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The 2nd Probiotics Congress: Asia
2017-03-01 to 2017-03-02
Hong Kong

This two-day, interactive meeting, will provide the opportunity to
examine the latest research into probiotics with a focus on product
development. Across two separate tracks, key topics such as
regulation, animal and aquaculture, paediatrics and women's health
will be covered.

In addition, there will be a vibrant exhibition room and senior-level
panel discussions, providing numerous opportunities to network and
form partnerships.

Speakers include Neerja Hajela from Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd.,
Nagendra Shah from the University of Hong Kong, Yasuhiro Koga from
the Tokai University School of Medicine and the Japanese Society for
Probiotic Science, Roshada Hashim from Universiti Sains Islam and
Sean Hall from Medlab Clinical Ltd.

Conference link: link

Synthetic Biology for Natural Products Conference
2017-03-05 to 2017-03-08
Cancun, Mexico

Genome sequencing has revealed an enormous biosynthetic capacity for microbial natural products, only a small fraction of which are represented in fermentation-based screens. Synthetic biology tools are being developed to translate the encoded diversity of microbial biosynthetic pathways into novel compounds and natural products. The Synthetic Biology for Natural Products conference will blend these disciplines with the goal of generating new platforms, tools and technologies to capture, manipulate and engineer natural product genes and pathways. Converting this vast untapped (meta)genomic diversity into novel chemical leads for biomedical and agricultural applications will require breakthroughs in design, scale and biologics that currently limit the field.

Key Sessions Include:

- (Meta)Genomics-Enabled Natural Product Discovery

- New Tools for Capturing, Manipulating and Activating SM Pathways

- Advances in Heterologous Expression & Screening Technologies

- Designing Genes and Circuits for Novel Products and Yield Improvement link

International Scientific Conference Probiotics and Prebiotics 2017
2017-06-19 to 2017-06-22
Budapest, Hungary
There are 10 reasons why you have to attend IPC2017. The main topics of IPC2017:
1.    Prebiotics - How does it work and how to develop a novel prebiotics.
2.    Human milk oligosaccharides as a prebiotics and immune modulator.
3.    How to get an approval for probiotics with health claims. Approaches to get approval from EFSA and other countries.
4.    How to identify functional probiotics. Development of novel screening system and evaluation procedure to identify functional probiotics.
5.    How probiotics work? Elucidation of underlying mechanism of actions.
6.    What are the effector molecules mediate health benefits of probiotics. How to identify and how to evaluate the functionality.
7.    How to characterize probiotic strains. Genetics, functional genomics of probiotic strains.
8.    How to formulate the probiotics to keep maximum effectiveness.
9.    Clinical trial of probiotics. What are the current statues of health benefit of probiotics in diverse disorders.
10.    Future probiotics. Novel function of probiotics.
By attending IPC2017, you will meet carefully selected, top class scientists who influenced the past, influence the present, and most importantly emerging young scientists who will shape the future of probiotics. Facilitating a global co-operation between scientists and institutions is another benefit.

http://www.probiotic-conference.netexternal link

European Society for Chlamydioses, Coxiellosis, Anaplasmoses and Rickettsioses and American Society for Rickettsiology Joint meeting
2017-06-19 to 2017-06-21
Marseille, France

Join us to keep up to date with the latest advances in epidemiological, diagnostic, clinical, therapeutic, taxonomic, pathogenic, immunological, genomic, and proteomic aspects of members of the order Chlamydiales, as well as Coxiella burnetii, rickettsiae, ehrlichiae and bartonellae link

Thermophiles 2017
2017-08-27 to 2017-09-01
South Africa
The Thermophiles-2017 conference will provide an excellent platform for students and scientists to showcase world-class research, against the backdrop of one of the most charismatic environments on earth. We aim to provide opportunities for engagement, collaboration, knowledge exchange and the development of new ideas, while providing a relaxed atmosphere for social interaction and the appreciation of the unique Kruger National Park environment and its biodiversity. link

7th International Conference on Polar & Alpine Microbiology
2017-09-08 to 2017-09-12
Nuuk, Greenland

The 7th International Conference on Polar and Alpine Microbiology will take place in Nuuk, Greenland 8-12 September 2017.

Increasing focus on the Arctic region due to climate change and natural resources such as oil and minerals has made Greenland a hot topic recently and it is of course an excellent place to meet and discuss polar and alpine microbiology.

The theme of PAM 2017 will be: Coming in from the cold: Microbial roles in the warming cryosphere

This theme should reflect that PAM 2017 will place emphasis on novel research showcasing the roles of microbes in the rapidly changing polar and alpine environments. Greenland-related research will of course be prominent throughout the conference.

We hope you will join us for an interesting conference and look forward to welcoming you to Greenland in 2017.


For more information, please visit

www.pam2017.orgexternal link