Advanced Agronomy with Impact for Food Security (Editors: Yantai Gan, Paul C. Struik)
Breeding for Disease Resistance (Editors: Diego Rubiales, Maria Carlota Vaz Patto, Elena Prats)
Interactions between Plant Rhizosphere and Soil Organisms (Editors: Leslie A. Weston, Xiaocheng Zhu)
Nitrogen Transport and Assimilation in Plants (Editors: Anne Krapp, Bertrand Hirel)
Practical Use of Crop Models in Agronomy (Editor: Philippe Debaeke)
Towards a Better Understanding of Agronomic Efficiency of Nitrogen in Different Agro-Ecosystems (Editors: Francesco Montemurro, Mariangela Diacono)
Use of Commercial Humates in Agriculture (Editors: Yusuf Genc, Graham Lyons)