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Sensors in Medicine 2016
2016-11-09 to 2016-11-10
Double Tree Docklands, London, UK
The 4th annual Sensors in Medicine Conference will bring together academic, clinical and commercial experts to explore new ideas and innovations in the application of sensors to medicine and healthcare. link

Bioelectronics and Biosensors Congress
2016-11-17 to 2016-11-18
London, UK

Oxford Global Conferences are proud to present Europe’s leading Bioelectronics and Biosensors Congress, taking place on the 17-18 November 2016 in London. Our event features over 35 international world-class speakers, 36 presentations and 4 interactive streams based on biomedical electronics, nerve stimulation, implantable devices and neuromodulation devices. link

Sensors in Food and Agriculture
2016-11-29 to 2016-11-30
Møller Centre, Cambridge, UK
The Conference will explore current applications and future opportunities for sensor technology in Food and Agriculture. link

7th EAI International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software
2016-12-01 to 2016-12-02
Nice, France

The 7th EAI conference on Sensor Systems and Software is a single track forum for research on system development and software support for embedded sensing, broadly defined. This year the conference will be organized in co-location with eSame conference.

The aim of the conference is to provide a forum in which researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, as well as the ‘makers’, may work together in order to present and debate on different innovative solutions and applications in sensing systems within the scope of IoT. link

Biological and Chemical Sensors Summit
2016-12-05 to 2016-12-07
La Jolla, CA, USA
Emerging technological innovations enabled by next generation sensors will define the landscape for the future commercialization of life changing products. The exponential growth of the global sensors market and the demand for next generation integrated systems is expected to reach $18 billion by 2018. Our international faculty of key industry and academic leaders will present the latest technological advancements of real-world applications within healthcare and emerging markets through our conference tracks, symposiums and tutorials. link

Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit
2016-12-07 to 2016-12-09
Melbourne, Australia

Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit (ESTS’16)
7-9 December 2016, Melbourne, Australia
ESTS’16 brings together key researchers from Australia and around the world to share and discuss the latest innovations in sensing technologies development including applications in the areas such as health and medicine, power networks, military, aviation, astronomy, automotive, agriculture, environmental monitoring and natural resources.

The three round table topics are:

Sensing for Defense and Security
Sensing for Cities of the Future
Sensing for Health and Human-Machine Teaming link

The 5th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing: RAQRS'V
2017-09-18 to 2017-09-22
Torrent (Valencia), Spain

This symposium hosted in Torrent (Valencia)-Spain, is THE FIFTH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON “RECENT ADVANCES IN QUANTITATIVE REMOTE SENSING” organised by the Global Change Unit, University of Valencia.

Papers should deal in general with recent advances and applications of the different techniques and research methods used in remote sensing and in particular cover one or more of the following topics:

  1. Land surface radiation and inversion modelling
  2. Multispectral and hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Imaging Spectroscopy
  3. Multiangular and Multitemporal measurements
  4. Scaling, fusion, reduction and assimilation of data
  5. Advances in consolidated datasets of Essential Climate Variables and their impact arising from the Climate Change Initiative
  6. Carbon and Water cycle observation and modelling
  7. Land cover/use and change
  8. Global change and sustainable development
  9. Sensor calibration, atmospheric correction, and product validation
  10. Passive and actives microwaves & SAR data processing/ applications
  11. Laser active remote sensing and fluorescence
  12. Close range remote sensing
  13. Earth Observation Missions & Services link