Advanced Agronomy with Impact for Food Security (Editors: Yantai Gan, Paul C. Struik)
Application of Sequencing Technologies to Crop Breeding (Editor: Chengdao Li)
Breeding for Disease Resistance (Editors: Diego Rubiales, Elena Prats, Maria Carlota Vaz Patto)
Crop Hybridization Systems: Current Status and Future Potential (Editor: Tristan Coram)
Crop Salinity Tolerance (Editor: Matthew Gilliham)
Effect of Biochar Application on Soil Physical Properties and Soil Water Availability (Editor: Marcus Hardie)
Further Metabolism in Plant System (Editor: José Palma)
Genetics and Breeding for Productivity Traits in Forage and Bioenergy Grasses (Editors: John W. Forster, Kevin F. Smith)
Impact of CO2 Concentration and Enrichment on Crops (Editor: Hans-Joachim Weigel)
Impacts of Photoreceptors on Plant Growth and Development (Editor: Chentao Lin)
Novel Approaches and Discoveries towards Quality Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables (Editors: Esther van der Knaap, Cecilia McGregor)
Plant-Associated Microbial Communities and Plant Protection (Editors: Gabriele Berg, Daria Rybakova, Christin Zachow)
Practical Use of Crop Models in Agronomy (Editor: Philippe Debaeke)
QTL Mapping of Drought Tolerance (Editor: Silvio Salvi)
Rhizobium-legume Symbiosis Effects on Plants (Editor: John Howieson)
Senescence of Crop Plants (Editor: Karin Krupinska)
Soil Microbial Functional Groups and Plant Growth (Editor: Robert Kremer)
Use of Commercial Humates in Agriculture (Editors: Yusuf Genc, Graham Lyons)