Section: Oncology

Pathogenesis of Pancreatic Cancer (Editor: Marco Falasca)
Role of Bacterial Infection in Cancer (Editor: Shahid Umar)

Section: Infectious Disease

Hepatitis and Treatment (Editor: Tatsuo Kanda)
Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Editor: Amal K. Mitra)

Section: Immunology

Vaccines as Allies in the Malaria Eradication Effort (Editor: Elke S. Bergmann-Leitner)

Section: Cardiology

New Lipid Lowering Therapies for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: Lessons from the Past and Future Challenges (Editor: Ahmed Bakillah)
Non-invasive Diagnostics for Cardiovascular Diseases (Editor: Mohamed Elgendi)

Not assigned to a section

Appetite Regulation and Mitophagy with Links to Chronic Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease (Editor: Ian James Martins)
Exposure to Air Pollution and Social Inequalities in Health (Editors: Séverine Deguen, Wahida Kihal)
Gene Therapy (Editor: Kenneth Lundstrom)
Gut Microbiome and Human Diseases (Editors: Hiroshi Fukui, Luis Vitetta, Emma Tali Saltzman)
Pediatric Diseases (Editor: Mark Brown)
Wine and Vine Components and Health (Editors: Norbert Latruffe, Jean-Pierre Rifler)