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Inorganic Polymers Conference 2016
2016-02-12 to 2016-02-15
Carlsbad, San Diego, USA
Inorganic polymers have remarkable properties that can be superior to their organic counterparts in a variety of ways including, for example, thermal stability (polysilazanes), controlled degradability in drug-delivery systems, water repellents, flame retardants and metal ion conductors in batteries (polyphosphazenes), precursors for ceramics, microlithography and electroluminescent devices (polysilanes). Furthermore, the discovery of new synthetic approaches to metallopolymers led to a rapid surge of this field and the range of applications for these functional materials. Inorganic polymers are an innovative approach for sustainability by switching from hydrocarbon/oil based polymers to element based polymers and lessen the burden on scarce non-renewable resources or even provide alternatives to those.
Outstanding experts in the field have been invited from all over the world and already accepted our invitation to hold their plenary and invited lectures at the Conference. The event will offer an excellent platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge and experience on Inorganic Polymers for young and senior scientists, and experts from companies. link

The 2016 E-MRS Spring Meeting
2016-05-02 to 2016-05-06
Lille, France
The 2016 E-MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit will be held in Lille (France) from May 2 to 6. The conference will include 31 parallel symposia, 3 workshops & tutorials, one plenary session, one exhibition and much more. All technical sessions and non-technical events will be held at Lille Grand Palais. - See more at: link

BPG Annual Meeting 2016
2016-05-23 to 2016-05-24
Hasselt, Belgium
The BPG organisers invite you to Hasselt on May 23 and 24 for the 2016 edition of the Annual Meeting of the Belgian Polymer Group! The meeting will provide a forum to discuss all current topics in polymer science, both by industrials and academics. The meeting is also a platform for young Belgian polymer scientists to present their work via oral communications and posters.

http://www.bpg2016.beexternal link

MACRO 2016 - 46th IUPAC World Polymer Congress
2016-07-17 to 2016-07-21
Istanbul, Turkey
The 46th IUPAC World Polymer Congress (MACRO 2016) will be held from 17th to 21st July 2016. It is the largest international multi-symposium conference dedicated to all aspects of polymer science and engineering and formed the latest of the biennial IUPAC Polymer Division meetings. link

PPS32 (32nd International Conference of the POLYMER PROCESSING SOCIETY)
2016-07-25 to 2016-07-29
The 32nd International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS-32) will be held in Lyon, France. It provides cutting edge research results and latest developments in the field of polymer engineering and science. The thematic range comprises conventional processing technologies as well as materials based macromolecular research. General Symposia and a series of Special Symposia will offer a forum for more than 600 oral presentations and 200 poster presentation. link

6th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization
2016-11-06 to 2016-11-09
The 6th International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization will be held on November 6 - 9, 2016 in Shanghai, China. It will focus on polyolefin molecular architecture characterization, including molar mass distribution, comonomer incorporation and distribution, long chain branching, crystallinity and rheological properties. link