Antioxidants in Cancer (Editor: Alba Minelli)
Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (Editor: Huey-Jen Lin)
Current Topics in Cutaneous Melanoma (Editor: Chyi-Chia Richard Lee)
Drug/Radiation Resistance in Cancer Therapy (Editors: Zhe-Sheng (Jason) Chen, Dong-Hua (Hana) Yang)
Head and Neck Cancer (Editor: Maie A. St. John)
Hedgehog Signaling Pathway in Cancer: Smoothened and GLI Take Center Stage (Editor: Hui-Wen Lo)
Lung Cancer Biomarkers (Editor: Bingliang Fang)
Non-Coding RNAs in Cancers (Editors: Paolo Fortina, Eric Londin)
Stress Responses in Tumors and The Tumor Microenvironment (Editor: Gabriele Multhoff)