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2017-05-15 to 2017-05-18
Montreal, Canada

ICWSM, now in its eleventh year, has become one of the premier venues for computational social science, and previous years of ICWSM have featured papers, posters, and demos that draw upon network science, machine learning, computational linguistics, sociology, communication, and political science. The uniqueness of the venue and the quality of submissions have contributed to a fast growth of the conference and a competitive acceptance rate around 20% for full-length research papers published in the proceedings by the Association for the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).

For ICWSM-17, in addition to the usual program of contributed talks, posters and demos, the main conference will include a selection of keynote talks from prominent scientists and technologists. Building on successes in previous years, ICWSM-17 will also hold a day of workshops and tutorials in addition to the main conference. link

7th Community Work and Family conference (7CWF)
2017-05-25 to 2017-05-27
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italy

The 7th International Community, Work and Family conference will take place on 25-27 May 2017 at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italy. A pre-conference doctoral workshop will be held on May 24.

The conference will bring together experts and academics from a broad range of countries and disciplines. It intends to contribute to the debate on the relationships between community, work and family and stimulate further research in a multistakeholder perspective. It will also provide a unique networking opportunity for scholars who are interested in comparative and multidisciplinary research. link

‘The Value of Life: Measurement, Stakes, Implications’ International Conference
2017-06-28 to 2017-06-30
Wageningen, The Netherlands
How to properly conceive of, value, measure, sustain and improve on ‘life’ – in its myriad forms and at a range of scales – is becoming an increasingly profound concern in the 21st century. In this age of computing and other significant technological advances, intensified measures of quantification are enabling us to identify and capitalise on new insights into countless dimensions of ‘life’ that had previously escaped our awareness and comprehension. Wary of the implications of this, however, some argue for a need to move away from quantification entirely to refocus on the qualitative conditions under which ‘life’ – human and/or nonhuman – is best sustained. Our conference aims to engage with this debate, asking what is at stake in contestations over appropriate standards for measuring and valuing ‘life’? How is ‘life’ variously categorized and defined in such different systems of measure? What are the oppositions, trade-offs, and potential complementarities between quantitative and qualitative assessments? link

2017-06-29 to 2017-06-30
1st International Conference on Quantitative, Social, Biomedical and Economic Issues 2017 (ICQSBEI ’17) aims to cover the frontier topics of Quantitative, Social, Biomedical and Economic disciplines. This Conference serves as an excellent platform for presenting Theoretical and Applied subjects in the fields of Quantitative, Social, Biomedical and Economic disciplines and is an international forum for researchers’ meeting with each other and exchanging ideas. link

2017-07-03 to 2017-07-06
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
The conference aims to contribute to academic debates and to strengthen academic and professional networks. Both are necessary to push forward the discussions of tourism’s manifold intersections with existing and emergent ethical approaches and forms of citizenship. The conference will provide different opportunities to discuss these intersections and how we can apply new insights in our research, policy documents and daily practices. Therefore, we invite all those working in philosophy, business and management, culture and media studies, education, anthropology, sociology, psychology, geography, sports and leisure studies, tourism and hospitality studies, heritage studies and related fields to partake in this cross-disciplinary dialogue. link

Leisure Studies Association (LSA) Conference
2017-07-04 to 2017-07-06
Leeds Beckett University

The aims of the conference are to explore:

Leisure studies as an academic discipline has made significant attempts to make sense of the contested, constrained and constructed nature of leisure. Traditionally, studies emphasise the role played by leisure as part of people’s everyday lives. We will be examining the social role of leisure processes that commonly go unnoticed/unremarked because they are taken for the everyday.

The conference will be split into five streams, within the over-arching theme of ‘Enacting leisure, Re-creating leisure’. With a view to answer the following question, ‘What can leisure research on identities, lifestyles and play reveal about social relations, inequalities, power and privilege?’ link