Antibiotic Resistance: Mobility and Microbiomes (Guest Editors: Jonathan Iredell, Sally Partridge)
Chromatin Dynamics (Guest Editor: Jessica Tyler)
DNA Replication (Guest Editor: Peter Frank)
Epigenetic Biomarkers (Guest Editors: Jeffrey Craig, Thomas Mikeska)
Genetic Diversity for Crop Improvement (Guest Editors: Sean Mayes, Festo Massawe, Prakit Somta, Wai Kuan Ho)
Genetics of Diabetes (Guest Editor: Claire Vandiedonck)
Hedgehog Signaling Gene Regulatory Networks (Guest Editor: Paul Cahill)
Long Noncoding RNAs (Guest Editor: Bernhard Herrmann)
Reticulate Evolution (Guest Editor: Michael Arnold)
The Human Genome Project in the 21st Century (Guest Editors: Pabulo H. Rampelotto, Karen Nelson, John Burn, Nicholas J. Schork, James Lupski)