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4th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications (ECSA-4)
2017-11-15 to 2017-11-30

We are pleased to announce the 4th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications. After the success of the three editions from 2014 to 2016, this year edition will focus on 5 thematic areas where sensors are changing science:

There will be 2 specific sessions:

and also a Poster session.
The conference will be completely free of charge—both to attend, and for scholars to upload and present their latest work on the conference platform. There will also be a possibility to submit selected papers to the e-conference related Special Issue of the journal Sensors, with a 20% discount on the APC.
We look forward to receiving your research papers and to welcome you at this 4th edition of the e-conference on Sensors. link

The 11th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST 2017)
2017-12-04 to 2017-12-06
Sydney, Australia

Macquarie University is pleased to be hosting the 11th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST 2017) on 4- 6 December 2017 in Sydney, Australia. ICST 2017 provides a common forum for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, developments and applications in the area of sensing technology.

ICST 2017 will include keynote addresses by eminent scientists as well as special, regular and poster sessions.

Topics include:
1. Sensors (capacitive, magnetic, vision, acoustic, Chemical, Biological, Biomedical……)
2. Smart Sensors, sensing technology, Sensors Phenomena
3. Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things
4. Sensors Signal Processing and Interfacing
6. Remote Monitoring, On-line monitoring
7. Sensors Applications
8. Security, Reliability, and Energy Management of Sensors. link

Biological and Chemical Sensors Summit 2017
2017-12-05 to 2017-12-07
San Diego, CA, USA
Emerging technological innovations enabled by next generation sensors will define the landscape for the future commercialization of life changing products. The exponential growth of the global sensors market and the demand for next generation integrated systems is expected to reach $154 billion by 2020. Our international faculty of key industry and academic leaders will present the latest technological advancements of real-world applications within healthcare and emerging markets through our conference tracks, symposiums and tutorials. link

Sensors for Food and Agriculture
2017-12-05 to 2017-12-06
The Møller Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge UK

The 3rd annual Sensors for Food and Agriculture conference will take place 5-6 December 2017 at the Møller Centre in Cambridge UK. The conference objective is to identify applications of sensor technology which can significantly impact agriculture and food production. To achieve this, the conference will bring together academic and commercial leaders in sensor technology and agriculture and food science. As in previous years, the conference will include invited and submitted papers, poster exhibits and a exhibition.

The application of sensor technology in agriculture and food production is a rapidly growing activity encompassing remote sensing, the Internet of Things, biosensors for crop disease, animal welfare, pathogens in food and food freshness. Join us at SFA17 to explore these and other applications. link

Sensor Signal Processing for Defence (SSPD 2017)
2017-12-06 to 2017-12-07
IET Savoy Place, London, UK
The Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Conference is organised by the University Defence Research Collaboration (UDRC) in Signal Processing. SSPD 2017 aims to bring together researchers from academia, industry and government organisations interested in Signal Processing for Defence.
The Programme has now been published and we have now confirmed two excellent Keynote Speakers: Prof. Moeness Amin, from Villanova University and Dr Paul Kealey from the Ministry of Defence.
To book your place at SSPD 2017 and for more information on the speakers and the conference programme visit the link

MindCare 2018 - 7th EAI International Symposium on Pervasive Computing Paradigms for Mental Health
2018-01-09 to 2018-01-10
Boston, USA

MindCare Symposium is the place where technological, psychiatric and psychological disciplines meet. It hosts top researchers and practitioners focused on exploiting technological advancements to maintain and improve mental health.

The MindCare Community leverages the opportunities offered by the technological advancements to provide an improved diagnosis, a better support to both healthy subjects and patients, and also to extend the theoretical knowledge.

