Burden of Obesity on Health, Wellbeing and Healthcare (Editors: Clare Collins, Melinda J. Hutchesson, Megan Rollo)
Dental Care (Editors: Chun-Hung Chu, Duangporn Duangthip )
Dietary Management of Obesity (Editor: Margaret A. Allman-Farinelli )
Health Effects of Race, Gender, Class, and Place: Complexities and Heterogeneities (Editor: Shervin Assari)
Humanities and Healthcare (Editors: Ian Walsh, Helen Noble)
Lyme Disease: The Role of Big Data, Companion Diagnostics and Precision Medicine (Editor: Raphael B. Stricker)
Population Health Management (Editor: Cristian Lieneck)
Precision Public Health and Genomic Medicine (Editors: Rahm, PhD, MS, LGC, Sturm, MS, LGC, Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH)
Recent Advances in Palliative Care (Editors: Joanne Reid, Helen Noble)
Rural and Remote Nursing (Editor: Mary Ellen Andrews)