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The 3rd Plant Genomics Congress
2015-05-11 to 2015-05-12
London, UK
The event focuses on aspects such as molecular marker development, breeding, crop/ trait improvement, disease/stress resistance, evolution studies and pathology as well understanding tools to overcome bottlenecks and enable successful data analysis and management. link

International Symposium on Plant Photobiology (ISPP 2015)
2015-05-26 to 2015-05-31
Texas, USA
The conference will provide a platform for plant photobiologists to showcase their research progress, to exchange/debate on diverse ideas/hypotheses, and to share novel tools and techniques for the advancement of the field. link

Plant Molecular Ecology
2015-06-22 to 2015-06-24
Vienna, Austria
The International Conference “Plant Molecular Ecology“ will cover the following research topics:
•  Population and Landscape Genetics
•  Genetic Analysis of Populations
•  Genetic Variation and Diversity
•  Molecular Evolution
• Phylogenetics and Phylogeography
•  Molecular Approaches to Behavioral Ecology
•  Conservation Genetics & Genomics
•  Applied Molecular Ecology
•  Molecular Tools in Ecology link

Plant Cell Walls
2015-07-12 to 2015-07-17
Massachusett, USA
The cell wall of plants represents a dynamic matrix whose composition, structure and function is required for all aspects of growth and development and for a variety of biotic and abiotic interactions through which plants respond to their environment. The 2015 Gordon Conference on Plant Cell Walls will focus on genetic, cell biology, biochemical and physiological approaches to understanding plant cell wall assembly and function. The availability of genome information from a number of model systems and bioenergy crops provides the opportunity to critically assess conserved mechanisms and unique aspects of cell wall biosynthesis and organization across plant species and the regulatory mechanisms involved in establishing and maintaining these structures. This conference will also address current approaches investigating aspects of cell wall assembly and structure critical for wall deconstruction and modification that will be necessary in developing bioenergy resources from lignocellulosic materials. link

XVII. International Plant Protection Congress
2015-08-24 to 2015-08-27
Berlin, Germany
The program of activities being developed jointly by the three German organisations (DPG, JKI and IVA) together with IAPPS is aimed to address many of the key issues faced by farmers, governments and plant protection scientists in meeting the challenge of designing and implementing appropriate and sustainable plant protection measures.

http://www.ippc2015.deexternal link

Plant Genome Evolution 2015
2015-09-06 to 2015-09-08
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Topics link

Plant Organellar Signaling
2015-09-16 to 2015-09-20
Primošten, Croatia.
Scientific topics:
- Interorganellar/Retrograde Signalling
- Photoperception, Phosphorylation and Calcium
- Environmental Response and Stress
- Cross-Talk And Differential Regulation link

Cell biology at the plant–microbe interface
2015-11-29 to 2015-12-01
Munich, Germany
The symposium will focus on advances in understanding the molecular interactions that occur between a microbe and its host at a cellular and subcellular level, such as: link