Applications of Game Theory to Networks (Editors: Tomasz P. Michalak, Marcin Dziubiński )
Choice and Decision Making (Editor: Dinko Dimitrov)
Combinatorial Optimization and Games (Editors: Luca Dall'Asta, Paolo Pin)
Contracts, Incentives and Information: Theory and Evidence (Editors: Jonathan Tan, Pak Hung Au, Yi-Chun Chen)
Game Models for Cyber-Physical Infrastructures (Editors: Stefan Rass, Quanyan Zhu)
Game Theory and Cancer (Editor: Marco Archetti)
Games and Industrial Organization (Editors: Attila Ambrus, Gary Biglaiser, Allan Collard-Wexler)
Games and Market Design (Editor: Veronika Grimm)
Logistic Games (Editors: Moshe Dror, Stefan Engevall)
Mean-Field-Type Game Theory (Editor: Tembine Hamidou)
Public Good Games (Editors: Edward Cartwright, Federica Alberti)
Seeking to Bolster Economy: EU Current Challenges and Future Prospects (Editor: Maria Gallego)
The Economics of Privacy: Privacy and Data Protection in a Digital World (Editors: Dorothea Kübler, Hans-Theo Normann)