Advancing Coatings with Biotechnology (Guest Editor: Michael Flickinger)
Coating Deposition and Surface Functionalization of Implants for Biomedical Applications 2014 (Guest Editor: Antonella Sola)
Coatings and Sustainability (Guest Editor: Rafael L. Quirino)
Effects of Polymer Coatings on Toxicity of Nanomaterials (Guest Editor: Edward P. C. Lai)
Electrochemical Interfaces and Electrodeposition—In Honour of M. Luisa Foresti on the Occasion of Her Retirement (Guest Editors: John Stickney, Massimo Innocenti)
High Temperature Coatings (Guest Editors: Ugo Bardi, Alessandro Lavacchi)
Innovative Coatings for Automotive Industry (Guest Editor: Nelson K. Akafuah)
Liquid Crystal Films (Guest Editor: Hiroyuki Yoshida)
Low-Noise Road Surfaces (Guest Editor: Elisabete Fraga de Freitas)
Photocalytic Coatings for Air-Purifying, Self-Cleaning and Antimicrobial Properties (Guest Editor: Anibal Maury-Ramirez)
Self-Cleaning, Biocide and Depolluting Coatings for Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (Guest Editor: Enrico Quagliarini)