'Freedom from Hunger' and Prevention of Obesity (Guest Editor: Adronie Verbrugghe)
Animal Stress and Pain Assessment (Guest Editor: Lee Niel)
Biological Anomalies Prior to Earthquakes (Guest Editors: Viktor Stolc, Friedemann Freund, Rachel Grant)
Dairy Cow Mobility and Lameness (Guest Editor: Jon Huxley)
Ethical and Welfare Dimensions of the Management of Unwanted Wildlife (Guest Editors: Ngaio Beausoleil, Kate Littin, Trudy Sharp)
Feature Papers (Guest Editor: Clive Phillips)
Management and Welfare of Shelter Animals (Guest Editor: Pauleen Bennett)
Nutritional and Metabolic Health of Dairy Cow (Guest Editor: Àlex Bach)
The Future of Humane Killing of Animals (Guest Editor: Huw Golledge)