Section: Animal Genetics and Genomics

Genetic Disorders in Livestock (Editors: Dorian J. Garrick, Frank Nicholas, Keren Dittmer)
Genetics of Insecticide Resistance (Editor: Charles Wondji)

Section: Human Genomics and Genetic Diseases

Advances in Genetics of Regeneration in Metabesity (Editors: Benoit Gauthier, Francisco-Javier Bermúdez-Silva)
Complex Genetic Loci (Editor: Santiago Rodriguez)
DNA Damage and Repair in Cancer (Editors: Srinivasan Madhusudan, Gianluca Tell)
Epigenetic DNA Modifications as Cancer Biomarkers (Editors: Andy Lynch, Charlie Massie)
Eye Genetics and Therapies (Editors: Kang Zhang, Ling Zhao, Wenbin Wei)
Genetic Epidemiology of Complex Diseases in Latin America (Editor: Carolina Bonilla)
Mechanisms of Tumor Latency and Its Alterations in Metastasis (Editor: Roger Gomis)
The Epitranscriptome in Human Disease (Editor: Michael Jantsch)

Section: Molecular Genetics

Chromosome Replication and Genome Integrity (Editor: Dana Branzei)
microRNA in Health and Disease (Editors: Clifford Steer, Subbaya Subramanian)
Nucleic Acid Dynamics and Structure (Editor: Ishita Mukerji)
Repetitive DNA Sequences (Editors: Andrew G. Clark, Daniel A. Barbash, Sarah E. Lower, Anne-Marie Dion-Côté )
RNA modifications (Editors: Yuri A. Motorin, Mark Helm)
Role of DNA Methyltransferases in the Epigenome (Editors: Albert Jeltsch, Humaira Gowher)
Synthetic DNA and RNA Programming (Editors: Patrick O'Donoghue, Ilka Heinemann)

Section: Microbial Genetics and Genomics

Emerging and re-Emerging Arboviruses in Human Health (Editors: Xavier de Lamballerie, Jan Felix Drexler, Ernest A. Gould)
Fungal Pathogenesis in Humans: The Growing Threat (Editor: Fernando Leal)
Genomics of Bacterial Metal Resistance (Editors: Alessio Mengoni, Carlo Viti, Raymond J. Turner, Li-Nan Huang)
Hepatitis B Virus Infection: An Update on Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention (Editors: Dimitrios Paraskevis, Anna Kramvis)
Membrane Proteins in Parasitic Protozoa (Editors: Tomoyoshi Nozaki, Herbert J. Santos)
Microbial Paleogenomics: The Role of Microbes on Evolutionary Trends and Future Discoveries (Editors: Raul J. Cano, Gary A. Toranzos, Tasha M. Santiago-Rodriguez)
Population Genetics and Genomics of Opportunistic and Drug-Resistant Bacterial Pathogens: Dealing with Complexity (Editors: Estelle Jumas-Bilak, Sara Romano-Bertrand)

Section: Population and Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics

Coevolution of Hosts and their Microbiome (Editors: Philipp Heeb, Alexandre Jousset, Ville-Petri Friman, Morten Tønsberg Limborg)
Conservation Genetics and Genomics (Editors: George Amato, Robert DeSalle, Michael Russello, Michael Knapp)
Epigenetics and Adaptation (Editors: Christoph Grunau, Jérémy Le Luyer, Martin Laporte)
Evolution and Structure of Proteins and Proteomes (Editors: David Liberles, Ashley Teufel)
Evolution, Composition and Regulation of Supernumerary B Chromosomes (Editors: Andreas Houben, Neil Jones, Cesar Martins, Vladimir Trifonov)
Evolutionary Medicine (Editors: Oscar Lao, Olga Dolgova)
Landscape Genetics (Editor: Samuel A. Cushman)
The Evolutionary Life Cycle of Sex Chromosomes (Editors: Leo W. Beukeboom, Martijn A. Schenkel)

Section: Plant Genetics and Genomics

Genetic Regulation of Circadian Rhythm in Plants (Editor: László Kozma-Bognár)
Genomics of Plant Domestication and Crop Evolution (Editors: Roberto Papa, Domenico Rau, Tania Gioia)
Transgenerational Epigenetics in Plants (Editor: Tzung Fu Hsieh)

Section: Technologies and Resources for Genetics

Algorithms for Personal Genomics (Editors: Gustavo Glusman, Max Robinson)
Computational Analysis of RNA Structure and Function (Editor: Jan Gorodkin)
Computational Approaches for Disease Gene Identification (Editors: Yudong Cai, Tao Huang, Lei Chen)
DNA Origami and Aptamer Assemblies (Editors: David Volk, Varatharasa Thiviyanathan)
Emerging Applications for Next Generation Sequencing (Editors: Jan Komorowski, Bozena Kaminska, Manfred Grabherr)
Emerging Applications in Synthetic Biology (Editors: Sakkie Pretorius, Ian Paulsen)
From the Lab-on-a-Chip to the Organ-on-a-Chip (Editors: Rimantas Kodzius, Frank Schulze, Marlon R. Schneider, Xinghua Gao)
Network Visualization and Visual Network Analysis: Cytoscape Apps & Co (Editor: Frank Kramer)
Novel Computational Methods for the Analysis of Gene-Gene Interactions (Editor: Ting Hu)
Selected Papers from the 14th International Symposium on Bioinformatics Research and Applications (ISBRA) (Editors: Fa Zhang, Quan Zou)
Selected Papers from the Bioinformatics and Intelligent Information Processing Conference (BIIP2018) (Editor: Quan Zou)
Selected Papers from the Third CFF Bioinformatics Conference (CBC2018) (Editor: Fa Zhang)
Systems Analytics and Integration of Big Omics Data (Editor: Gary Hardiman)

Not assigned to a section

Chromosomal Heterogeneity and Human Diseases (Editor: Henry H. Heng)
DNA Barcoding and Metabarcoding of Complex Matrices (Editors: Massimo Labra, Andrea Galimberti, Hugo de Boer)