Advanced Drug Delivery Systems and Devices (Editors: Ramana Pidaparti, Hu Yang)
Advanced Tissue Engineering Scaffolds (Editors: Julian F. Dye, Naresh Kasoju)
Advances in 3D Printing of Biomaterials (Editor: Ben Wu, DDS, PhD)
Advances in Biofunctional Macromolecules for Medical and Biomimetic Applications (Editors: Ishrat Khan, Juana Mendenhall)
Advances in Biomass Size Reduction, Densification and Torrefaction Technologies: Impact on Physical, Chemical and Energy Properties (Editor: Jaya Tumuluru)
Advances in Catalytic Biofilms (Editor: Katja Buehler)
Advances in Micro Separation Technology (Editor: Jochen Strube)
Advances in Regenerating the Lacrimal Gland (Editor: Tetsuya Kawakita)
Hybrid Modelling and Multi-Parametric Control of Bioprocesses (Editor: Christoph Herwig)
Novel Biocomposite Engineering and Bio-Applications (Editor: Gary Carrasco)
Opportunities and Challenges in Patient-Tailored Tissue Regeneration (Editors: Dan Simionescu, Christopher deBorde, Agneta Simionescu)