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Religion in the Public Domain
2014-09-03 to 2014-09-05
Belfast, Northern Ireland

In general, we are witnessing a re-emergence of religion in the public domain. Religion has a new position in the public sphere, struggling for recognition alongside other groups.

Against this background, the ESA Research Network Sociology of Religion calls for papers on ‘Religion in the Public Domain’ for the mid-term conference in Belfast. link

“Religion, art and performance” and “the cutting edge”-2. BASR annual conference
2014-09-03 to 2014-09-05
The Open University, UK
BASR’s 2014 conference has two themes: “religion, art and performance” and “the cutting edge”. Both can be interpreted broadly. Panels and papers are invited. link

Pentecostalism and Development
2014-09-05 to 2014-09-06
London, UK
Pentecostal Christianity (including its many variants) has undoubtedly become one of the major religious forces in the so-called “developing world”. This has major implications for numerous parameters in development initiatives, such as politics, social relations, inter-religious affairs, gender roles, and household economics. link

INSIDE OUT: Reflexivity and Methodology in Research with British Muslims
Cardiff, UK
The theme of the conference is ‘INSIDE OUT: Reflexivity and Methodology in Research with British Muslims’ and we welcome proposals for papers that explore questions of methodology, reflexivity and related challenges and experiences in the research of British Muslims. link

Power/Religion: A Revanche of Reaction or a Metaphor of Revolution?
2014-09-10 to 2014-09-15
University of Helsinki and the European University at St Petersburg
After a short-lived belief in the secularization of societies, religion has returned to the political arena with a vengeance. It is one of the most controversial but also determining political issues in today’s world. The majority of contemporary wars and terrorist attacks are religiously laden. link

XVIII SISP Annual Conference
2014-09-11 to 2014-09-13
University of Perugia, Italy
Panels on Religion and Politics:

1) Religion and Political Parties

2) Religione e relazioni internazionali (Religion and International Relations)

3) Religion and Local Politics

4) L'impronta della religione sulla teoria e sulla prassi democratica link

43nd Annual Conference of the North American Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (NAAIMS), "The Concept of Authority in Muslim Societies: Political, Religious, Social and Literary"
Columbia University, New York, NY
We invite a diverse range of papers from professors and advanced Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences that address the following sub-themes:
  • Concept of Authority in Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Concept of Authority in Fiqh
  • Authority and Authoritarianism
  • Political Authority
  • Authority in an Ideal Society
  • Authority and Legitimacy
  • Authority and Justice
  • Case Studies: Political or Religious Authority in Muslim-Majority Societies
  • Gendered Authority & Patriarchy
  • Female Authority: Religious, Family and Social
  • Ethnographies: Authority in Family, Village, or State Organizations
  • Authority in Contemporary Novels and Poems
  • New Forms of Authority in the 21st Century: Technological Age of the Internet
  • Historical Studies of Authority in Muslim Dynasties: Umayyad/Abbasid/Safavid, etc
  • Challenging Authority: Youth and Women’s Social Movements
  • Muslim Minority Communities in Europe and North America link

Christianity and the Limits of Materiality
2014-09-25 to 2014-09-26
University of Turku, Finland
We invite proposals for papers on the theme of the limits of materiality in Christianity from researchers working in different disciplines such as the study of religion, history, arts studies, anthropology, ethnology, musicology, folklore studies, gender studies, archaeology, museology, and theology, to name but few. link

Burning Conversations
2014-10-01 to 2014-10-02
Tabor Adelaide, Millswood, South Australia
A diverse collection of papers and workshops, reflecting both theory and practice will address themes such as:

• Spiritual Education and Care in a Secularised Culture

• The place and process of grief and loss in young people’s spiritual journey

• Perspectives of young people on their experiences of spirit and spiritual education

• The spirituality of the educator/practitioner and its relationship to work with young people

• Spirituality and identity formation

• Nuances in the Spirituality Discourse link

Teaching The Christian Intellectual Tradition
2014-10-02 to 2014-10-04
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Samford University is proud to announce its inaugural conference on “Teaching the Christian Intellectual Tradition”  (TCIT). Supported by funding from the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities, this biennial conference is designed to provide an opportunity for scholars from across the disciplines to share ideas about teaching Christianity’s rich intellectual heritage to today’s undergraduates. link

37th Congress of the German Society of Sociology, Crisis of Religion or Crisis of Secularity?
2014-10-06 to 2014-10-10
Trier, Germany

In recent years a considerable amount of scholars speak of a return of the religious, of the religions, and even of the gods (Graf 2004). Hints at the growing public importance of religions in the context of new conflicts are as well taken as arguments as the examples of new phenomena of religiosity, spirituality or religious community building. link

