Advances in Computational Geomechanics (Editors: Chin Leo, Kwai Wong, Yung-ming Cheng)
Advances in the Magnetic Analysis of Geological Processes (Editors: Carl Stevenson, Eric C. Ferre)
Aeolian Processes and Geomorphology (Editor: Eric J. R. Parteli)
Analysis of the Kinematic Evolution of Active Landslides (Editor: Piernicola Lollino)
Behavior of Expansive Soils and Shrinkage Cracking (Editor: Rifat Bulut)
Beyond the Channel—Investigating Processes at Crucial Fluvial Interfaces (Editors: Carlo Gualtieri, Dongdong Shao, Tao Sun)
Carbon Sequestration (Editors: Ian Power, Anna Harrison)
Coastal Geomorphology (Editor: Marta Pérez-Arlucea)
Detecting Ionospheric Perturbations Caused by Natural Hazards (Editor: Michael P. Hickey)
Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets (Editors: Mahmoudreza Oshagh, Jesus Martinez-Frias)
Dynamics and Kinetics of Melt-Fluid-Rock Interactions (Editor: Astrid Holzheid)
Early Earth Environments and Biospheric Evolution (Editor: Christophe Thomazo)
Earth Observation, Remote Sensing and Geoscientific Ground Investigations for Archaeological and Heritage Research (Editor: Deodato Tapete)
Earth Observations to Support the Management of Groundwater Level Changes Impacts (Editors: Claudia Meisina, Roberta Bonì)
Environmental Geochemistry: Earth Surface Processes and Measurement Uncertainty (Editors: Ariadne Argyraki, Maurizio Barbieri)
Gas and Gas Hydrate in Permafrost (Editor: Evgeny Chuvilin)
Gas Hydrate: Environmental and Climate Impacts (Editors: Umberta Tinivella, Michela Giustiniani, Ivan de la Cruz Vargas Cordero, Atanas Vasilev)
Geochemical Environmental Monitoring (Editor: Brunella Raco)
Geochemical Equilibrium and Processes in Seawater (Editors: Goran Kniewald, Željka Fiket)
Geochronology Applied to Metallogeny and Deposit Studies (Editor: Paul Alexandre)
Geodata Management (Editor: Elena Camossi)
Geological Storage of Gases as a Tool for Energy Transition (Editor: Jerome Sterpenich)
Geology of Mélanges (Editor: Kei Ogata)
Geology of the Early Earth – Geodynamic Constraints from Cratons (Editor: Kristoffer Szilas)
Geostatistical Applications in Petroleum Geology (Editor: Tomislav Malvić)
Geotourism (Editor: Rannveig Ólafsdóttir)
Glacial and Geomorphological Cartography (Editor: Ramón Pellitero Ondicol)
Gravity Field Determination and Its Temporal Variation (Editor: Mohammad Bagherbandi)
Groundwater Pollution (Editors: Micòl Mastrocicco, Nicolò Colombani)
Hydrogeochemistry and Groundwater Management (Editor: Brindha Karthikeyan )
Hydrological Hazard: Analysis and Prevention (Editor: Tommaso Caloiero )
Hydrology in River Basins: Developments in Science and Application (HRBDSA) (Editor: Ilyas Masih)
Hydrology of Urban Catchments (Editors: Luis Cea, Jorge Leandro)
Impact of Climate Change on Floodplain Flow Regimes and Flood Inundation (Editor: Fazlul Karim)
Inland and Coastal Karst Aquifers: Functioning, Monitoring and Management (Editors: M. Dolores Fidelibus, Antonio Pulido Bosch)
Isotope Geochemistry (Editors: Bastian Georg, Karla Newman)
Isotope Geochemistry of Meteoric Waters (Editors: Zoltán Kern, István Fórizs)
Laboratory Geosciences: Modelling Surface Processes (Editor: Michael Nones)
Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Deposits (Editors: Vasilios Melfos, Panagiotis Voudouris)
Marine Geohazards: New Insights and Perspectives (Editor: Maria Rosaria Senatore)
Mass Extinctions in Geological Time (Editor: Stephen Kershaw)
Mechanical and Hydrological Processes in Cappings and Covers of Landfills and Mine Waste (Editor: Thomas Baumgartl)
Mechanics of Erosion: Process Response to Change (Editor: Larry Stetler)
Mercury Biogeochemical Cycle in A Changing World (Editor: Andrea Garcia Bravo)
Microbial Biomineralization (Editors: Julie Cosmidis, Aude Picard)
Microbialites: Organisms, Processes and Products in Modern and Fossil Ecosystems (Editors: Edoardo Perri, Maurice E. Tucker)
Micromechanics of Halite (Editor: Alexandre Dimanov)
Mountain Building and Basin Formation Processes (Editor: Fausto Ferraccioli)
Mountain Landslides: Monitoring, Modeling, and Mitigation (Editor: Alessandro Corsini)
New Theoretical and Applied Advances in Paleolimnology (Editor: Émilie Saulnier-Talbot)
Numerical Methods of Geophysical Fields Inversion (Editor: Vladimir Cheverda)
Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction (Editor: Raquel Somavilla Cabrillo)
Permafrost Landscapes: Classification and Mapping (Editor: Alexander N. Fedorov)
Petroleum Engineering Applications: Borehole Simulations (Editor: David Pardo)
Planetary Evolution and Search for Life on Habitable Planets (Editors: Lena Noack, Ralf Moeller)
Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Resources Threatened by Climate Change (Editor: Chiara Bertolin)
Quantitative Geomorphology (Editor: Dario Gioia)
Quaternary Foraminifera and Ostracoda Response to Coastal Palaeoenvironments (Editor: Peter Frenzel)
Reactions and Interfaces: Understanding Mineral–Water Interaction Processes (Editor: Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco)
Recent Advances in Lunar Studies (Editors: Nicolle E. B. Zellner, Karen Cahill)
Remote Sensing of Land Ice (Editor: Sebastian Bjerregaard Simonsen)
Remote Sensing of Snow and Its Applications (Editors: Ali Nadir Arslan, Zuhal Akyurek)
Sea Ice and the Arctic Coast (Editors: Matthew L. Druckenmiller, Andrew Mahoney)
Selected Papers from the “14th European Geoparks Conference” (Editors: João Carlos Nunes, Ross Dowling, Maria Henriques)
Selected Papers from the 1st International Electronic Conference on Geosciences (Editors: Jesus Martinez-Frias, Carlos Alves)
Site-Specific Seismic Hazard Analysis: New Perspectives, Open Issues and Challenges (Editors: Valerio Poggi, Olga-Joan Ktenidou, Graeme Weatherill)
Stress Quantification in Sedimentary Basins (Editor: Khalid Amrouch)
Submarine Landslides – Assessing the Stability of Submerged Slopes (Editor: Morelia Urlaub)
Submarine Volcanic Hazards: Ancient and Modern Perspectives (Editor: Paraskevi V. Nomikou)
Tectonics and Morphodynamics (Editor: Adrian Pfiffner)
Terra Incognita—Microbial Processes and Interactions in the Deep Biosphere (Editors: Malin Bomberg, Lotta Purkamo)
The Development and Use of Synchrotron Radiation Techniques for the Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes (Editors: Pieter Bots, Andrea Hamilton)
Volcano Monitoring – Placing the Finger on the Pulse (Editor: Nick Varley)
Watershed Hydrology under Comprehensive Changing Scenarios (Editors: Maria L. Chu, Jorge A. Guzman)