In addition to its timeliness, the event comprises a broad range of interests. The theme invites ideas on how to achieve more efficient use of resources based largely on the IoT-based machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions of millions of smart meters and sensors in the smart grid specific communication networks such as home area networks, building area networks, and neighborhood area networks. The smart grid also encompasses IoT technologies, which monitor transmission lines, manage substations, integrate renewable energy generation (e.g., solar or wind), and utilize hybrid vehicle batteries. Through these technologies, the authorities can smartly identify outage problems, and intelligently schedule the power generation and delivery to the customers. Furthermore, the smart grid should teach us a valuable lesson that security must be designed in from the start of any IoT deployment. Since there is an alarming lack of standards to address the protection of the secret keys and/or the life-cycle security of the embedded smart grid devices, intruders could use conventional attack techniques to breach the security just as in any other IoT deployment. link

2018 IEEE International Conference on Future IoT Technologies
2018-01-18 to 2018-01-19
Eger, Hungary

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and companies as developers and users of the Internet of Things (IoT) tools and technologies. Application domains for IoT are wide-ranging, from smart buildings and cities through health monitoring and wearable devices to agricultural and industrial predictive systems. The spectrum of IoT-specific devices, solutions and scientific approaches is wide-ranging as well: data are acquired by sensor and mobile devices, RF technologies are used in data transmission and data collection in sensor networks, verification and optimization techniques help sensor networks to be maintained and operated, big data approaches provide predictive analytics, data mining explores high-level correlations of data, visualization solutions help to make the results of data analysis easy to comprehend for the sake of decision support, etc. The conference covers the spectrum from theoretical results to concrete applications and solutions. Authors from academics as well as companies are welcome to submit original and unpublished paper and attend the IEEE International Conference on Future IoT Technologies (Future IoT) to be held on January 18-19, 2018 in Eger, Hungary. PhD and MSc students are also welcome to participate.

Relevant topics include but are not limited to: link

The 31st IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2018)
2018-01-21 to 2018-01-25
Belfast, UK

Reflecting the rapid growth of the MEMS field and the commitment and success of its research community, the IEEE MEMS Conference series has evolved into a premier annual event in the MEMS area. In recent years it has attracted over 600 participants and has presented more than 200 select papers in non-overlapping oral and poster sessions. The 31st IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2018) is one of the premier annual events reporting research results on every aspect of Microsystems technology. This Conference reflects from the rapid proliferation of the commitment and success of the Microsystems research community. In recent years, the IEEE MEMS Conference has attracted more than 700 participants, 800+ abstract submissions and has created the forum to present over 200 select papers in podium and poster/oral sessions. Its single-session format provides ample opportunity for interaction between attendees, presenters and exhibitors. MEMS 2018 will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, from 21 - 25 January 2018. The major areas of activity in the development of MEMS solicited and expected at this conference include but are not limited to:

• Design, simulation and analysis tools with experimental verification
• Fabrication technologies and processes
• Silicon and non-silicon materials
• Electro-mechanical integration techniques
• Assembly and packaging approaches
• Metrology and operational evaluation techniques
• System architecture

The major areas of activity in the application of MEMS solicited and expected at this conference include but are not limited to:

• Mechanical, thermal, and magnetic sensors and actuators, and system
• Opto-mechanical microdevices and microsystems
• Fluidic microcomponents and microsystems
• Microdevices for data storage
• Microdevices for biomedical engineering
• Micro chemical analysis systems
• Microdevices and systems for wireless communication
• Microdevices for power supply and energy harvesting
• Nano-electro-mechanical devices and systems
• Scientific microinstruments link

4–8 February 2018 Advanced Materials World Congress 2018 (AMWC 2018)
2018-02-04 to 2018-02-08

Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC) is a famous biennial international conference in the field of Advanced Materials organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials with the collaboration of VBRI Press during 4 - 8 February 2018, Singapore.

The goal of AMWC 2018 is to provide a global platform for researchers and engineers coming from academia and industry to present their research results and activities in the field of fundamental and interdisciplinary research of materials science and technology. The congress brings together the professors, researchers, scientists, business giants, and technocrats to offer an international platform for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas and practical development and discover advances in the field of advanced materials and related interdisciplinary topics.

