Biodiversity and Conservation in Forests (Editor: Diana F. Tomback)
Eucalyptus and Pine Nutritional Diagnosis and Fertilizer Prescriptions (Editor: Reynaldo Santana)
Fire regimes: spatial and temporal variability and their effects on forests (Editors: Yves Bergeron, Sylvie Gauthier)
Forest Ground Observations through Terrestrial Point Clouds (Editors: Juha Hyyppä, Xinlian Liang)
Forest Management and Water Resources in the Anthropocene (Editors: Ge Sun, James M. Vose)
Forests Carbon Fluxes and Sequestration (Editor: Mark Harmon)
Image-Based Point Clouds for Forest Inventory Applications (Editor: Joanne C. White)
Incentives and Constraints of Community and Smallholder Forestry (Editors: Wil de Jong, Pia Katila, Glenn Galloway, Pablo Pacheco)
Joint IUFRO 7.02.02 “Foliage, shoot and stem diseases of forest trees” and 7.03.04 “Diseases and insects in forest nurseries” Working Parties Meeting (Editors: Jan Stenlid, Jonas Oliva, Audrius Menkis)