Section: Medical Imaging

Alzheimer's Disease Imaging Biomarkers (Editor: Jonathan Wisco)
Brain Imaging (Editors: David Moratal, Santiago Canals)
Breast Imaging (Editor: Tanya Moseley)
Functional and Molecular Imaging of Kidney and Urogenital Disease (Editor: Iosif Mendichovszky)
Hot Topics in Cardiopulmonary Imaging (Editor: Luigi Natale)
Radiopharmaceuticals for Cancer Diagnosis (Editors: Benjamin Franc, Krishan Kumar)

Section: In Vitro Diagnostics

Novel Point-of-Care Technologies in Diagnostics 2018 (Editor: Paul Drain)

Section: Molecular Diagnosis

Circulating Tumor Cells as Cancer Diagnostic Biomarkers (Editor: Dario Marchetti)
Diagnostic Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer (Editor: Jochen Neuhaus)
Ovarian Cancer: Characteristics, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (Editor: Edward Pavlik)
Recent Developments in Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum (Editors: Stefan Holdenrieder, Alain Thierry, Frank Diehl, Michael Fleischhacker)

Not assigned to a section

Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Diseases (Editor: Consolato Sergi)
Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis (Editors: Mehdi Mirsaeidi, Parvaneh Baghaei Shiva)
Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer (Editors: Masataka Kikuyama, Masayuki Kitano)
Electromagnetic Technologies for Medical Diagnostics: Fundamental Issues, Clinical Applications and Perspectives (Editors: Lorenzo Crocco , Panos Kosmas)