Section: Thermodynamics

Nature of Heat and Entropy: Fundamentals and Applications for Diverse and Sustainable Future (Editor: Milivoje Kostic)
Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Micro Technologies (Editors: S. Mostafa Ghiaasiaan, Somchai Wongwises, Nader Karimi, Mohsen Torabi)
Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Interfaces (Editor: Roberto Mauri)
Thermodynamics of Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows (Editor: Xiaojun Gu)

Section: Statistical Mechanics

Biological Statistical Mechanics (Editors: Alessandro Giuliani, Mariano Bizzarri )
Graph and Network Entropies (Editor: Ernesto Estrada)
News Trends in Statistical Physics of Complex Systems (Editor: Antonio Scarfone)
Nonadditive Entropies and Complex Systems (Editors: Andrea Rapisarda, Stefan Thurner, Constantino Tsallis)
Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena in Frustrated Systems and Thin Films (Editor: Hung T. Diep )
Probabilistic Methods for Inverse Problems (Editor: Ali Mohammad-Djafari)
Recent Developments in Dissipative Phenomena (Editors: Lamberto Rondoni, Carlos Mejía-Monasterio)
Statistical Mechanics of Neural Networks (Editor: Hanoch Gutfreund)
Theoretical Aspect of Nonlinear Statistical Physics (Editor: Giorgio Kaniadakis)
Theoretical Aspects of Kappa Distributions (Editor: George Livadiotis )

Section: Information Theory

Information Theory and 5G Technologies (Editors: Luis Javier Garcia Villalba, Anura Jayasumana, Jun Bi, Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco)
Information Theory Application in Visualization (Editors: Mateu Sbert, Min Chen, Han-Wei Shen)
Information Theory in Machine Learning and Data Science (Editor: Maxim Raginsky)
Information Theory in Neuroscience (Editors: Stefano Panzeri, Eugenio Piasini)
Integrated Information Theory (Editors: Larissa Albantakis, Giulio Tononi)
Rate-Distortion Theory and Information Theory (Editor: Jerry D. Gibson)
Statistical Distances and Geometry—Selected Papers from GSI conference 2017 (Editors: Frank Nielsen, Frédéric Barbaresco)
Women in Information Theory 2018 (Editor: Dawn Holmes)

Section: Astrophysics and Cosmology

Modified Gravity: From Black Holes Entropy to Current Cosmology II (Editors: Diego Rubiera-Garcia, Diego Sáez-Chillón Gómez)

Section: Quantum Information

Advances in Quantum Metrology (Editors: Jacob A. Dunningham, Simon A. Haine)
Coherence in Open Quantum Systems (Editors: Hichem Eleuch, Ingrid Rotter)
Entropy in Foundations of Quantum Physics (Editor: Marcin Pawłowski )
Quantum Causal Networks (Editors: Miguel Navascues, Zizhu Wang)
Quantum Communication—Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Teleportation (Editors: Rotem Liss, Tal Mor)
Quantum Probability and Randomness (Editors: Andrei Khrennikov, Karl Svozil)
Quantum Thermodynamics II (Editor: Ronnie Kosloff)
Quantum Walks and Related Issues (Editors: Gregg Jaeger, David S. Simon, Alexander Sergienko)

Section: Complexity

Entropy, Nonlinear Dynamics, and Methods of Complex Systems in Earthquake Physics including Precursory Phenomena (Editor: Nicholas V Sarlis)
Nonlinear Dynamics and Entropy of Complex Systems with Hidden and Self-excited Attractors (Editors: Christos Volos, Sajad Jafari, Jacques Kengne, Jesus M. Munoz-Pacheco, Karthikeyan Rajagopal)
Power Law Behaviour in Complex Systems (Editors: J. A. Tenreiro Machado, António M. Lopes)
Research Frontier in Chaos Theory and Complex Networks (Editors: Guanrong Chen, Marius-F. Danca, Xiaosong Yang, Genaro J. Martinez, Hai Yu)

