Active Organic and Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coatings and Thin Films: Challenges, Developments, Perspectives (Editors: Assunta Marrocchi, Maria Laura Santarelli)
Advanced Ceramic Coatings and Interfaces (Editors: Sylvester Abanteriba, Subir Ghosh)
Advanced Surface Passivation Processes for Solar Cells (Editors: Denis Flandre, Ratan Kotipalli)
Advances in Antimicrobial Coatings (Editors: Sami Rtimi, Stefanos Giannakis)
Advances in Chromogenic Thin Films (Editor: Russell Binions)
Advances in Coatings Vacuum Deposition Systems (Editor: Francisco J. G. Silva)
Advances in Flexible Films and Coatings (Editors: Marta Marszalek, Michał Kupiński, Yevhen Zabila)
Advances in Organic Coatings 2018 (Editor: Flavio Deflorian)
Advancing Coatings with Biotechnology 2018 (Editor: Michael Flickinger)
Antifouling Coatings (Editor: Hideyuki Kanematsu)
Atomic Layer Deposition (Editor: David Cameron)
Barrier Films and Coatings for Advanced Packaging (Editor: Jari Vartiainen)
Binders, Pigments, Dyes and Additives (Editor: Jan Honzíček)
Biological Coatings for Buildings (Editors: Anibal C. Maury-Ramirez, Heriberto Maury Ramirez)
Carbon-Related Coatings (Editor: Francisco J. G. Silva)
Coatings for Cutting Tools (Editor: James Krzanowski)
Coatings for Dies and Molds (Editor: Francisco J. G. Silva)
Coatings for Harsh Environments (Editor: Shiladitya Paul)
Coatings from Renewable Resources (Editor: Mark D. Soucek)
Coatings Tribology (Editors: Braham Prakash, Jens Hardell)
Cold Spraying of Nanocomposites for High Wear Coatings Development (Editor: Gobinda Saha)
Combinatorial Thin Films (Editor: Kao-Shuo Chang)
Communications from TechnoHeritage 2017 (Editors: María Mosquera, M.L. Almoraima Gil)
Dental Implant Surface: Science and Technology (Editor: James Tsoi)
Design and Synthesis of Hard Coatings (Editor: Grégory Abadias)
Development and Characterization of Nanostructured Functional Coatings/Films (Editors: Wei Gao, Yuxin Wang)
Durability and Degradation of Protective Coatings—Theoretical Approach and/vs Industrial Practice (Editors: Grzegorz Moskal, Maria Sozanska, Krzysztof Szymanski)
Edible Films and Coatings (Editor: Isabel Coelhoso)
Effects of Polymer Coatings on Toxicity of Nanomaterials (Editor: Edward P. C. Lai)
Electrophoretic Deposition (Editors: Aldo Boccaccini, Laxmidhar Besra, Begoña Ferrari)
Functional Ceramic Coatings (Editors: Bozena Pietrzyk, Sebastian Miszczak)
Functional Oxide and Oxynitride Coatings (Editors: Pietro Mandracci, Paola Rivolo)
Functional Polymers and Nanostructures: Coating Meets Biological Applications (Editor: Giuseppe Cirillo)
Graphene and Other 2D Layered Nanomaterial-Based Films: Synthesis, Properties and Application (Editors: Federico Cesano, Domenica Scarano)
Hollow Cathode Deposition (Editor: Stephen Gabriel)
Hybrid Surface Coatings & Process (Selected Papers from HyMaP 2017) (Editors: Kwang Ho Kim, Qimin Wang)
Innovative Coatings for Automotive Industry (Editor: Nelson K. Akafuah)
Laser Surface Treatment (Editor: Frank L. Palmieri)
Manufacturing and Surface Engineering (Editor: Alicia Esther Ares)
Micro/Nano-Porous Superhydrophobic Surfaces (Editors: Chang-Hwan Choi, Chanyoung Jeong, Junghoon Lee)
Modelling and Simulation of Coating (Editor: Timon Rabczuk)
Nanocoatings with Air-Purifying Properties (Editors: Anibal C. Maury-Ramirez, Placidus B. Amama)
Nanostructured Functional Coatings (Editor: Kyong Yop Rhee)
Nanostructured Thin Films (Editors: Chih-hung (Alex) Chang, Seung-Yeol Han)
New Applications of Ion Beams in Modification and Creation of Nanostructures (Editor: Mengbing Huang)
New Generation Coatings for Metals (Editors: Tony Hughes, Russel Varley)
Novel Marine Antifouling Coatings (Editor: Elisabete Ribeiro Silva)
Novel Thin Film Materials for Thermoelectric Applications (Editor: Norbert M. Nemes)
Optical Thin Films and Coatings: From Materials to Applications (Editors: Shigeng Song, Desmond Gibson)
Physical Vapor Deposition (Editors: Feng Cai, Klaus Almtoft)
Piezoresistive and Piezoelectric Thin Films for Sensors (Editor: Hoang-Phuong Phan)
Plasmonic Coatings (Editor: Francesco Ruffino)
Polymer Thin Films (Editor: Andriy Voronov)
Recent Advances in Friction Stir Processed Coatings (Editor: Chi Tat Kwok)
Selected Papers from PCM 2017 (Coatings and Its Application) (Editors: Esteban Broitman, Zeinab Abdel Hamid)
Self-Cleaning, Biocide and Depolluting Coatings for Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (Editor: Enrico Quagliarini)
Superhydrophobic Coatings (Editor: Ioannis Karapanagiotis)
Surface and Interface Science and Engineering for the Society of the Future (Editor: Alessandro Lavacchi)
Surface Chemical Modification (Editor: Yilei Zhang)
Surface Engineering and Nanofilms (Editors: Jeff Rao, Adrianus Indrat Aria)
Surface Engineering of Biomaterials (Editor: Saber AminYavari)
Surface Preparation and Treatments for Enhancing the Coating Performance (Editors: Jon Arrizubieta, Luis Norberto López de Lacalle)
Thin Film Gas Sensors (Editors: János Mizsei, Hao Gong)
Thin Film Solar Cells: Fabrication, Characterization and Applications (Editor: Kenji Araki)
Thin Films and Patterned Structures by Electrochemical Methods (Editors: Eva Pellicer, Jordi Sort)
Thin Films for Energy Harvesting, Conversion, and Storage (Editors: Zhong Chen, Yuxin Tang, Xin Zhao)
Varnishes and Surface Treatments of Historical Wooden Artworks (Editor: Marco Malagodi)