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14th Vaccines Research & Development
2016-07-07 to 2016-07-08
Boston, MA, USA
Newly emerging infections have opened up dialogue about the need for novel treatments and government response to these diseases. In the past year, the unprecedented Ebola outbreak galvanized research and industry response and as we continue to search for solutions, we must review the lessons learned in order to overcome the current challenges.

We invite you to join us as colleagues from industry and academia gather to discuss newly licensed vaccines, new vaccine technologies, and advances in hot topics such as RNA-based vaccines. In addition to scientific presentations and updates on research happening over the past year, colleagues will meet and connect in an accessible environment. link

7th APS International PharmSci Conference
2016-09-05 to 2016-09-07
Glasgow, UK
The 7th APS International PharmSci Conference 2016 will showcase the best of pharmaceutical science from the UK and around the world bringing together academic and industrial institutions, providing state of the art technologies and a platform for the development of new pharmaceutical talent. link

11th Central European Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology
2016-09-22 to 2016-09-24
Belgrade, Serbia
11th Central European Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology is one of Europe’s finest symposiums on drug delivery systems enriched by an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity. Key aim of the CESPT Symposium Series is to foster intellectual exchange among the members of the international pharmaceutical community. It covers the following topics: contributions emphasizing the design, preparation and evaluation of drug delivery systems with small chemical entities and biological macromolecules, pharmaceutical technologies and processes, drug transport and interactions in organisms and finally preclinical and clinical outcomes as the ultimate proof-of-concept. link