Not assigned to a section

20th Anniversary of Entropy - Recent Advances in Entropy and Information-Theoretic Concepts and Their Applications (Editor: Raúl Alcaraz Martínez)
Applications of Information Theory in the Geosciences II (Editor: Benjamin Ruddell)
Applications of Statistical Thermodynamics (Editor: Nobumitsu Shohoji)
Can Entropy and the Second Law be Applied to the Entire Universe? (Editor: Arieh Ben-Naim)
Emergent Quantum Mechanics – David Bohm Centennial Perspectives (Editors: Jan Walleczek, Gerhard Grössing, Paavo Pylkkänen, Basil Hiley)
Entropic Aspects Arising from Geometric Descriptions of Physical Phenomena (Editor: Carlo Cafaro)
Entropy and Complexity of Data (Editor: Alexander N. Gorban)
Entropy and Information in the Foundation of Quantum Physics (Editor: Ignazio Licata)
Entropy and Information Inequalities (Editors: James Melbourne, Varun Jog)
Entropy Generation and Heat Transfer (Editor: José Miguel Mateos Roco)
Entropy in Dynamic Systems (Editors: Jan Awrejcewicz, Jose Tenreiro Machado)
Entropy Measures for Data Analysis: Theory, Algorithms and Applications (Editor: Karsten Keller)
Entropy Production in Turbulent Flow (Editors: Vincenzo Bianco, Bernardo Buonomo, Omid Mahian, Anatoliy Khait, Mattia De Rosa)
Entropy: From Physics to Information Sciences and Geometry (Editors: Ali Mohammad-Djafari, Miguel Rubi)
Evaluation of Systems’ Irregularity and Complexity: Sample Entropy, Its Derivatives, and Their Applications across Scales and Disciplines (Editor: Anne Humeau-Heurtier)
Gibbs Paradox 2018 (Editors: Dennis Dieks, Simon Saunders)
Information Theory and Stochastics for Multiscale Nonlinear Systems (Editors: Andrew J. Majda, Nan Chen, Markos A. Katsoulakis)
Information-Theoretic Approaches in Deep Learning (Editor: Deniz Gençağa)
Intermittency and Self-Organisation in Turbulence and Statistical Mechanics (Editor: Eun-jin Kim)
Joseph Fourier 250th Birthday: Modern Fourier Analysis and Fourier Heat Equation in Information Sciences for the XXIst century (Editors: Frédéric Barbaresco, Jean-Pierre Gazeau)
Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods (Editors: Kevin Knuth, Brendon J. Brewer)
New Advances in High-Entropy Alloys (Editor: Yong Zhang)
New Developments in Statistical Information Theory Based on Entropy and Divergence Measures (Editor: Leandro Pardo)
Permutation Entropy & Its Interdisciplinary Applications (Editor: Osvaldo Anibal Rosso)
Probability Distributions and Maximum Entropy in Stochastic Chemical Reaction Networks (Editor: Yiannis N. Kaznessis)
Quantum Chaos and Complexity (Editors: Olimpia Lombardi, Ignacio Gómez , Federico Holik , Sebastian Fortin)
Quantum Ergodicity (Editor: Igor Goychuk)
Quantum Foundations: 90 Years of Uncertainty (Editors: Pedro W. Lamberti, Gustavo M. Bosyk, Sebastian Fortin, Federico Holik)
Quantum Nonlocality (Editor: Lev Vaidman)
Selected Papers from 4th International Electronic Conference on Entropy and Its Applications (Editor: Philip Broadbridge)
Spectral Entropy in Atmospheres (Editor: Javier Martin-Torres)
The Constructal Law: Heat, Mass, Ions and Information in Open Systems (Editors: Umberto Lucia, Giulia Grisolia)
Thermalization in Isolated Quantum Systems (Editors: Vladimir Zelevinsky, Felix Izrailev)
Thermodynamics of Information Processing (Editor: Susanne Still)
Topological and Geometrical Structure of Information. Selected Papers from CIRM conferences 2017 (Editors: Frédéric Barbaresco, Pierre Baudot)
Towards Ultimate Quantum Theory (UQT) (Editors: Andrei Khrennikov, Margarita A. Man’ko, Yutaka Shikano)
Wavelets, Fractals and Information Theory III (Editor: Carlo Cattani)