Section: Health Economics

Economics of the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity 2016 (Editor: Paul Scuffham)

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Aging and Health Promotion (Editors: Marcia G. Ory, Matthew Smith)
Agrochemicals in the Agri-Food Chain (Editor: Marcello Iriti)
Alcohol and Health (Editors: Eileen Kaner, Amy O'Donnell, Peter Anderson)
Animal Assisted Interventions and Activites for Health and Wellbeing (Editor: Jo Williams)
Building Related Illnesses (Editor: Derek Clements-Croome)
Chronic Diseases and Multimorbidity in Primary Care (Editor: Harry H.X. Wang)
Cultural Determinants of HIV, Substance Abuse and Addiction (Editors: Ronald Braithwaite, Mario De La Rosa, Selina Smith)
E-Cigarettes: Epidemiology, Policy and Public Health (Editor: Mark Wolfson)
Economic Causes and Impacts of Diabetes and Diabetes-Related Conditions (Editors: Dennis Petrie, Thomas Lung)
Emerging Aquatic Microbial and Chemical Contaminants of Concern and Their Impact on Human Health (Editors: Warish Ahmed, David J. Beale)
Emerging Infectious Diseases and Environmental Threats (Editor: Jason Levy)
Endocrine Disruptors Leading to Obesity and Related Diseases (Editors: Huixiao Hong, Jingwen Chen)
Environmental Chemical Mixture at Low Concentration and Children’s Health (Editors: Hyunok Choi, Birgit Henn)
Environmental Influences on Maternal and Child Health (Editors: Katherine Theall, Carolyn Johnson)
Environmental Pollution and Human Health Risk (Editor: Sayed Hassan)
Exposure and Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke (Editors: Laura Jones, Amanda Farley)
Food Environment, Diet, and Health (Editors: Shannon Zenk, Lisa Powell)
From Understanding Suicide Risk to Preventing Suicide (Editors: Rory O’Connor, Gwendolyn Portzky)
Geographical Variation in Breast Cancer Outcomes (Editor: Peter Baade)
Global Prostate Cancer Disparities in Men of West African Ancestry (Editor: Folakemi Odedina)
Health Impact Assessment (Editors: Krassi Rumchev, Jeffery Spickett, Helen Brown)
Heavy Metals: Environmental and Human Health (Editor: Susanne Charlesworth)
Housing and Health (Editor: Philippa Howden-Chapman)
Indoor Air Quality and Health 2016 (Editors: Alessandra Cincinelli, Tania Martellini)
Landscapes and Human Health (Editors: William Sullivan, Chun-Yen Chang)
Mental Healthcare and Autism (Editor: Andrew Cashin)
Mercury and Health: Current Perspectives and Future Directions (Editors: Timothy Dvonch, Nicola Pirrone)
Microplastics: Hazards to Environmental and Human Health (Editor: A. Dick Vethaak)
Mosquito Control Innovations into The 21st Century (Editor: Paul Linser)
Mycotoxins in the Agri-Food Chain (Editor: Marcello Iriti)
Occupational Noise Exposure: New Strategies for Prevention (Editor: David McBride)
Organic Micro-Pollutants and Human Exposure (Editor: Emmanuelle Vulliet)
Proceedings from the 13th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research (Editor: Paul Tchounwou)
Proceedings from the 3rd International Symposium on Environment and Health (Editor: Jose Centeno)
Refugee Health (Editors: Jimmy Efird, Pollie Bith-Melander)
Spatial Modelling for Public Health Research (Editors: Louise Ryan, Craig Anderson)
The Health Effects of Water Fluoridation (Editor: Meenakshi Arora)
Tobacco Control and Priority Groups (Editors: Linda Bauld, Rosemary Hiscock)
Toxicology, Exposure Assessment and Epidemiology of Primary and Secondary Ultrafine Particles (Editor: Doug Brugge)
Urban Place and Health Equity (Editor: Jason Corburn)
Women’s Health and the Work Environment (Editors: Mary H. Palmer, Shawn Kneipp)
Youth Psychology and Crime (Editor: Matt DeLisi)