Dietary Polysaccharides (Editors: Charles Brennan, Margaret Brennan)
Effect of Antioxidants in Food (Editor: Barry Parsons)
Flavour Volatiles of Foods (Editor: Angel A. Carbonell-Barrachina)
Food Choice, Ingestive Behavior and Sensation (Editors: John Hayes, Cordelia Running, Ciaran Forde)
Food Identity, Authenticity and Fraud: The Full Spectrum (Editors: Saskia van Ruth, Daniel Granato)
Food Irradiation (Editor: Monique Lacroix)
Food Modelling (Editor: Wijitha Senadeera)
Food Reformulation and Innovation for Human Health (Editors: Emilie Combet, Antonis Vlassopoulos)
Microbial, Chemical and Physical Contamination of Food Products (Editor: Malik Hussain)
Nanotechnology in Food Processing and Food Safety (Editors: Arun Bhunia, Jozef L. Kokini)
New Knowledge in Analytical, Technological and Biological Aspects of the Maillard Reaction (Editor: Cristina Delgado-Andrade)
Nutraceuticals: The New Frontier (Editor: Antonello Santini)
Utilisation of Plant Food Waste (Editor: Costas Stathopoulos, FIFST)