125 Years of Forest Inventories—Past, Present and Future—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress (Editor: Marco Marchetti)
Biodiversity and Conservation—Selected Papers from FowiTa German Forest Sciences Conference (Sessions 6–9) (Editor: Peter Spathelf)
Bridging the Gap between Regional Scale Forest Modelling and Field-Based Research (Editors: Koen Hufkens, Margaret Kosmala, Tim Rademacher, David Basler)
Climate Change Impacts on the Dynamics of Forest Ecosystems (Editors: Carl Beierkuhnlein, Andreas Bolte)
Coarse Woody Debris of Forests in a Changing World (Editor: Yowhan Son)
Decision Support Approaches in Adaptive Forest Management—Selected Papers from IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress (Editors: Jan Kašpar, Pete Bettinger, Harald Vacik, Róbert Marušák, Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo)
Ecosystem Feedbacks and Nitrogen Fixation in Forests (Editor: Jean-Philippe Bellenger)
Effect of Drought on Forests—Plant Water Relations and Ecological Consequences (Editors: John Grace, Maurizio Mencuccini, Maurizio Mencuccini)
Effects of Post-Fire Management Activities on Forests (Editors: Xavier Úbeda, Victoria Arcenegui)
Forest Fine Roots in Changing Climate (Editor: Isabella Børja)
Forest Operations, Engineering and Management (Editor: Raffaele Spinelli)
Forest Pest Outbreaks under Climate Change (Editor: Kyle Haynes)
Forest Soil Microbe and Biogeochemical Cycling: Biogeochemical Processes in Forest Soils (Editors: Alessandra Lagomarsino, Roberta Pastorelli, Alberto Agnelli)
Forest Sustainable Management (Editor: Peter Wolter)
Gene-Based SNP Discovery and Diversity of Forests Trees (Editors: María-Teresa Cervera, Dephine Grivet)
Genetics and Genomics of Forest Trees (Editor: Filippos A. (Phil) Aravanopoulos)
How Global Warming Affects Xylogenesis: Tree Responses and Consequences (Editor: Ignacio García-González)
How Topography Impacts Forests under Global Change? (Editors: Kaiguang Zhao, Stephen N. Matthews)
Human–Wildlife Conflicts in Forests (Editors: Mariella Marzano, Norman Dandy)
Impact of Ozone on Forests (Editor: Cristina Nali)
Impacts of Climate Change—Selected Papers from FowiTa German Forest Sciences Conference (Sessions 1–5) (Editor: Marc Hanewinkel)
Intensity of Forest Management—Selected Papers from FowiTa German Forest Sciences Conference (Sessions 10–14) (Editor: Henning Meesenburg)
Multidisciplinary Research from the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative (THAPBI)—Selected Papers from IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress (Editor: Jill Thompson)
New Insights into Climate Sensitivity of Forest Growth, Health, and Disturbance: Vulnerability, Resilience, and Change (Editor: Glenn Juday)
Optimizing Forest Inventories with Remote Sensing Techniques (Editors: Christian Ginzler, Lars T. Waser)
Our Future Forests and Their Products—How to Get out of the Woods—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress (Editor: Florian Kraxner)
Pine Pitch Canker—Strategies for Management of Gibberella Circinata in Greenhouses and Forests (PINESTRENGTH) (Editors: Julio Javier Diez Casero, Stephen Woodward)
Plant Diversity and Phytogeography in Forests (Editor: Panayotis Dimopoulos)
Planted Forests and Climate Change—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress (Editors: Christophe Orazio, Elena Paoletti, Margarida Tomé)
Post-Disturbance Forest Management and Regeneration Dynamics (Editor: Emanuele Lingua)
Remote Sensing of Forest Disturbance (Editors: Sean Healey, Warren Cohen)
Response of Tree Species to Abiotic Stresses in a Changing Environment (Editors: Fausto Manes, Lina Fusaro, Elisabetta Salvatori)
Successional Dynamics of Forest Structure and Function (Editor: Christopher Gough)
Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification (Editor: Fred Cubbage)
The Role of Bio-Economy for Forestry—Selected Papers from FowiTa German Forest Sciences Conference (Sessions 15–19) (Editor: Norbert Lamersdorf)
The Role of Fungi in Tropical Forest Systems (Editor: Francis Brearley)
The Role of Plant Tissue Culture Technology in Biodiversity Conservation—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress (Editor: Tae Dong Kim)
Treeline Ecotone Dynamics (Editor: Constance Millar)
Tropical Forest Ecology and Management for the Anthropocene (Editors: Grizelle González, Ariel Lugo)
Understanding and Managing Emerald Ash Borer Impacts on Ash Forests (Editors: Randall Kolka, Anthony D’Amato, Nam Jin Noh, Brian J. Palik, Tomas Pypker, Robert Slesak, Joseph Wagenbrenner)
What Role Can Ecological Factors Play in Supporting Ecosystem Services in Urban and Peri-Urban Forests? (Editor: Giovanni Sanesi)