Behavioral Dimensions of Operations Management (Editor: Bowon Kim)
Consumer Neuroscience and Consumer Behaviour (Editor: Peter Walla)
Customer Loyalty and Brand Management (Editors: María Jesús Yagüe Guillén, Natalia Rubio)
Entrepreneurship Education (Editors: Virginia Barba-Sánchez, María Emilia García-Pérez)
Ethical Decision-Making Processes in Organizations and Public Administration (Editors: António Caetano, Eduardo Simões)
HRM and Firm Internationalization: How Does HRM Deal With Firm Internationalization? (Editor: Huub Ruël)
Innovating Public Sector through Digitalization (Editor: Tino Schuppan)
Innovation in The Public Sector: Determinants, Process and Performance Impacts (Editors: Phuong Tra Tran, Marco Buso)
International Corporate Strategy and Management (Editors: Luis Ángel Guerras-Martín, Jose Ángel Zúñiga-Vicente)
Marketing Metrics and Marketing Performance (Editor: David J. Reibstein)
Open Innovation and Firm Performance (Editor: Pilar Vargas)
Operations and Supply Chain Management: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches (Editors: Rajesh Kumar Singh, Mahesh Chand)
Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (P3M) Attaining Stakeholder Satisfaction, Sustainable Success, and Strategic Scalability (Editor: Victor S. Sohmen)
Rational Decision Making in Risk Management (Editor: Jolanta Tamošaitienė)
Selected Papers from the Symposium "Artful Leadership Development Research" (Editors: Dirk van Dierendonck, Maria Guilhermina Castro)
Sustainable Development and Project Stakeholder Management (Editors: Pernille Eskerod, Eva Riis)
Sustainable HRM, Ethics and Corporate Governance (Editors: Alan Kai-ming Au, Michael Müller-Camen)
Women in Business (Editors: Paola Demartini, Francesca Maria Cesaroni , Paola Paoloni)