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Microfluidics Congress 2015
2015-10-20 to 2015-10-21
London, UK
Global Engage are pleased to announce the Microfluidics Congress 2015, which will be held on 20th-21st October 2015 in London, UK. The event is set to be co-located with our 3rd qPCR and Digital PCR Congress and the 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress, which attracted over 400 people in 2014.

Attracting experts working in microfluidic development and application, including point-of-care diagnostics, single cell analysis, lab-on-a-chip applications, droplet microfluidics and next generation microfluidics, the conference will examine the latest developments in the technologies and techniques being used for progressing medical research in areas such as disease monitoring, diagnostics, organ-on-a-chip and synthetic biology. The challenges and possibilities of microfluidics will also be examined.

Should you be an expert in developing microfluidics technologies, or a scientist using microfluidics to further medical research, the conference will provide an interactive networking forum to answer your queries through a dynamic exhibition room filled with technology providers showcasing their technologies and solutions, networking breaks allowing interaction with your peers, expert led case study presentations, and interactive Q&A panel discussions examining key issues over two days in areas of strategy and technology in microfluidics as well as real life case studies and applications in medical research. link

19th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2015)
2015-10-25 to 2015-10-29
Gyeongju, Korea
µTAS 2015 continues a series of Conferences that are the premier forum for reporting research results in microfluidics, microfabrication, nanotechnology, integration, materials and surfaces, analysis and synthesis, and detection technologies for life science and chemistry. The Conference offers plenary talks as well as contributed oral presentations and posters selected from submitted abstracts. link

The 20th Microoptics Conference (MOC'15)
2015-10-25 to 2015-10-28
Fukuoka, Japan
The MOC '15 is intended to provide a central forum for an update and review of scientific and technical information covering a wide range of microoptics field from fundamental researches to systems and applications. link

Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference (ANNIC 2015)
2015-11-05 to 2015-11-07
Paris, France
Nanotechnology is one of the most frequently used applications in sciences. We do believe that nanotechnology is delivering nowadays many results that benefit to society. However research needs sometimes an important funding and we want to be a part of this link between searchers and funding sources. In order to add more visibility to your work we would like to invite you to highlight the application side of your paper. link

NanoBioTech-Montreux 2015
2015-11-16 to 2015-11-18
Montreux, Switzerland
Conference Topics:
  • Single Cell Platform: Analysis, Manipulation; Sorting; Novel Handling Techniques; Single Cell Imaging; Cell; Arrays
  • Medicine: Nanomedicine; Clinical Applications of Nanotechnology; Point-of-Care Devices; Cell; Analysis Systems
  • Fundamentals: Nanofluidics; Nanoparticles; Modelling
  • Molecular Analysis: Chromatography; Separation Science; Detection Systems, Membrane-Free Separation; NMR; Mass Spectrometry
  • Systems: Integrated Platforms; Systems Engineering; Microfluidics Integration
  • Imaging: Photonics, Plasmonics, SERS
  • Cell / Tissue Engineering: Cell Growth; Cell Engineering; Scaffolds; Nanobiomaterials; Stem Cells; Regenerative Medicine; Implantable Sensors and Systems
  • Nanobiotechnology: Nanobiosensor; Nanomanipulation; Tools; Engineering Molecules and Surfaces; Self-Assembly; Molecular Motors link

3rd Lab-on-a-Chip Asia - Microfluidics, Point Of Care Diagnostics & Organ-on-a-Chip
2015-11-19 to 2015-11-20
In partnership with SIMTech, we present the third annual Lab-on-a-Chip Asia, covering Microfluidic Technologies, Point-of-Care Diagnostics and Organ-on-a-Chip. Join the pre-event training course, two conference rooms, panel discussions, workshops, exhibition and tour of SIMTech’s Microfluidics Foundry. link

PowerMEMS 2015
2015-12-01 to 2015-12-04
Cambridge, MA, USA
The objective of our conference is to catalyze innovation in micro- and nano-scale technologies for power generation and energy conversion. Broadly speaking, PowerMEMS focuses on all aspects of energy conversion and processing at the micro and nano scales. Its topics of interest range from basic principles, to materials and fabrication, to devices and systems, to applications. All energy domains are of interest, including, but not limited to: electrical, fluidic, gravitational, hydraulic, mechanical, nuclear, optical, pneumatic and thermal energy domains. link

29th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2016)
2016-01-24 to 2016-01-28
Shanghai, China
The 29th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2016) will be held in Shanghai, China, from January 24 - 28, 2016. MEMS 2016 will report latest research results on every aspect of Microsystems technology, reflecting the continuing commitment and success of the international MEMS community. In recent years, the IEEE MEMS Conference has attracted more than 700 participants along with over 800 abstract submissions, and has created the forum to present over 200 selected top-quality papers in podium and poster/oral sessions. Its technical sessions provide ample opportunity for interaction between attendees, presenters and exhibitors. link

Biodevices 2016
2016-02-21 to 2016-02-23
ome, Italy
The purpose of the International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices is to bring together researchers and practitioners from electronics and mechanical engineering, interested in studying and using models, equipments and materials inspired from biological systems and/or addressing biological requirements. Monitoring devices, instrumentation sensors and systems, biorobotics, micro-nanotechnologies and biomaterials are some of the technologies addressed at this conference. link

2016 IEEE International Conference on Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics (OMN 2016)
2016-08-01 to 2016-08-04
The 2016 International Conference on Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics will cover the most recent advances emerging from the extensive research and development in optical MEMS and nanophotonics that is continuing at academic, government and industrial laboratories worldwide. The Conference will cover the latest advances in fundamental and applied research on micro-optical and nanophotonic devices and systems; the latest advances in materials and process technologies relevant to optical MEMS and nanophotonics; and the latest advances in the applications of optical MEMS and nanophotonic devices and systems. link