hadjichristodoulou)
Mental Health and Environmental Exposures (Editor: Marco Helbich)
Microplastics: Hazards to Environmental and Human Health (Editor: A. Dick Vethaak)
Nano-Bio Interactions: Nanomedicine and Nanotoxicology (Editors: Hugh J. Byrne, Sourav Pr. Mukherjee, Pratap C. Naha)
Nutrition and Public Health (Editors: María M. Morales Suárez-Varela, Yolanda Pico Garcia, Agustín Llopis-González)
Nutrition in the First 1000 Days (Editor: Therese O’Sullivan)
Proceedings from the 3rd International Symposium on Environment and Health (Editor: Jose Centeno)
Reducing Exposure to Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke (Editors: Billie Bonevski, Olivia Wynne)
Roma Health (Editor: Jitse van Dijk)
Sleep Health (Editors: Girardin Jean-Louis, Azizi Seixas)
Soil Pollution and Public Health (Editors: Prysor Williams, Davey Jones)
Stress and Health (Editors: Mark Cropley, Birgitta Gatersleben, Stefan Sütterlin)
Together in the Fight against Arthropod-Borne Diseases: A One Health Perspective (Editors: Giovanni Benelli, Sengottayan Senthil-Nathan)
Urban Geochemistry and Human Health (Editors: Gabriel Filippelli, Mark Taylor)
Youth Violence as a Public Health Issue (Editor: Wing Hong Chui)