Section: Aerosols

Aerosol Mass Spectrometry (Editors: Lynn R. Mazzoleni, Stefania Gilardoni)
Formation and Transformation of Organic Aerosol (Editor: Lea Hildebrandt Ruiz)
Mineral Dust: Sources, Atmospheric Processing and Impacts (Editor: David Cappelletti)
Selected Papers from “The NOSA-FAAR 2018 Conference” (Editors: Michael Boy, Jonas Elm)
The Growth of Atmospheric Droplets (Editor: Akua A. Asa-Awuku)
Urban Particulate Matters: Composition, Sources, and Exposure (Editor: Cheol-Heon Jeong)

Section: Air Quality

Air Quality and Sources Apportionment (Editors: Fulvio Amato, Philip K. Hopke, Xavier Querol)
Air Quality in China: Past, Present and Future (Editors: Bin Yuan, Zibing Yuan)
Air Quality in New South Wales, Australia (Editors: Clare Murphy (Clare Paton-Walsh), Peter Rayner)
Air Quality in the Asia-Pacific Region (Editor: Hajime Akimoto)
Air Quality Prediction (Editor: Janusz Pudykiewicz )
Atmospheric Composition Modeling (Editor: Mikhail A. Sofiev)
Atmospheric Metal Pollution (Editors: Xinbin Feng, Jerry Lin)
Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution (Editors: Valeria Spagnuolo, Fiore Capozzi)
Impacts of Air Pollution on Human Health (Editor: Ian Colbeck)
Indoor Air Pollution (Editor: Shelly L. Miller, PhD)
Megacities: Air Quality Impacts from Local to Global Scales (Editor: Klaus Schäfer)
Sensors for Air Quality Assessment (Editors: Ole Hertel, Andreas Schütze, Kostas Karatzas)
Stratospheric Ozone (Editor: Klemens Hocke)
Traffic-Related Emissions (Editor: Leonidas Ntziachristos)
Volcanic Emissions in the Atmosphere (Editor: Mario Montopoli)

Section: Biosphere/Hydrosphere/Land - Atmosphere Interactions

Atmosphere and Ocean Interactions with Ice (Editor: William Tad Pfeffer)
Atmospheric Nutrients: Sources, Processes and Impact on Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems (Editors: Zongbo Shi, Maria Kanakidou)
Biogenic Emissions to the Atmosphere (Editor: Karena McKinney)
C and N Cycling and Greenhouse Gases Emission in Agroecosystem (Editor: Ryusuke Hatano)
Integration of Advanced Soft Computing Techniques in Hydrological Predictions (Editor: Kwok-wing Chau)
Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows (Editor: Sukanta Basu)
Leaf to Ecosystem: The Latest in Measuring Bio-Atmospheric Integrations at Multiple Scales (Editor: George G. Burba)
Ocean Contributions to the Marine Boundary Layer Aerosol Budget (Editors: Nicholas Meskhidze, Matthew Salter, Karine Sellegri, Scott Elliott)
Physical Chemistry of the Air-Water Interface (Editor: Agustin J. Colussi)
Surface-Atmosphere Exchange: Impact on Biogeochemistry (Editor: Paul V. Doskey)

Section: Climatology and Meteorology

African Rainfall Variability: Science and Society (Editors: Rosalind Cornforth, Aondover Tarhule)
Atmospheric Processes Shaping Arctic Climate (Editor: Joseph Sedlar)
Atmospheric Rivers (Editors: Allen White, Kelly Mahoney, Gary Wick)
Aviation Meteorology (Editor: Pak-Wai Chan)
Climate Variabilities and Changes in the Mediterranean Basin and their Impacts on Mediterranean Societies (Editor: Shlomit Paz)
Cryosphere in and around Regional Climate Models (Editor: Sven Kotlarski)
Energy Meteorology (Editor: Richard Müller)
Mediterranean Tropical-Like Cyclones (Medicanes) (Editor: Mario Marcello Miglietta)
Monsoons (Editor: Kyung-Ja Ha)
Numerical Weather Prediction, Data Assimilation and Ensemble Forecasting—EGU 2018 Session (Editors: Haraldur Ólafsson, Jian-Wen Bao)
Precipitation: Measurement and Modeling (Editor: Francisco J. Tapiador)
Regional Climate Modeling (Editor: Tomonori Sato)
Selected Papers from “The 31st Nordic Conference on Meteorology (NMM31)” (Editors: Haraldur Ólafsson, Jan-Asle Olseth)
Storms, Jets and Other Meteorological Phenomena in Coastal Seas (Editors: Hans von Storch, Delei Li, Leone Cavicchia, Oliver Krueger)
The Implications of Nonlinear, Complex System Behaviour for Managing Changing Climate Risk (Editor: Roger Jones)
Urban Climate (Editor: Rafiq Hamdi)
Weather and Climate Change Challenges in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (Editors: Branislava Lalic, Josef Eitzinger, Simone Orlandini)
Weather and Climate Extremes: Current Developments (Editors: Anita Drumond, Margarida L.R. Liberato, Michelle Simões Reboita, Andréa S. Taschetto)

Section: Biometeorology

Impacts of Air Quality and Climate Change on Vegetation (Editors: Giacomo Gerosa, Felicity Hayes, Ignacio González Fernández)
Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health (Editor: Clare Heaviside)
Urban Design and City Microclimates (Editor: Robert Brown)

Not assigned to a section

Changes in the Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Composition and Thermal Structure (Editor: Maya Garcia-Comas)
Cloud Radiative Processes and Effect (Editor: Andreas Macke)
Ice Nucleation in the Atmosphere (Editor: Hinrich Grothe)
Radiative Transfer in the Earth Atmosphere (Editor: Irina N. Sokolik)
Recent Advances in Urban Ventilation Assessment and Flow Modelling (Editors: Riccardo Buccolieri, Jian Hang)
Stable Water Isotopes in Atmospheric Research (Editor: Athanassios A. Argiriou)
Stratosphere–Troposphere Exchanges (Editors: Jean Luc Baray , Philippe Keckhut)
Studying the Effects of Dust on Weather (Editors: Shu-Hua Chen, Angela Benedetti)