Connected Vehicles, V2V Communications, and VANET (Guest Editor: Felipe Jimenez)
Cyber Security for Embedded Systems: Testing and Protecting Electronic Hardware (Guest Editor: Dhananjay S. Phatak)
Electronic-Based Bio-Inspired Designs (Guest Editor: Jacquelyn K. Nagel)
Flexible Electronics (Guest Editors: Manuel Quevedo, Harish Subbaraman)
FPGA and SoC Devices Applied to New Trends in Image/Video and Signal Processing Fields (Guest Editors: Ignacio Bravo-Muñoz, Alfredo Gardel-Vicente, José L. Lázaro-Galilea)
Intelligent and Cooperative Vehicles (Guest Editor: Vicente Milanés)
Microwave/ Millimeter-Wave Devices and MMICs (Guest Editor: Geok Ng)
Multi-Level Converters (Guest Editor: Bimal K. Bose)
Organic Materials and Sensors for Biomedical Applications (Guest Editor: Mohan Jacob)
Recent Advances in Organic Bioelectronics and Sensors (Guest Editors: Ruth Shinar, Emil J.W. List-Kratochvil)
Software-Defined Optical Networks (Guest Editor: Lei Liu)
Two-Dimensional Electronics - Prospects and Challenges (Guest Editor: Frank Schwierz)
Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (Guest Editor: Trung Dung Ngo)