Advances in Biomass for Energy Technology (Editor: Tariq Al-Shemmeri)
Algae Fuel 2015 (Editor: Paul Chen)
Applied Energy System Modeling 2015 (Editor: Robert Lundmark)
Control of Energy Storage (Editor: William Holderbaum)
Decentralized Management of Energy Streams in Smart Grids (Editor: G.J.M. (Gerard) Smit)
Dielectric Materials for Energy Storage (Editor: Vijay Kumar Thakur)
Economics of Bioenergy 2015 (Editor: Robert Lundmark)
Electric Power Systems Research (Editor: Ying-Yi Hong)
Electrochemical Energy Storage - 2015 (Editor: Sheng S. Zhang)
Energy Efficient Actuators and Systems (Editors: Jihong Wang, Timothy Gordon, Jacek Wojcik)
Energy Efficient Building Design 2016 (Editor: Nyuk Wong)
Energy for Agriculture (Editors: Talal Yusaf, Gholamhassan Najafi)
Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Networking (Editor: Luca Chiaraviglio)
Forecasting Methods and Measurements of Forecasting Errors for Renewable Energy Sources (Editors: Guido Carpinelli, Anna Rita Di Fazio)
Fusion Power (Editor: Matthew Hole)
Hydropower (Editors: Ånund Killingtveit, Juan Pérez-Díaz)
Key Developments in Thin Film Solar Cells (Editor: Alessio Bosio)
Large Scale LUCC, Ecosystem Service, Water Balance and Energy Use (Editors: Xiangzheng Deng, Jinwei Dong)
Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy Systems in Current and Evolving Grids (Editors: Vasilis Fthenakis, Marco Raugei)
Micro Combustor (Editor: Paul D. Ronney)
Microbial Fuel Cells: Power-up, Cost Reduction and Practical Application (Editor: Chikashi Sato)
Molecular Energy Transfer (Editor: Anthony Harriman)
Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Energy and Sustainable Development (Editors: Mark Lemon, Andy Wright)
Nano-Structured Solar Cells (Editor: Narottam Das)
PCM Applications in Building Energy (Editors: Chi-Ming Lai, Ching-Jenq Ho)
Perovskite-Based Solar Cells (Editors: Chi-Hwan Han, Sungjun Hong)
Power Transformer Diagnostics, Monitoring and Design Features (Editor: Issouf Fofana)
Reacting Transport Phenomena in Electrochemical Cells (Editors: Jinliang Yuan, Paola Costamagna)
Selected Papers from 15 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC 2015) (Editor: Rodolfo Araneo)
Selected Papers from 2nd Energy Future Conference (Editors: Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou, Da-Wei Wang, Yun-Hau Ng)
Selected Papers from ECOS 2015—the 28th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (Editor: Jean-Pierre Bédécarrats)
Selected Papers from the 3rd International Seminar on ORC Power Systems (Editor: Sylvain Quoilin)
Solar Heating & Cooling (Editor: Timothy Anderson)
Solar Photovoltaics Trilemma: Efficiencey, Stability and Cost Reduction (Editors: Tapas Mallick, Senthilarasu Sundaram)
Space Power and Propulsion (Editor: Martin Tajmar)
Tools and Techniques for Economic Delivery of Ocean Energy (Editor: John Ringwood)
Waste Energy Harvesting (Editor: Ling Kong)
Wind Turbine 2015 (Editor: Frede Blaabjerg)