Section: Molecular Genetics

DNA Replication Controls (Editor: Eishi Noguchi)
Gene Therapy (Editor: Michael Barry)
R-loop Biology in Eukaryotes (Editor: Frédéric Chédin)
RNA Editing (Editor: H. Ulrich Göringer)
RNA Interference 2016 (Editor: Wenyi Gu)
Role of Epigenetic Gene Regulation in Brain Function (Editor: Dennis Grayson)

Section: Microbial Genetics and Genomics

Virulence Gene Regulation in Bacteria (Editor: Helen J. Wing)

Section: Medical Genetics and Gene Therapy

Therapeutic Alternative Splicing: Mechanisms and Applications (Editors: Susan Fletcher, Steve Wilton)

Section: Human Genetics and Genomics

Genetics and Functional Genomics of Diabetes Mellitus (Editors: Bernhard O. Boehm, M.D., FRCP, Rajkumar Dorajoo)
microRNAs and Other Non-Coding RNAs in Human Diseases (Editors: George Calin, Muller Fabbri)

Section: Cancer Genetics

c-MYC Networks (Editor: Daitoku Sakamuro)

Not assigned to a section

Genetic Mechanism of Psychiatric Disorders (Editor: Xiangning (Sam) Chen)