Look forward to welcome you on board. link

1st International Conference on Health Monitoring of Civil & Maritime Structures - HeaMES 2018
2018-02-04 to 2018-02-06
London, UK

There is a need for the development of activities related to structural health monitoring , not only in civil but also in maritime structures. Maximising the availability and productivity of a marine vessel, whilst operating safely and with minimal impact on the environment, is a major concern of operators. Ships such as FPSOs have certain constraints, loading characteristics and damage consequences that make them different to other offshore installations and conventional ships, and often more challenging to maintain and operate. Market research show that there is a need for SHM which could handle structural & fatigue analysis and risk based inspection to address the structural in-tegrity monitoring of offshore structures. Currently, operators are using multiple software’s to carry out integrity and inspection planning. Radical developments telecommunication and sensor technology are about to transform the way that asset management is conceived and carried out. Sensors and structural health monitoring system are becoming a normal part of buildings. Sensors can be permanently con-nected to a distributed management network so that owners, users, and in general, all those involved in the management process - con-nected via the Internet - can check conditions during construction and operation. Whereas today the structural engineer conceives the sin-gle building or bridge as a stand-alone project, in future it is likely that structures will be regarded as cells of a complex infrastructure net-work. Design specifications, real-time operation, and any decision on maintenance, upgrading and reconstruction of the single cell will re-flect the management policy of the whole system, properly accounting for concepts such as cost, risk and sustainability.

HeaMAS 2018 provides an ideal platform for industry leading researchers, technology developers, industrial players and supply chain part-ners to converge. Bringing the pioneers together the conference aims to promote the methodologies, exchange of ideas and the way for-ward to commercialisation.

Conference Themes

The various themes are: link

The 17th Annual Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition - 2018FLEX
2018-02-12 to 2018-02-15
Monterey, CA, USA

For the past 17 years, the Flexible Electronics Conference and Exhibition—2018FLEX— have been witnessing flexible hybrid electronics grow from a newly established technology to a rapidly developing technology leading changes in IoT, smart medtech, smart automotive, smart manufacturing and more.

This year, 2018FLEX will be co-located with MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress (MSTC). Since 2001, MEMS & Sensors Industry Group has been hosting its annual technical conference with their primary focus on addressing the market and technology challenges in moving up the value chain and identifying critical market pull.

With over 600+ attendees, FLEX is the premier event of the year to kick off 2018. From fundamental materials to applications and end users, we cover an extensive range of topic areas in 3 days packed with information. MSTC and FLEX attendees are encouraged to attend each other’s talks. link

Image Sensors Europe 2018
2018-03-13 to 2018-03-15
London, UK

The leading European conference for image sensor professionals

Now in its 11th year, this esteemed conference has grown year on year with an attendance in 2017 of over 230 technical and senior management professionals from across the digital imaging supply chain.
The conference attracted attendees from Apple, Google, Amazon Lab 126, Hammatsu, Chronocam and more in 2017, enabling key industry discussions to take place throughout the extensive networking sessions and evening drinks reception.

Find out more about the 2018 conference via link

2018-03-25 to 2018-03-29
Rome, Italy
ALLSENSORS 2018 conference tracks:
Trends on sensing and sensors types
Trends on sensing systems
Sensors types
Quantum sensors and measurements
Cryogenic sensors and systems
Biosensors and bio-oriented electronics
Sensor technologies and materials
Aerospace sensors and sensor systems
Sensor-related techniques and methods
Transducers, actuators
Sensing systems
Sensor-system algorithms, protocols, communication and computation
Submission: see the conference page
Notification: January 12, 2018
Registration: January 26, 2018
Camera ready: February 5, 2018 link

2018-03-25 to 2018-03-29
Rome, Italy

SMART ACCESSIBILITY 2018 conference tracks:
Accessibility by design – fundamentals of inclusive design
Accessibility and digital inclusion
Interaction-driven accessibility
Internet of Things frameworks and accessibility
Assistive applications in Internet of Things scenarios
Accessibility testing
Accessibility devices and applications
Accessibility-oriented e-learning and cognitive training
Social accessibility services

Submission: see the conference page
Notification: January 12, 2018
Registration: January 26, 2018
Camera ready: February 5, 2018 link

2018-05-20 to 2018-05-24
Nice, France

SIGNAL 2018 conference tracks:
Architectures and frameworks
Signal processing theory and methods
High speed signal processing: integrating 5G and IoT with satellite networks
Signal/image metrics
Features and models for images/signals
Image/signal computation and services
Special signal, image and video processing applications/domains
Hands-free speech communication and microphone arrays
Wearable sensor signal processing

Submission: see the conference page
Notification: March 7, 2018
Registration: March 21, 2018
Camera ready: April 2, 2018 link

12th International Conference on Electromagnetic Wave Interaction with Water and Moist Substances (ISEMA 2018)
2018-06-04 to 2018-06-07
Lublin, Poland

The 12th International Conference on Electromagnetic Wave Interaction with Water and Moist Substances – ISEMA 2018 will take place in Lublin, Poland, from 4 to 7 June 2018 and it is organized this time by Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences and Foundation of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform for sharing experience and discussing latest scientific results in understanding, development and application of electromagnetic moisture measurement techniques.

