Challenges and Future Trends of Distance Learning (Editor: Avgoustos Tsinakos)
Dispelling Myths about Mathematics (Editor: Jo Boaler)
Early Childhood Education (Editors: Douglas H. Clements, Julie Sarama, Holland Banse, Crystal A. Day Hess, Carrie Germeroth, Candace Joswick)
Ecocentric Education (Editor: Helen Kopnina)
Education and Religion in a Secular Age (Editor: K. H. (Ina) ter Avest)
Education in Translation and Interpreting (Editors: Hendrik J. Kockaert, Abied Alsulaiman)
Gender and Leadership (Editor: Pat O'Connor)
Mobile Learning (Editor: Maria Uther)
Motivating and Supporting Self-Regulated Learning: Pedagogical and Technological Perspectives (Editor: Alexander Mikroyannidis)
Physics Education in a World of Diversity and Change (Editor: Peter Gustafsson)
Science Education (Editor: Niklas Markus Gericke)
Shrinking Opportunity and Achievement Gaps (Editors: Robert Smith, Regina Biggs, S. David Brazer)
Teaching and Learning in STEM Education (Editor: Helen Meyer)
Technology Enhancing the Skills of Students with Disabilities (Editor: Maria Earman Stetter)
Towards Excellence in Engineering Education (Editor: Khmaies Ouahada)