Advance in Building Integrated Microgrid Systems (Editor: Manuela Sechilariu)
Biomimetics in Sustainable Architectural and Urban Design (Editor: Maibritt Zari)
Building Design and Daylighting Performance (Editors: Dale Brentrup, AIA, Ertunga Ozelkan, Benjamin Futtrell)
Building Refurbishment and Energy Performance (Editor: Cinzia Buratti)
Climate Change Conscious Building and Urban Design (Editor: Chengzhi Peng)
Disaster Management and Resilience in Building Construction/Re-Construction (Editors: Bingunath Ingirige, Chaminda Pathirage)
Environmental Impact of Buildingsā€”Linking Impacts and Tools (Editor: Manuel Pinheiro)
Innovative Design, Simulation and Monitoring of Daylighting and PV/Thermal Systems in Buildings (Editors: Yuehong Su, Gang Pei, Ahmed Freewan, Hui Lv, Irfan Ullah)
Insulation Materials for Residential Buildings (Editor: Ambrose Dodoo)
Modelling of Heating and Cooling in Buildings (Editor: Christopher Underwood)
Seismic Performance of Timber Platform Frame Buildings (Editor: Francisco Almansa)
Smart Building Materials (Editor: Somayeh Asadi)
Towards Decarbonization in the Building Sector: Innovating Net Zero Energy Buildings (Editors: Francesco Guarino, Sonia Longo)
Understanding Human-Building Interactions for Intelligent Built Environments (Editor: Burcin Becerik-Gerber)
Vertical Urbanism and Placemaking (Editor: Kheir Al-Kodmany)