International Islamophobia-Conference
2014-10-09 to 2014-10-10
Salzburg, Austria
While in the Anglo-Saxon world, Islamophobia has been studied mostly in a comparative setting with racism, and Islamophobia in the United States has often been analyzed by looking at experiences of anti-Catholicism, anti-Communism, and Orientalism, many authors in central Europe and especially in German speaking countries put their focus of a comparison with insights from anti-Semitism-studies. link

Between East and West: Youth, Religion and Politic, Latvian Society for the Study of Religion, 2nd International Scientific Conference
2014-10-16 to 2014-10-17
Riga, Latvia

Suggestions for contributions include but are not limited to:

- Theoretical and methodological issues relating to intersections between religious studies and youth studies – Role of religion in shaping political understandings of youth – Religiously inspired political activity of young people

- Sacralisation of the youth cultures

- Youth and religiosity

- Youth in searching for new models of religion

- Dynamics of religious radicalization/universalization of young people – “Youth religion” as a distinct religious consciousness

- Political discourses of “youth religion” link

The Transnationalization of Religion through Music International Conference
2014-10-16 to 2014-10-18
Montréal, Canada
For more information please have a look at the website.!topic/srm-sig/ossf6-I1pX0external link

From Immigrants to Citizens? Middle Eastern Christian Identities in Europe Workshop
2014-10-21 to 2014-10-22
Lodz, Poland
The organizers welcome papers which engage with any migration or citizenship topic relating to Middle Eastern Christians in Europe, but particular topics of interest include: link

Interdisciplinary conference: Images of Afterlife
2014-10-22 to 2014-10-24
University of Turku, Finland

Topics for papers may include but are not limited to: link

Eurel Conference 2014: Religion in floating territories
2014-10-23 to 2014-10-24
Lublin, Poland

We particularly welcome proposals covering, but not exclusive to, the following areas:

- Religion in cities and urban planning of religion

- Local public regulation (question of burqa and headscarf for instance)

-National and international Church jurisdiction–international network of diaspora and religious minorities

-Migration issues and religion

-Religion and religious belonging: Western and Eastern European understanding

-Religion and borders/ transnational religion link

Music, Theology, and Justice
2014-10-24 to 2014-10-25
University of Toronto, Canada
The purpose of this interdisciplinary conference is to gather together scholars interested in exploring further the relationship between music and theology. In particular, the conference will consider theological issues raised by the social practice of music, and implications for justice, ethics, morality. link

SSSR 2014 Annual Meeting
2014-10-31 to 2014-11-02
JW Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana

Our theme for the 2014 conference is “Building Bridges” between all those interested in the study of religion. This includes any disciplines that focus upon the study of religion as well as scholars from the widest possible geographical and cultural areas. Our intent is to build bridges between disciplines and cultures that have become isolated and communicate only among themselves and not to others with similar interests but from different perspectives. link

Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network 3rd International Conference
2014-11-19 to 2014-11-20
Pitzer College, Claremont, CA, USA

The conference welcomes papers that further expand our understanding of nonreligion and secularity, including topics such as:

·      Theoretical development in the study of secularity and nonreligion

·      The explosion of the so-called “Nones” in the United States in the last two decades

·      Nonreligion and secularity in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

·      Cross-cultural comparisons/contrasts of nonreligion and secularity

·      Secularism and politics in the USA and around the world

·      Intersections of non-religion and secularity with race, class, and gender

·      The varieties of nonreligious experience

·      Typological development in the analysis of secular people and secular movements

·      Neurological and emotional aspects of secularity

·      Secularity and sexuality

·      Prospects for the further development of secular studies

·      Ritual and community within secular culture

·      Secular-religious conflict and cooperation

·      Apostasy and religious rejection link

American Academy of Religion (AAR) Annual Meeting
2014-11-22 to 2014-11-25
San Diego, USA
For more information please have a look at the website. link

Conference on Migration, Religion and Asia
2014-11-27 to 2014-11-29
Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

This conference call seeks papers engaged in empirical, theoretical and methodological research in the study of religions, migration and Asian studies that address the following themes:

Religion and Migration Processes – Religion in the Globalized World – Religion and Acculturation – Migration and Development – Migration in the Globalized World – Migration and the Role of Religion – Religious and Migration Processes in Asia – Globalizing Asia and Religion – Chinese Overseas link

Social Networking in Cyber Spaces: European Muslim's Participation in (New) Media
2014-11-27 to 2014-11-28
KU Leuven University, Belgium

Keywords: Social Networks and Media, Social Movements, Networking, European Muslims, Transnationalism, Cyber Communities, iMuslims link

Religion and Realism
The American University of Rome, Italy

The conference seeks to explore philosophical, social, political, and theological dimensions of religion and realism. The themes and subjects for paper proposals include (but are not limited to) the following: link

Religion, Diversity and Governance Annual Conference of the Australian Association for the Study of Religion (AASR)
2014-12-03 to 2014-12-05
Melbourne, Australia
For more information see website. link