Section: Marine Diversity

Climate Change and Human Activities on Coral Reefs (Editor: Sander Scheffers)
Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Fishes (Editor: Catriona Clemmesen-Bockelmann)
Marine Algal Phylogeographic Patterns: Causes and Consequences (Editor: Joe Zuccarello)

Not assigned to a section

Butterfly Conservation (Editor: Karen Oberhauser)
Disruption of Natural River Flow Regimes: An Opportunity for Non-Indigenous Species and the Need for New Management Practices (Editors: Pedro Morais, Alexandra Teodósio)
Diversity and Conservation of Bats (Editor: Tigga Kingston)
Feature Papers for Celebrating the tenth Founding Year of Diversity (Editor: Michael Wink)
Food Webs, Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Quality (Editor: PC (Peter) de Ruiter)
Mangrove Ecology and Conservation (Editor: Martin Zimmer)
Phylogenetic Exploration of Medicinal Plants Diversity (Editor: Henrik Balslev)
Systematics and Phylogeny of Weevils (Editors: Rolf Oberprieler , Adriana Marvaldi, Chris Lyal)
Trophic Ecology (Editor: Vitor H. Paiva)