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A conference of The Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA) and The southern Cross Chapter of the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA)
2015-04-27 to 2015-04-29
Canberra, Australia
Please join us in this exciting conference experience. Make the most of an invaluable opportunity to hear how industry, government and academic leaders in the fields of systems engineering and test and evaluation are confronting the systems and systemsof- systems integration challenges. Meet and interact with delegates from Australia and the wider international community. link

The 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS)
2015-04-27 to 2015-04-30
Barcelona, Spain
The purpose of the 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the advances and business applications of information systems. Six simultaneous tracks will be held, covering different aspects of Enterprise Information Systems Applications, including Enterprise Database Technology, Systems Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Information Systems Analysis and Specification, Internet Computing, Electronic Commerce, Human Factors and Enterprise Architecture. link

Complex Systems 2015 - International Conference on Complex Systems in Business, Administration, Science and Engineering
2015-05-12 to 2015-05-14
New Forest, UK

The Conference aims to bring together practitioners of a variety of disciplines interested in developing and discussing the new approaches for resolving complex issues that cannot be formulated using conventional, mathematical or software models. link

Robotics: Science and Systems Conference
2015-07-13 to 2015-07-17
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
The 2015 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference will bring together researchers working on algorithmic or mathematical foundations of robotics, robotics applications, and analysis of robotic systems. link

The 33rd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
2015-07-19 to 2015-07-23
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
The conference theme is “Reinventing Life on a Shrinking Earth.” While Earth has not changed size in absolute terms, it is definitely shrinking with respect to the activity it supports. We have all experienced the effects of the greater interconnectivity: global economic recession, global business competition, pandemics, crowding and congestion, depletion of natural resources, strategic acquisition of water supplies, rising health care costs and management, and rapid economic development in many nations, spurring resource depletion, pollution, and climate change. Complex business and societal challenges have arisen from the increasing activity on the globe that conventional institutional designs have failed to address. System Dynamics uniquely provides a strategic framework to explore the challenges of a shrinking Earth, giving a greater understanding and exposing counterintuitive insights that allow us to reinvent our institutions and our lives. link