Adapting Crop Productivity to Climate Change (Editor: Karine Chenu)
Biological Technology Platforms Accelerating Crop Improvement (Editors: Mamoru Okamoto, Darren Plett, Trevor Garnett)
Climate Change in Agriculture: Impacts and Adaptations (Editors: Davide Cammarano, Roberto Ferrise)
Disease Resistance Trade-offs in Crop Breeding for Disease Resistance (Editor: Morten Lillemo)
Genetic Analysis of Abiotic-Stress Adaptive Traits in Wheat and Barley (Editor: Yehoshua Saranga)
Innovative Approaches to Improve Crop Water Productivity under Irrigated Conditions (Editors: Huihui Zhang, José Luis Chávez)
Molecular and Biotechnological Approaches for Characterization and Control of Plant Virus Disease (Editor: Jozef Bujarski)
Molecular Regulation of Fruit Ripening in Climacteric and Non-Climacteric Fruits (Editor: Sherif M. Sherif)
Photosynthetic Carbon Metabolism to Enhance Crop Productivity (Editor: Robert Sharwood)
Precision Phenotyping in Plant Breeding (Editor: Fiona L. Goggin)
Role of Plant Nutrients in Agronomic Crops (Editors: Mirza Hasanuzzaman, Masayuki Fujita)
Salicylic Acid in Plant Stress Responses (Editor: Pedro Diaz-Vivancos)
Sensing and Automated Systems for Improved Crop Management (Editor: Lav Khot)
Turfgrass Biology, Genetics, and Breeding (Editor: David R. Huff)
Weed Ecology and Management in Organic and Low Input Farming Systems (Editor: Andrew Price )