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Biomolecules for Translational Approaches in Cardiology (Editors: Mahir Karakas, Tanja Zeller)
Biomolecules: Insights from Single Molecule, Single Cell, and Systems Biology Perspectives (Editors: Prakash Kulkarni, Vladimir N. Uversky)
Calcium Binding Proteins: Structure, Properties, Functions (Editors: Eugene Permyakov, Vladimir N. Uversky)
Cell Penetrating Peptides (Editor: Jean-Philippe Pellois)
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Cytoskeleton and Regulation of Mitosis (Editors: Marin Barisic, Jorge Ferreira)
Evolving Functional Features of Peptidyl-Prolyl cis-trans Isomerases (PPIases) in Mono-Cellular versus Multi-Cellular Organisms (Editor: Andrzej Galat)
Genome Maintenance Mechanisms (Editor: Eishi Noguchi)
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and Chronic Diseases (Editors: Prakash Kulkarni, Vladimir N. Uversky)
Key Biomolecules in Bone Resorption (Editor: L. Shannon Holliday)
Lipidomics (Editors: Harald C. Köfeler, Gerald N. Rechberger)
Machine Learning for Molecular Modelling in Drug Design (Editor: Pedro J. Ballester)
Metalloproteins: Metal-Binding Molecules Essential for Life (Editor: Oscar Palacios)
Mitochondrial Diseases (Editor: Josephine S. Modica-Napolitano)
Moving Forward with Dendrimers: A Themed Issue in Honor of Professor Donald A. Tomalia on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday (Editor: Zofia Urbanczyk-Lipkowska)
Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy (Editor: Helen Townley)
Nanostructures in Biology: Challenges and Perspectives (Editor: Raffaele Riccò)
New Approaches for the Discovery of Pharmacologically-Active Natural Compounds (Editor: José L. Medina-Franco)
Obesity and Hormones (Editor: Srinivas Nammi)
Role of RNA Transcription and Processing in Genome Stability (Editor: Gianluca Tell)
rRNA Biology (Editor: Jean-Jacques Diaz)
Transport Properties for Pharmaceutical Controlled-Release Systems (Editors: Ana Cristina Faria Ribeiro, Miguel A. Esteso)