Climate Change and Forest Fire (Guest Editor: Jianbang Gan)
Eucalyptus Nutritional Diagnosis and Fertilizer Prescriptions (Guest Editor: Reynaldo Santana)
Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Below and Aboveground Forest Deadwood (Guest Editors: Maarten Nieuwenhuis, Brian Tobin)
Mycorrhizal Fungi of Forests (Guest Editors: Douglas L. Godbold, Burenjargal Otgonsuren, Hans Göransson)
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Nutrition of Trees and Forests (Guest Editors: Heinz Rennenberg, Mark A. Adams)
Responses of Forest Trees to Drought (Guest Editor: Steven Jansen)
The 24th IUFRO World Congress: Session 79 Sustainable Management of Spruce Dominated Ecosystems in Response to Climate Change (Guest Editors: Phillip Comeau, Bill Mason)