Ancient DNA (Editors: Anna Linderholm, Ben Krause-Kyora)
Application of Environmental DNA for Biological Conservation (Editor: Alexis Janosik)
Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation, Aquatic Natural Resources and Management (Editor: Thilina Surasinghe)
Diversity of Marine Invertebrate and Seaweed Symbiotic Bacteria (Editor: Ipek Kurtboke)
Implications of Globalization for Biodiversity Conservation in Africa (Editors: Tuyeni Mwampamba, Jennifer O’Leary)
Mangrove Ecology and Conservation (Editor: Martin Zimmer)
Microbial Diversity in Caves (Editor: Kathleen Lavoie)
Plant Genetics and Biotechnology in Biodiversity (Editors: Rosa Rao, Giandomenico Corrado)
Tropical Marine Biodiversity (Editor: Rupert Ormond)