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International Proteomics Conference 2017
2017-08-15 to 2017-08-17
Chulan Tower, Malaysia.

The first International Proteomics Conference will be held in Malaysia from 15-17th of August 2017. It is hosted by the Malaysian Agricultural Proteomics Society (MAPS) and co-organised by council members from Asia Oceania Agricultural Proteomics Organization (AOAPO). The venue for the conference will be at the Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre, UNMC, Chulan Tower, Malaysia.

a) Agricultural Proteomics
b) Medical Proteomics
c) Microbial and Industrial Proteomics
d) Food Proteomics
e) Analytical Proteomics
f) Structural and Computational Proteomics link

HUPO2017 Congress in Dublin Ireland
2017-09-17 to 2017-09-21
Dublin, Ireland

The vision for HUPO2017 Congress on “Integrated Proteomics for Healthcare Systems” is to create a meeting that will bring together world leaders with a new generation of scientists to promote HUPO’s capabilities for advancing our knowledge of the Human Proteome and the impact this will have on our understanding of health, disease and ageing. The Congress will celebrate past achievements and present new disruptive advances in proteomics. This will be achieved by a balanced scientific programme that takes into account previous milestone developments in proteomics, the current state of the art as well as newly arising areas and opportunities.

The programme will include key outreach events as well as sessions devoted to each of the twelve (12) current HUPO Initiatives and to the three (3) pillars of the HPP.

In recognition of the increasing role of proteomics in medicine development and point of care testing, and the consequential impact on the biopharmaceutical industry, we will have a special focus on the application of proteomics in clinical trials, therapeutic protein production and disease diagnosis, including opportunities for brainstorming and networking to provide solutions in global healthcare.

The objectives of HUPO 2017 Dublin are to:

• Provide an important opportunity to consolidate and record the key achievements of proteomics to date
• Embrace a forward looking perspective to deliver an inflection point – a key milestone event – in the evolution of proteomics. One that will be a lasting legacy for the field.
• Engage new constituencies with the field of proteomics to support new scientific and new business opportunities
• Elicit a quantum change in global engagement of the field with the public
• We look to you our sponsors and exhibitors playing key roles in us achieving this ambitious vision link