8th EASN-CEAS Workshop on Manufacturing for Growth and Innovation (Editors: Konstantinos Kontis, Spiros Pantelakis)
Aeroelasticity (Editor: Andrea Da-Ronch)
Aeroengine (Editor: Kyros Yakinthos)
Aerospace Manufacturing (Editor: Jafar Jamshidi)
Application of Multiagent Systems and Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Aviation (Editors: Alexei Sharpanskykh, António Castro)
Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Editor: Shinya Hanaoka)
Bio-Inspired Aerospace System (Editor: Sutthiphong Srigrarom)
Challenges in Reliability Analysis of Aerospace Electronics (Editors: John W. Evans, Ephraim Suhir)
Civil and Military Airworthiness: Recent Developments and Challenges (Editor: Kyriakos I. Kourousis)
Computational Aerodynamic Modeling of Aerospace Vehicles (Editors: Mehdi Ghoreyshi, Karl Jenkins)
Computational Mechanics in Aerospace Engineering (Editor: Yui-Chuin Shiah)
Cooling/Heat Transfer (Editor: Qiang Zhang)
ECO-COMPASS: Ecological and Multifunctional Composites for Application in Aircraft Interior and Secondary Structures (Editors: Xiaosu Yi, Konstantinos Tserpes)
Electric Aircraft (Editor: Ranjan Vepa)
Managing Data and Information of Aerospace Product Lifecycle (Editor: Angelo Corallo)
Micro-Propulsion Systems and Components for Small Spacecraft—Current Trends, Innovations and Challenges (Editors: Darren Hitt, Angelo Cervone)
Rotorcraft (Editor: Richard Green)
Secondary Air Systems in Gas Turbine Engines (Editor: Erinc Erdem)
Selected Papers from APWSHM 2018 (Editors: Fangxin (Frank) Zou, Zhongqing Su)
Space-based Laser Communications (Editor: Kerri Cahoy)
Structural Stability of Aerospace Structures (Editor: Haim Abramovich)
Under-Expanded Jets (Editors: Paul Bruce, Arash Hamzehloo)
Verification Approaches for Nano- and Micro-Satellites (Editors: Paolo Tortora, Dario Modenini)