Advances in Pain Management (Guest Editor: Pat Schofield)
Aging and Cognition (Guest Editors: Lori E. James, Meredith Shafto)
Arsenic in Drinking Water: Current Perspectives and Future Directions (Guest Editors: Ravi Naidu, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman)
Breastfeeding and Infant Health (Guest Editors: Jane Scott, Colin Binns)
Climate Change Impacts on Vector-borne Diseases (Guest Editor: Shlomit Paz)
Cumulative and Integrated Health Impact Assessment (Guest Editors: Wim Passchier, Luc Hens)
Disability and Public Health
Electromagnetic Fields and Health (Guest Editor: Martin Röösli)
Eliminating Health Disparities to Achieve Health Equity (Guest Editors: Stephen Thomas, Devon Payne-Sturges, Christiane Bunge, Kenneth Olden)
Environmental Fate and Effect of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials (Guest Editor: Mónica Amorim)
Food Safety (Guest Editors: Mieke Uyttendaele, Eelco Franz, Oliver Schlüter)
Global Climate Change and Contaminants (Guest Editors: Michael E. Goodsite, Hans Sanderson)
Hazardous Waste and Human Health (Guest Editor: Oladele Ogunseitan)
Health Effects of Waterborne Contaminants: A Focus on Emerging Concerns (Guest Editor: Samuel Dorevitch)
HIV/AIDS: Social Perspectives (Guest Editor: Janet Seeley)
Indoor activities and health risks/protection (Guest Editor: Ivy Shiue)
Indoor Environmental Quality: Exposures and Occupant Health (Guest Editors: Gary Adamkiewicz, M. Patricia Fabian)
Methodological Innovations and Reflections (Guest Editors: Igor Burstyn, Gheorghe Luta)
Proceeding of 'Ecosystems and Human Well-Being in the Transition towards Green Economy' (Guest Editors: Ivy Shiue, Charles Ebikeme)
Small Solutions for Big Water-Related Problems—Innovative Microarrays and Small Sensors to Cope with Water Quality and Food Security (Guest Editors: Roberto Spurio, Duarte Tito, Letizia Brandi, Laura Mancini)
Social and Environmental Determinants of Oral Health (Guest Editor: Mauro Henrique Nogueira Guimarães de Abreu)
Social Network Analysis and Public Health (Guest Editors: Jenine K. Harris, Douglas A. Luke)
Sound and Health related Quality of Life (Guest Editor: Peter Lercher)
Suicide Prevention among Youth (Guest Editors: Danuta Wasserman, Vladimir Carli, Gergo Hadlaczky)
Technology, Data, and the Assessment of Atmospheric Exposure on Finer Scales (Guest Editors: P. Grady Dixon, Scott C. Sheridan)
The Combined Health Effects of Environmental Exposures (Guest Editors: Peter Lercher, Ronny Klaeboe, Mariola Sliwinska-Kowalska)
Transport Impacts on Public Health (Guest Editor: Brian Caulfield)