Section: Cell Motility and Adhesion

Frontiers in Cytoskeleton Research—From Development to Disease (Editor: Bor Tang)

Section: Cell Signaling and Programmed Cell Death

Autophagy in Age-Related Human Diseases (Editor: Tassula Proikas-Cezanne)
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Signaling (Editor: Zhixiang Wang)
Mitochondrial Biology in Health and Disease (Editors: Paul Robert Fisher, Sarah Annesley)
Simple Organisms for Complex Problems: Modeling Human Disease in Yeast and Dictyostelium (Editor: Ricardo Escalante)
Targeting Hedgehog Signaling in Cancer (Editor: Natalia Riobo-Del Galdo)

Section: Cell Nuclei: Function, Transport and Receptors

Nuclear Transport in Ageing and Diseases (Editor: Bor Tang)

Section: Autophagy

Autophagy in Tissue Injury and Homeostasis (Editor: Pei-Hui Lin)

Not assigned to a section

Advances in Synthetic Biology: Artificial Cells and Cell-Free Systems (Editors: Wen Shan Yew, Fabio Mavelli)
Aquaporins (Editor: Kenichi Ishibashi)
Comparative Biology of Centrosomal Structures in Eukaryotes (Editor: Ralph Gräf)
Emerging Cellular Therapies: T Cells and Beyond (Editors: Stephen Todryk, Agnieszka Jozwik, Julian de Havilland, Joanna Hester)
Extracellular Matrix Remodeling (Editor: Nicoletta Gagliano)
Gene Regulation by HIFs during Hypoxia (Editor: George Simos)
Lipid Droplets in Disease (Editor: Paul Dalhaimer)
NF-κB in Cancer (Editor: Neil D. Perkins)
Regulatory microRNA (Editors: Y-h. Taguchi, Hsiuying Wang)
Stem Cells in Personalized Medicine (Editor: Yong Li)
Tissue Regeneration and Fibrosis (Editor: Dimitrios Karamichos)
Ubiquitination in Health and Disease (Editors: Germana Meroni, Giuseppe Merla)
Unconventional Protein Secretion in Development and Disease (Editor: Bor Tang)