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Exploring Blind Spots
2014-08-14 to 2014-08-16
Lund, Sweden

We live in an age of accelerating and transforming social change. Old rules no longer apply and taken for granted solutions fail.

This time of transformation is an invitation for sociology to re-vitalize the study of society. As a critical and emancipatory discipline, we are situated between literature and science, equipped to observe, analyse, and understand fundamental problems that lie in the blind spot of other disciplines. But to retain our capacity to ask the most pertinent questions, we must also be aware of our own blind spots. With the 27th conference of the Nordic Sociological Association we invite colleagues to consider which blind spots that we have missed so far and to identify which blind spots should urgently be explored. link

Residential Inequality in American Neighborhoods and Communities
2014-09-12 to 2014-09-14
The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Penn State is hosting a small conference that highlights how stratification intersects with the residential landscape of the United States. Approximately 15 innovative papers are sought for sessions on the interrelated phenomena of segregation, housing and neighborhood attainment, residential mobility, and community change. Contributions may be theoretical, empirical, or policy-oriented and can focus on trends or current circumstances. We also welcome research representing a variety of methodological styles and set in contexts ranging from metropolitan to rural. The conference format will provide ample opportunities for interaction among attendees. link

Sixth International Conference on Science in Society
2014-10-10 to 2014-10-11
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Please refer to the website for further information. link

2014 TASA Conference
2014-11-24 to 2014-11-27
University of South Australia, Adelaide
Please refer to the website for further information. link