Addressing Sustainable Building Refurbishment: A Journey through Energy Optimization and Structural Retrofit (Editors: Gerardo Maria Mauro, Costantino Menna)
Advance in Building Integrated Microgrid Systems (Editor: Manuela Sechilariu)
Building Design and Daylighting Performance (Editors: Dale Brentrup, AIA, Ertunga Ozelkan, Benjamin Futtrell)
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Insulation Materials for Residential Buildings (Editor: Ambrose Dodoo)
Passive Strategies for Building Renovation in Temperate Climate (Editors: Giuseppe Margani, Gianpiero Evola)
Real Estate Economics, Management and Investments (Editors: Pierfrancesco De Paola, Vincenzo Del Giudice)
Towards Decarbonization in the Building Sector: Innovating Net Zero Energy Buildings (Editors: Francesco Guarino, Sonia Longo)
Traditional and Innovative Approaches in Seismic Design (Editors: Linda Giresini, Francesca Taddei)