Cryosphere (Editor: Ulrich Kamp)
Geoethics and Geosciences (Editors: Jesus Martinez-Frias, Lopo Vasconcelos)
Geologic Environment Characterizations and Numerical Modeling of Early Mars Climate Change into a Cold and Dry World (Editor: Alexis Palmero Rodriguez)
Geological Disposal of High Level Radioactive Waste - The Relationship between Engineered and Natural Barriers (Editors: Rebecca Lunn, Simon Harley, Simon Norris)
Geosciences and Future Earth (Editor: Jesus Martinez-Frias)
Individual-Based Ecological Modeling (Editor: Robin Gras)
Martian Meteorites (Editor: Elias Chatzitheodoridis)
Microbial Ecology: Interaction, Adaptation and Evolution (Editor: Maggie Lau)
Middle Jurassic Dinosaurs in Context (Editor: Neil Donald Lewis Clark)
Natural Gas Origin, Migration, Alteration and Seepage (Editors: Alexei Milkov, Giuseppe Etiope)
Observing Geohazards from Space (Editor: Francesca Cigna)
Selected Papers from 1st International Congress on Earth Sciences in SE Asia (Editors: Basilios Tsikouras, Antonio Acosta-Vigil)
Volcanic Plumes: Impacts on the Atmosphere and Insights into Volcanic Processes (Editors: Pasquale Sellitto, Giuseppe Salerno, Andrew McGonigle)