Advances and Challenges in Cellulosic Ethanol (Guest Editor: Dimitris Argyropoulos)
Advances in Nuclear Reactor and Fuel Cycle Technologies (Guest Editors: Erich Schneider, Peter Hosemann)
Advances in Quantum Dot Solar Cells (Guest Editor: Anthony Krier)
Bioenergy and Biorefining (Guest Editor: Thomas E. Amidon)
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Bio-Energy vs Fossil Fuels (Guest Editor: Jennie C. Stephens)
Coastal Ocean Natural Gas Hydrate 2014 (Guest Editor: Richard Coffin)
Electrical Power and Energy Systems for Transportation Applications (Guest Editors: Paul Stewart, Chris Bingham)
Energy Policy and Climate Change (Guest Editors: Vincenzo Dovì, Antonella Battaglini)
Hydrides: Fundamentals and Applications (Guest Editors: Craig M. Jensen, Etsuo Akiba, Hai-Wen Li)
Microgrids (Guest Editor: Josep M. Guerrero)
Next Generation of Photovoltaic (PV) Technology (Guest Editor: I M Dharmadasa)
Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) (Guest Editor: Roberto Capata)
Resilience of Energy Systems (Guest Editor: Stefan Gößling-Reisemann)
Selected Papers from ECOS 2014 — the 27st International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (Guest Editor: Ron Zevenhoven)
Tools and Techniques for Economic Delivery of Ocean Energy (Guest Editor: John Ringwood)