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Salt & Water Stress in Plants
2014-08-03 to 2014-08-08
Newry, ME, USA
Water availability is set to become the single most serious constraint on plant growth, crop yield and, hence, food security within the next two decades. We have seen substantial progress in recent years towards understanding how water stress and salinity affect these and related processes of development, nutrition, photosynthesis and pathogen defence. These developments challenge thinking and the approaches to mitigating the effects of water and salt stress in plants through crop engineering. They highlight many unknowns, including major signalling and genetic elements that must contribute to response integration in the plant. link

International Association of Plant Biotechnology Congress 2014
2014-08-10 to 2014-08-15
Melbourne, Australia
The IAPB 2014 Committee is currently developing an interesting and relevant program that will feature a range of topics presented during various keynote and concurrent sessions.

http://www.iapb2014congress.comexternal link

The 2nd Plant Genomics Congress USA
2014-09-11 to 2014-09-12
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Attracting experts working in areas such as plant sciences, next generation sequencing, genomics, epigenetics, bioinformatics and data management the conference will examine the latest NGS platforms and technologies suitable for progressing plant based research as well as tools to enable successful analysis. link

NZ Society of Soil Science Conference "Soil Science for Future Generation"
2014-12-01 to 2014-12-04
The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
The aim of the conference is to bring the New Zealand soil community together across a wide range of soil science disciplines and institutes covering research, education, policy, and extension to present their latest science and discuss its implications for our environment, now and into the future. In-line with the theme of the conference, we seek to attract and encourage the involvement of the next generation of soil scientists by making the event highly accessible and relevant to our student population. link

XVII. International Plant Protection Congress
2015-08-24 to 2015-08-27
Berlin, Germany
The program of activities being developed jointly by the three German organisations (DPG, JKI and IVA) together with IAPPS is aimed to address many of the key issues faced by farmers, governments and plant protection scientists in meeting the challenge of designing and implementing appropriate and sustainable plant protection measures.

http://www.ippc2015.deexternal link