Section: Computational Biology

Multiscale and Hybrid Modeling of the Living Systems (Editors: Gennady Bocharov, Olga Solovyova, Vitaly Volpert)

Section: Computational Chemistry

50th Anniversary of the Kohn-Sham Theory—Advances in Density Functional Theory (Editors: Karlheinz Schwarz, Agnes Nagy)
Atomistic Modeling of Materials and Processes in Post-Silicon Solar Cells (Editor: Sergei Manzhos)

Section: Computational Engineering

CFD Part I: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Novel Energy Efficient Hardware (Editors: Thomas Rung, Benedict Rogers)
CFD Part II: Recent Advances in Lattice Boltzmann Methods (Editor: Christian F. Janßen)
High Performance Computing (HPC) Software Design (Editor: Harald Köstler)

Not assigned to a section