Section: Complexity

Recent Advances in Chaos Theory and Complex Networks (Guest Editors: Hai Yu, Mattia Frasca, Guanrong Chen, C.K. Michael Tse, Mustak E. Yalcin)

Not assigned to a section

Differential Geometrical Theory of Statistics (Guest Editors: Frédéric Barbaresco, Frank Nielsen)
Dynamical Equations and Causal Structures from Observations (Guest Editor: Carlo Cafaro)
Entanglement Entropy (Guest Editor: Gerardo Adesso)
Entropic Aspects in Statistical Physics of Complex Systems (Guest Editor: Giorgio Kaniadakis)
Entropy and Cardiac Physics (Guest Editor: Niels Wessel)
Entropy and RNA Structure, Folding and Mechanics (Guest Editor: Wayne Dawson)
Entropy and Space-Time Analysis in Environment and Health (Guest Editor: Hwa-Lung Yu)
Entropy and Spacetime (Guest Editor: Hiromi Saida)
Entropy in Bioinspired Intelligence (Guest Editors: Carlos M. Travieso-González, Jesús B. Alonso-Hernández)
Entropy in Experimental Design, Sensor Placement, Inquiry and Search (Guest Editor: Kevin Knuth)
Entropy in Human Brain Networks (Guest Editor: Wassim M. Haddad)
Entropy in Hydrology (Guest Editor: Nathaniel A. Brunsell)
Entropy-Based Applied Cryptography and Enhanced Security for Ubiquitous Computing (Guest Editors: James Park, Wanlei Zhou)
Entropy, Utility, and Logical Reasoning (Guest Editor: Ali E. Abbas)
Exergy: Analysis and Applications (Guest Editor: Marc Rosen)
Geometry in Thermodynamics (Guest Editor: George Ruppeiner)
Holographic Principle and Its Application (Guest Editors: Kazuharu Bamba, Oleg Lunin)
Inductive Statistical Methods (Guest Editors: Carlos De Bragança Pereira, Adriano Polpo)
Information and Entropy (Guest Editors: John Baez, John Harte, Marc Harper)
Information Processing in Complex Systems (Guest Editor: Rick Quax)
Information Theoretic Incentives for Cognitive Systems (Guest Editors: Daniel Polani, Christoph Salge, Georg Martius, Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi)
Information, Entropy and their Geometric Structures (Guest Editors: Frédéric Barbaresco, Ali Mohammad-Djafari)
Maximum Entropy Applied to Inductive Logic and Reasoning (Guest Editors: Juergen Landes, Jon Williamson)
Nanothermodynamics (Guest Editors: A. Perez-Madrid, Iván Santamaría-Holek)
Quantum Computation and Information: Multi-particle Aspects (Guest Editors: Antonio Maria Scarfone, Demosthenes Ellinas, Giorgio Kaniadakis, Jiannis Pachos)
Quantum Cryptography (Guest Editor: Stefano Pirandola)
Selected Papers from 1st International Electronic Conference on Entropy and its Applications (Guest Editor: Deniz Gencaga)
Transfer Entropy (Guest Editor: Deniz Gencaga)
Wavelet Entropy: Computation and Applications (Guest Editor: Raúl Alcaraz Martínez)