Displacement and the Humanities: Manifestos from the Ancient to the Present (Editors: Elena Isayev, Evan Jewell)
Humanities for the Environment (Editors: Poul Holm, Ruth Brennan)
Joyce, Animals and the Nonhuman (Editor: Katherine Ebury)
Literary and Cinematic Trauma (Editor: Gail Finney)
New Encounters Between Philosophy and Literature II (Editor: Krzysztof Ziarek)
Philosophy in the 1900s (Editor: Leila Haaparanta)
Pictures and Conflicts since 1945 (Editors: Jim Aulich, Mary Ikoniadou)
Rape and Trauma (Editors: Gualtiero Piccinini, Michelle Ciurria)
Spatial Bricolage: Methodological Eclecticism and the Poetics of “Making Do” (Editor: Les Roberts)
The Holocaust in Literature and Film (Editor: Andrea Reiter)