Advances in Discomfort Glare Research (Editors: Sergio Altomonte, Michael Kent)
Advances in Mass Timber and Timber Hybrid Lateral Load Resisting Systems (Editor: Tannert Thomas)
Application of Renewable Energy Sources in Buildings (Editors: Henry Abanda, Ernest Acheampong, Kevin Enongene)
Building Sustainability Assessment (Editors: Ricardo Mateus, Luís Bragança)
Development of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures in Buildings (Editor: Farhad Aslani)
Human Factors in Green Building (Editor: Zhonghua Gou)
Innovative Approaches to Achieving Building Energy Efficiency (Editor: Zhenjun Ma)
IT in Design, Construction, and Management (Editors: David Arditi, Ivan Mutis )
Lean Construction (Editor: Yong-Woo Kim)
Modern Prefabricated Buildings (Editors: Tuan Ngo, David Heath)
Nature-Based Solutions and their Relation to Urban Resilience (Editors: Steffen Lehmann, Silvio Caputo, Alessandro Melis)
Occupant Comfort and Well-Being (Editor: Joon-Ho Choi)
Sustainable Vertical Urbanism (Editor: Kheir Al-Kodmany)
Understanding and Improving the Building Fabric Thermal Performance of Existing Dwellings (Editor: David Johnston)