Bacterial RNA Polymerase (Guest Editors: Sivaramesh Wigneshweraraj, Deborah M. Hinton)
Challenges in Glycan, Glycoprotein and Proteoglycan Research (Guest Editor: Hans Vliegenthart)
DNA Damage Response (Guest Editors: Fumio Hanaoka, Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, Thomas Helleday)
Exploring the Mechanisms by which α-Synuclein Kills Cells in Parkinson Disease (Guest Editor: Stephan Witt)
Multi-Organ Alcohol-Related Damage: Mechanisms and Treatment (Guest Editors: Natalia Osna, Kusum Kharbanda)
Oxidative Stress and Oxygen Radicals (Guest Editors: Michael Breitenbach, Peter Eckl)
RNA-Binding Proteins—Structure, Function, Networks and Disease (Guest Editor: André Gerber)
Role and Regulation of Glutamate Metabolism (Guest Editor: Kenneth E. Miller)
Transcriptional Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Genes (Guest Editor: Ivana Vancurova)