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NCPC 2017: New Chapter in Patient Care: Medication Review
2017-11-30 to 2017-12-02
V├Áru, Estonia


Interdisciplinary, integrated and individualized care conference series introduce practical and case-based teaching seminar about medication review.

Key activities:

Pre­conference workshop: Introduction of SMART PHARMACY Project, A. Mestrovic and M. Rouse

Comprehensive Medication review – theory and examples of implementation in practice.

Workshops: Rational geriatric prescribing; Medication review of special patient groups; Concomitant use of medicines and food supplements; Pharmaceutical policy and education about medication review

Evaluation of medication review cases presented by teaching seminar participants.


Pharmacists, assistant pharmacists, general practitioners, nurses and other healthcare specialists; pharmacy and medical students; representatives of academia; healthcare and pharmacy politicians.

When and where?

30.11-02.12.2017 Võru, Estonia link

European Conference on Health Workforce Education and Research
2018-05-24 to 2018-05-25
Athens, Greece

We are very pleased to announce that the European Conference of Health Workforce Education & Research will take place at the National School of Public Health in Athens, Greece on Thursday 24th and 25th May 2018. Hosted in collaboration with both the National School of Public Health, the International Network for Health Workforce Education holds a number of conferences to promote interdisciplinary co-operation and critical understanding of the latest research in the field of health workforce education, training and development within continental regions and beyond. The Conferences bring together researchers, educators, trainers and policy makers from around the world who are engaged and active in health workforce education. For details please visit the conference website:

Conference Theme: Leadership, Communication and Intercultural Education

Leadership, Communication and Intercultural Education for health professionals, the theme of the European Conference on Health Workforce Education and Research, is at the very top of political and research agendas. Health professionals are dealing with constant changes to both the health systems they work in and the patients they serve. Equipping the health workforce with the skills to deal with this change is of the upmost importance for healthcare educators, researchers and policy makers. Leadership, Communication and Intercultural Education are three distinct but interrelated topics that are assisting health professionals adapt to their changing environment. link