Coarse Woody Debris of Forests in a Changing World (Editor: Yowhan Son)
Dynamics and Management of Boreal Forests (Editors: Annika Nordin, Tomas Lundmark)
Ecosystem Feedbacks and Nitrogen Fixation in Forests (Editor: Jean-Philippe Bellenger)
Effect of Drought on Forests—Plant Water Relations and Ecological Consequences (Editors: John Grace, Maurizio Mencuccini)
Effects of Post-Fire Management Activities on Forests (Editors: Xavier Úbeda, Victoria Arcenegui)
Forest Pathology and Plant Health (Editors: Matteo Garbelotto, Paolo Gonthier)
Forest Soil Microbe and Biogeochemical Cycling: Biogeochemical Processes in Forest Soils (Editors: Alessandra Lagomarsino, Roberta Pastorelli, Alberto Agnelli)
Forest Soil Respiration under Climate Changing (Editors: Robert Jandl, Mirco Rodeghiero)
Human–Wildlife Conflicts in Forests (Editors: Mariella Marzano, Norman Dandy)
Impact of Ozone on Forests (Editor: Cristina Nali)
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Intensity of Forest Management—Selected Papers from FowiTa German Forest Sciences Conference (Sessions 10–14) (Editor: Henning Meesenburg)
Interplay of Human and Natural Disturbances on Pattern and Process in Forest Ecosystems (Editors: Barry Brook, Jessie C. Buettel)
Management Strategies for Forest Ecosystem Services (Editor: Ir. Kris verheyen)
Optimizing Forest Inventories with Remote Sensing Techniques (Editors: Christian Ginzler, Lars T. Waser)
Planted Forests and Climate Change—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress (Editor: Christophe Orazio)
Post-Disturbance Forest Management and Regeneration Dynamics (Editor: Emanuele Lingua)
Remote Sensing of Forest Disturbance (Editors: Sean Healey, Warren Cohen)
Response of Tree Species to Abiotic Stresses in a Changing Environment (Editors: Fausto Manes, Lina Fusaro, Elisabetta Salvatori)
Soil Carbon Sequestration in Forests (Editors: Adele Muscolo, Miroslava Mitrovic)
The Effects of Invasive and Exotic Plants on Forests (Editor: Annabel Porté)
The Role of Plant Tissue Culture Technology in Biodiversity Conservation—Selected Papers from IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017 (Editor: Tae Dong Kim)
Tree Species, as Major Drivers of Forest Ecosystems Functioning (Editor: Laurent Augusto)
Treeline Ecotone Dynamics (Editor: Constance Millar)
Tropical Forest Ecology and Management for the Anthropocene (Editors: Grizelle González, Ariel Lugo)
Understanding and Managing Emerald Ash Borer Impacts on Ash Forests (Editors: Randall Kolka, Anthony D’Amato, Nam Jin Noh, Brian J. Palik, Tomas Pypker, Robert Slesak, Joseph Wagenbrenner)