Conference Topics

http://www.isema2018.orgexternal link

GPR 2018-17th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar
2018-06-18 to 2018-06-21
Rapperswil, Switzerland

We are looking forward to meeting you at the 17th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar that will take place on June 18–21, 2018 in Rapperswil, Switzerland. This four day conference will be complemented with pre-conference workshops and tutorials and a post-conference excursion. An exhibition will show the latest soft- and hardware developments.

Rapperswil is a beautiful historical city located at lake Zurich, Switzerland between Zurich and the Swiss Alps. It can be reached conveniently via Zurich airport.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the GPR community, to exchange ideas and to update on the latest developments. The social programme will make use of the marvelous surrounding area. Main topics of the conference will be:

 We are looking forward to seeing you in Rapperswil
Johannes Hugenschmidt
Conference chair


www.gpr2018.hsr.chexternal link

First International Conference,on Microelectronic Devices,and Technologies (MicDAT' 2018)
2018-06-20 to 2018-06-22
Barcelona, Castelldefels, Spain

A new conference has been launched to provide a forum for open discussion and development of emerging microelectronic devices and technologies. The goal of the conference is to provide an interactive environment for establishing collaborations, exchanging ideas, and facilitating discussion with potential users and sponsors of MicDAT '2018.

The MicDAT '2018 will be organized by IFSA with technical support of Excelera, S.L. (Spain).

The purpose of MicDAT '2018 is to bring together leading international researchers, engineers and practitioners interested on microelectronic devices and approptiate technologies. The conference will offer plenary and invited talks, contributed oral and poster presentations, special sessions, tutorials, and exhibition of commercial products. Social and cultural events will also take place to foster networking among the participants in a friendly manner.

We trust that you will find MicDAT '2018 conference professionally rewarding and stimulating as well as enjoyable. Welcome to MicDAT '2018 !

The topics of interest include (but not limited):

Contribution Types:

• Keynote presentations
• Industrial presentations
• Regular papers
• Posters

Special Sessions:

Authors are welcome to organize and manage special sessions during the conference. Each session will contain 4-6 papers in a related field as specified above. link

15th International Conference on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (NN18)
2018-07-03 to 2018-07-06
Thessaloniki, Greece

NN Conference is a world-class International event in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (N&N) that focuses on the latest advances on N&N and promotes profound scientific discussions between scientists, researchers from different disciplines and market leaders. Front-line experts from multidisciplinary research and application areas are encouraged to join this conference, to discuss the benefits of N&N in their R&D efforts, to advance the networking and collaborating between different academia, research and industry players in the field and to stimulate the exchange of educational concepts.

NN18 conference will be comprised of associated Workshops and Special Events, covering the latest developments in the fields of Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies.


11th IEEE-IET International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks, and Digital Signal Processing (CSNDSP 2018)
2018-07-18 to 2018-07-20
Budapest, Hungary
The beautiful city of Budapest (Hungary) welcomes the opportunity to host the 11th IEEE-IET International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks, and Digital Signal Processing. The aim of CSNDSP 2018 is to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among engineers, scientists and young researchers from all over the world on advances in communication systems, communications networks and digital signal processing and to provide a focus for future research and developments.
Budapest is a city of water and spas, rendered magical by the Danube River connecting the nations and people of Europe. Hilly landscapes, long history, pleasant climate, rich cultural events, and music prove that the city is indeed a pearl of the Danube. An excellent venue in a peaceful environment and conference hotels are awaiting the guests. Budapest is one of the nicest cities in Europe, easy to reach, and famous for its hospitality, fine food, tasty drinks, and many historical and cultural sites of interest.
Main Topics: Communications Systems and Theory; Optical Wireless; DSP; Communications Protocols; Networks & Network Management; Photonics; Wireless Networks; Sensors
Important dates:
For more details, please visit: link

