Death, Dying, Near-Death Experiences & Bereavement in the Western World (Editors: Anders Gustavsson, David San Filippo)
Emotions and Affect in the Humanities, Creative Arts, and Performance (Editor: Peta Tait)
Energy Use and the Humanities (Editor: Adam Sweeting)
Fairy Tale and its Uses in Contemporary New Media and Popular Culture (Editor: Claudia Schwabe)
Food, Culture, and Heritage. Identity Formation through Eating Customs (Editor: Francesca Muccini)
Global Indigeneities and the Environment (Editors: Tom Havens, Karen L Thornber)
Humanities in Health Professions Education and Practice (Editors: Pamela Ironside, Sara Horton-Deutsch)
Race, Politics, and the Humanities in an Age of 'Posts' (Editor: Myra Mendible)
The Humanities in a Utilitarian Age (Editor: Paul Keen)
The Poetics of Computation (Editors: Philip Andrew Klobucar, Burt Kimmelman)
The Short Story and the Italian Pictorial Imagination, from Boccaccio to Bandello and Beyond (Editor: Patricia Emison)
Transcultural Literary Studies: Politics, Theory, and Literary Analysis (Editor: Bernd Fischer)