SPWID 2018
2018-07-22 to 2018-07-26
Barcelona, Spain

SPWID 2018 conference tracks:
Trends in mobile/wearable/implantable devices
Trends in mobile/wearable/implantable services and technologies
Sensing Devices
Powering wearable devices
Mobile Communication
System design

Submission: see the conference page
Notification: May 7, 2018
Registration: May 21, 2018
Camera ready: June 8, 2018 link

EURASIP RFID 2018 Workshop
2018-09-11 to 2018-09-12
Brno, Czech Republic

RFID has evolved into an active multidisciplinary area of research and development, composed by a broad spectrum of fields. The 6th international EURASIP workshop on RFID technology will provide a premium forum for presentation of the most recent research in this technology. Aside from the regular presentations, the conference will include keynote addresses with speakers from both industry and academia. This call for papers intends to solicit contributions in all areas pertinent to RFID.

The topics include, but are not limited to:

Modeling, Simulation and Performance in RFID
Electromagnetic field measurements
Ambient intelligence based on RFID labeling
Standards and communication protocols
Antenna Design
Modulation schemes for RFID
Implementation issues
Inductive coupling for DC supply
Multi-frequency and broadband tags
Near field communications
Smart and programmable tags
Sensor networks with RFID
Manufacturing processes for RFID tags
Applications and industrial experience
Internet of things
Security issues and protocols

Additionally, selected papers with enough extensions will also be included in the special issue “RFID-Based Sensors for IoT Applications”( of Sensors. link

2018-09-16 to 2018-09-20
Venice, Italy

CENICS 2018 conference tracks:
Trends on hot research/industrial areas
Semiconductors and applications
Design, models and languages
Signal processing circuits
Arithmetic computational circuits
Electronics technologies
Special circuits
Consumer electronics
Application-oriented electronics

Submission: see the conference page
Notification: Jul 02, 2018
Registration: Jul 16, 2018
Camera ready: Jul 22, 2018 link

ICQNM 2018
2018-09-16 to 2018-09-20
Venice, Italy

ICQNM 2018 conference tracks:
QNM Communications and Computation
QNM Networks
QNM Devices
QNM Materials
QNM Properties
QNM Sensing
QNM Energy
QNM Security/Safety
QNM Fluidics
QNM Systems
QNM Superconductivity
QNM Robotics
QNM Applications

Submission: see the conference page
Notification: Jul 02, 2018
Registration: Jul 16, 2018
Camera ready: Jul 22, 2018 link

2018-09-16 to 2018-09-20
Venice, Italy

SENSORCOMM 2018 conference tracks:
TRENDS: Targets and achievements
APASN: Architectures, protocols and algorithms of sensor networks
MECSN: Energy, management and control of sensor networks
RASQOFT: Resource allocation, services, QoS and fault tolerance in sensor networks
PESMOSN: Performance, simulation and modelling of sensor networks
SEMOSN: Security and monitoring of sensor networks
SECSED: Sensor circuits and sensor devices
SOCIAL: Social Sensing
RIWISN: Radio issues in wireless sensor networks
SAPSN: Software, applications and programming of sensor networks
DAIPSN: Data allocation and information in sensor networks
DISN: Deployments and implementations of sensor networks
AIS: Atmospheric Icing and Sensing
UNWAT: Under water sensors and systems
ENOPT: Energy optimization in wireless sensor networks

Submission: see the conference page
Notification: Jul 02, 2018
Registration: Jul 16, 2018
Camera ready: Jul 22, 2018 link

2018-09-16 to 2018-09-20
Venice, Italy

SENSORDEVICES 2018 conference tracks:
Trends on sensing devices and applications
Sensor devices
Ultrasonic and Piezosensors
Gas Sensors
Sensor device technologies
Sensors signal conditioning and interfacing circuits
Medical devices and sensors applications
Sensors domain-oriented devices, technologies, and applications
Sensor-based localization and tracking technologies
Sensors and Transducers for Non-Destructive Testing

Submission: see the conference page
Notification: Jul 02, 2018
Registration: Jul 16, 2018
Camera ready: Jul 22, 2018 link